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  1. I completely agree, Transparency is hard enough without not having a general rank, let alone with one. Believe me when I say this blizzard, you are in no way at fault for people leaving. I guess people just needed a change of pace from a serious RP server to some other server of their choosing. I understood well fully your intention to help the commanders and that has not gone unnoticed. Up until my demotion, you advocated for me to Stay commander even through my faults, you even took your time out of you day to discuss with all commanders to address many issues. You have already done more then most HC & LC in my Eyes. Let it be known that you are one of the few officers I respect to the core and I am sad things ended the way they did. But it's as they say "They made their Choice and I made mine" I guess. I hope to see you become general old friend! "SEE YOU NEXT MISSION"-Dr Bees
  2. I cannot say enough how proud I am at the fact that SWRP has made it this far in. Even with all the Set Backs, even with all the Downfalls, We as a SWRP community has stayed strong since! I all my years of working with GL this is the Peak we have been striving for. I am Proud of all the work that has been accomplished by HC and LC. I believe both can use work but overall have done an adequate job at Keeping the Peace. I am saddened to Announce my resignation, and believe me I have been trying to hold off as long as possible but Recent events have pushed my decision to come to this. After 2 years of serving the community faithfully in regards to RP enhancement, Immersion Quality, And Overall RP Quality, I am proud to say I have done my part for the Server's Growth. From Super Admin of Walking Dead Rp To Head Gamemaster of SWRP for 5 months To CT CMDR Spike 3545, I am Glad to Say My Journey Here was Filled with such Great Events, Making Of Great friends, and Making Of Great Memories. I ask you this community members of SWRP......Keep Star Wars RP Great! The RP is in your hands! Personal Shoutouts Include: Wolffe/Texas: you SOB I love you to death and I appreciate you having my back the Whole Mile! Brothers Stick together! you were the driving force in the 104th revival process and I praise you for that! Rex/miles:You were one of the first people I ever had the Pleasure of having a conversation with and You will always be rex to me, Even when you were getting Screwed over I stuck by you rex. Never Change! I wish you all the best. Cody/Dlyan: I am proud of you for taking Charge of the 212th and turning them into an Pretty standard unit! I know you will do great things but be more active bb. Waxer/Baxter: Waxer old boy I know we didn't talk all that much but I enjoyed watching you lead the 212th as a competent CO my friend you are always waxer to me. Blizzard: You are the Brightest Flame and You burn brilliantly my friend! You are one of the best if not the Best General I have seen in a long time. Your micro managing Skills are impeccable and you listen to you men well and take feedback as a Real Leader should do. It was a pleasure serving in your ATTK formation. I hope you get General old friend. China: You are an Old timer just like me and you deserve the credits of all your merits old friend. The way you welcomed me in and over had a very relaxed air about you is Great and I will miss that going forward! Beckett: You are the most dedicated yoda I have met thus far, I appreciate you training me and mentoring me in the ways of the Force Old friend. Your skills as a Jedi are Impeccable, Your Patience is awe inspiring, and Your Wisdom is most Abundant. I am just proud to say I am one of your Last Padawans That were made Knights. Thank you for all the Knowledge you have bestowed upon me. You will always be Master Mundi to me. May The Force Be With You, Always -Jedi Diplomat VI Maxim Basuda And Last But not Least TIIN/Campbell chicken soup: You had faith in me since the moment you laid eyes on me again. I am truly privileged to have such faith placed in my leadership and even more blessed to have such a great friend. HC: Thank you for giving me the Opportunities to Lead and Fight alongside some the greats such as Pacer,Hoovy,Omega,Science! I Wish Only The Best for you All. This is CT CMDR Spike 3545 / Jedi Diplomat Maxim Basuda Signing Off! "See you next Mission"- CT CMDR Spike 3545/104th LTG Engi Spike 3545
  3. Which Saber are you referring? the Duel sided staff or The Duel sided regular one? Because Yes I believe the Duel Sided Staff is Busted
  4. I appreciate the Opinion but can you elaborate on that claim, because everything can be abused. be specific please and thank you.
  5. What you want to see? - I would like to see the Re use of the Duel Sided Hilts and more hilts overall. Why should we add it? - I have seen the way RP works with these hilts and they are great for Jedi who have had a good Upbringing and are knowledgeable about the ways they work. I believe in terms of RP they are amazing and provide more reasons then not to become a Donator in general. I have for the last 1 1/2 weeks been using a very special Variant of the The Duel sided blade known as Theoian 1. It preforms pretty will with unorthdox Stance users like my self and is great if you lack the GC to purchase a nice crystal to go with it. It gives Jedi a fighting chance against sith( often times we face about 3 with 5100hp each and 300 hit point sabers to Match). All in all , This can be a great incentive to RP and Donate. What are the advantages of having this? - The advantages Greatly outweigh the disadvantages! For Example, We could have the Hilts Limited to Certain Classes so Jedi Class Choose Actually Matters instead of everyone kinda having the same overall Route. The Hilts can also be given as a sign of Seniority. I Personally Find this Idea to be Lore rich and Immersive. In the Short Time we had the Hilts available, we have seen more RP and great lore to match in the Jedi, So much So that the Blade I use is of Standard Issue to Trained Jedi Diplomats. I Think a good way to balance out the Hilts is to Increase Price by Jedi Merchant as all the Useless Hilts have gotten a Price increase anyway. Who is it mainly for? - The Jedi Order Links to any content - N/A Thank you for reading my Suggestion and Please give your Honest Opinion. P.S As for the Balance Issue Most People Lack the Funds to Acquire Such a hilt and even more so with a Powerful Crystal, A Good Restriction is that you Can only acquire a Rare based Crystal for use on this Blade hilt Specifically! That Way , The most a Hilt can do in terms of Damage is 250(50 Hp below a standard sith blade)
  6. GRANTED REASON: MIXED REVIEWS BUT OVERALL Trust Worthy enough and effective at doing job! Talk to me within the next 48hrs to get you set up! Congratulations!
  7. DENIED Reason(s): Replied to Application of his own Creation and not enough support for the APP as a whole. Reapply in 2 weeks
  8. DENIED Reason:Negative Support from community is in the Majority and replied to the Application of his Creation. Reapply in 2 weeks
  9. What you want to see? - The Addition of one more Playermodel to the knight and Master Class Why should we add it? - Because it can increase the options of knights and masters alike for their Wardrobe. What are the advantages of having this? -In addition to great lore advantages if offers a broader range of expression among Jedi knights and master. Such as wanting to rp As a Lore Keeper for the Jedi or A diplomat. Who is it mainly for? -Jedi Links to any content - Model: models/player/deckboy/custom_jedi_pm/jedi3a_pm.mdl
  10. -Support -Now don't get me wrong you are an amazing Commodore but, I believe a little more time for you as such will be better for you in the long term as I believe you have literally been made Commodore last week? Correct me if I am wrong but, Rear admiral is a Big Step up. I do not feel as though you are quite there yet Sorry. +Is Very Active on Fleet Life. + Is respectful when the situation demands such. + Communications could use work but overall nice guy.
  11. You have had a long journey filled with righteous adventures and somber moments of tenderness. Do not Let those memories fade, for when its time for all of us to go that is all we have left as fellow CWRP community members. Cherish the past for what it was and not for what it could have been. We will look back on this and say "damn that was the good ol' days". China you WILL be missed for all of your contributions to the community and hailed as one of the Oldest and best! May the Force be with you , Always and Ill See You Next Mission! Sincerely, Former First elected Head GM & Former 104th LTG spike/CT BCO BTL Spike /Jedi Diplomat Maxim Basuda Come Back SOON!
  12. Truly, words cannot describe what you went through as a general and so I have to thank you for all the long hours you put in as a Community member for this SWRP community! You will be immortalized not as the first General, but as the BEST one considering the circumstances you performed honorably and you have made all of us in COMMAND and The SERVER Proud! Thank you for all the Hours of mission briefing and pep talks on missions. From The "Eresta" to Base 5646 you have lead with upmost distinction! Truly a Hero in everyone sense of the Word. You have earned a long deserved rest! Sincerely , CT Commander Spike 3545 Until we meet again old friend! "SEE YOU NEXT MISSION" - Dr. Bees
  13. NOOO THE CR CMDR IS LEAVING US! Whatever are we going to do! JK man love ya and I hop to remake the server into an image you would enjoy in the future! I will be canceling my resignation date and Apply for BG soon to reshape the server with an even better system in the future! Miss you bb! and come back soon!
  14. Concerning this Problem with the Overall, For your Info, and I will say this in the Kindest Way Possible so as to not add fuel to the fire. ALL OF THE BATTALIONS, Will be changed accordingly. This was made in the Attempt to Lay the Ground work for Something bigger than just. " OMG He Took Our Medics and Heavys away". The set up is meant to balance the server out, people. I didn't mean to make it seem like 104th or 38th or any other unit less populated is at a disadvantage, Its hard enough having to balance weapons AND make all the Battalions Stand out from each other. I will be revising some of the Battalions yes. Know This, If your reason to join 104th is to have a Medic Class or Heavy Class and not be in it for the RP or The Fun that comes from working together to get an objective Done. Then , can you truly call yourself a 104th Wolf Pack Member? So Again, I WILL be revising and adapting new things and Ideas to these Battalions as this is only a rough sketch and not 100% Absolute! Thank You for your Opinion and Taking the Time to Read this thread! If you wish to Give me Suggestions feel free to Msg me or DM me! Signed, CT CMDR Spike 3545