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  1. Agreed! I believe the best Solution to this is to just Make every unit have a certain primary function and a secondary function. But, Don't Take Fault with the CTs. I believe a Balanced System can be set up for the ARF Skins. Everyone Unit Except the 41st, reason being that 41st Should have the Special Scout Troopers exclusive to the 41st. I believe CPL should be allowed to tryout for basic ARF. Rancor is of course Exclusive and only the Best ARF Troopers are eligible. SSGT+ for Rancor ARF Tryouts.
  2. ------------------------------------INCOMING TRANSMISSION---------------------------------- [START LOG] ...............................................[Loading Data].................................... ..........[Loading Data-Log 2521-A].................... .[15%]..............................[20%]..........................[35%].................. .......[55%]..............[67%]..................[86%].............. .[100%].......... ......[LOADING DONE]....... Mission Log : 2521-A Mission Briefing:With the concurrent invasion and victory on the planet of umbara, Many of the high ranking generals and High Dukes of the Planet fled to the planet of Marban I in the outer core. We at first decided that the service of the 5th main fleet was not needed as we had a detachment of 21st ARF units at our disposal near that sector. We here at High Command sorely underestimated the amount of units that got off Umbara! That and the terrain got to the men first. It Seems the generals got quite the small private army at their disposal. Well, We have one of our own! Troopers! get set for this combat directive mission Immediately if you can take the job. Primary Objectives: 1. Find and Detain General Bingus Dou. 2. Eliminate intel Officer Von Bindo And secure his data Pad. 3. Find And Attempt to Detain Duke Joesus Manfeud. Secondary Objectives: 1. Attempt to Find The Umbara Star-fighter And Destroy it along with any possible escape craft. 2. find the IT Artifacts located around the site. 3. Find and Locate the 21st ARF Commander and Recover his IFF tags. -------------------------------------[WARNING]--------------------------------------- ----[THIS PART OF THE DOCUMENT IS INTENDED FOR ARC PERSONNEL AND HIGH STAFF ONLY A BREACH OF SECURITY MADE OR ATTEMPTED BY UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL WILL RESULT IN SEVERAL ADMINISTRATION ACTION]------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------[You Have Been Warned]------------------------------- ARC OBJECTIVES: 1. Disable The Shield Generator Guarding the Main Tomb Entrance 2. Take Out General Binsfield 3. Destroy The Currency Generator At the Generator outpost. ---------------------[END RESTRICTED COMMS]------------------------------------- Extra Info: Many of the Locals have Deemed this area of the planet to be riddle with those damn bugs! check your weapons and gear boys. Make sure to use that to your advantage. LOCK AND LOAD TROOPERS YOU HAVE A MISSION TO DO! This is Clone Adviser 2131 Signing Out! [END LOG] Possible Outcomes: [SCENARIO A: All Objectives Completed and Detained/Eliminated 2 or more High Ranking Umbaran Officials, Rewards: Start the "Shifting Sands" Campaign, and Possible Promos for Enlisted and Lower NCOs. Recommendations for COs.] [SCENARIO B: Only Completed half of the Objectives, Reward: Finish the "Red Sand" Side Mission but, you cannot start the campaign due to a lack of prerequisites accomplished.] [SCENARIO C : You Managed to Let the Officials Escape and Failed to Destroy the Bulk of the Credit Generators, resulting in a humiliating defeat for the Republic and its economy! You should rethink your choices troopers] HoloPics provided by the RIA(Republic Intelligence Agent) and the 21st. Pictures are as follows: 1st picture of the Landing Point Gamma: 2nd picture is of General Bingus Dou(Note the Red Coloration on his uniform Indicating his is a HIGH General: 3rd is of the Credit Generator: 4th is of the Shield and credit generator Outpost PigsPoint: 5th picture is of the Shield Generator and of INTEL Officer(Note the Blue Uniforms of his troops and him Indicating The USFI Involvment): Last Pictures are of The Shield Itself and the result of sending in the 21st ARF: Positions needed for the Mission(OOC): 1 Duke Joesus Manfeud and 1 General Binfield. P.S This is a pic of a vantage point the ARC May Use On Their Side Objectives. It overlooks the Gen Outpost SEE YOU NEXT MISSION!
  3. + SUPPORT -Great RPer -Knows his Lore -One of the most Respectable players on the field - OVERALL GREAT CANDIDATE FOR THE SPOT
  4. ------------------------------------INCOMING TRANSMISSION---------------------------------- [START LOG] ...............................................[Loading Data].................................... ..........[Loading Data-Log 2434_D].................... .[15%]..............................[20%]..........................[35%].................. .......[55%]..............[67%]..................[86%].............. .[100%].......... ......[LOADING DONE]....... Mission Log : 2434-D Mission Briefing: The planet of Hoth is home to many things............That includes a Republic Resonance outpost on its frozen moon known as Yuka 4. We here at High Command have attempted to contact said outpost ever since we lost contact with it's security chief days ago. 2 Days have past since then and we have no reason to believe the CIS have entered this far into our core worlds. We plan on sending a unit of men; You; Into the outpost to find out what the hell is going on there and to retrieve the data logs of the base. Of Course, as always be weary of this situation boys......... It gives me the creeps. Primary Objectives: 1. Ascertain What Happened at the Base And find the bases Data Logs to bring back to the High Command Staff. 2. Recover and reset the Base Generators to Maximum Power to get the Base Operational. 3. Retrieve And Extract the Blue Prints of a Secret Star-fighter. Secondary Objectives: 1. find and recover any Survivors of this Incident. 2. find and Recover the Weapon designated as " The EMP Launcher" 3. Find and Locate the Base's Commander and Recover his IFF tags. Extra Info: Many of the troopers that attended to the station have frozen solid. It is advised that you wear the issued snow gear! GOOD LUCK OUT THERE TROOPERS! This is Clone Adviser 2131 Signing Out! [END LOG] Possible Outcomes: [SCENARIO A: All Objectives Completed and when restarting the base power you rolled a 60 and above, Rewards: Start the "Deep Freeze" Campaign, and Possible Promos for Enlisted and Lower NCOs. Recommendations for COs.] [SCENARIO B: Only Completed have of the Objectives, Reward: Finish the "Deep Freeze" Side Mission but, you cannot start the campaign due to a lack of prerequisites accomplished.] [SCENARIO C : Failed to Accomplish more than two objectives and did not restore the power to the site resulting in lost technology that could have won us the war. No Promos nor recommendation needed] Screenshots in this order listed: 1# Is Entry Point , 2# Frozen trooper Corpse, 3# the Need data Pad Containing the Base Logs, 4# Frozen Hallway, and Last but not least 5# Power room. To Restore Power you must Advert /roll 3 times if you do not get a 120 or above in those 3 rolls you Have failed that Objective.
  5. Yeah... no I believe the best way to deal with the issue is to just assign all the units the ARF uniform. It doesn't disrupt lore in anyway as a matter of fact quite the opposite. Every unit of the Grand Army Of the Republic had at least One ARF unit attached so just giving one or two units ARF Is not gonna work. I believe the best thing to do is to Redefine what each unit does and Make the ARF of that Unit Correspond to the Battalion's Function For Example. We are CTs so we only send ARF To Scout and or Gather Info. They Cannot Attack in large units but rather they ambush. 104th is a Hostage rescue/ Siege So Give their ARF Unit Special Grapple training and teach them in siege tactics
  6. And what if people dont want to have to go to another battalion for ARF
  7. I Beileve CPL Would Be suitable enough if not SGT. I want it to be applied and Monitored just as the Snow gear; If you have it on without the proper clearance or Permission Warn then Arrest. I believe corporal is the perfect rank as it requires a good amount of time to be promoted in the CTs and not only that its a NCO rank. Not a single CT who is mingy will have access to the rank or gear and Ill Make sure of that.
  8. I believe Everyone is entitled to their respective opinion and I am sorry If I come off as Arguing. I understand as to why your opinion differs from mine but bare in mind that dead Battalion are a result of mismanagement and no innovation.
  9. If you wish to have other battalions live. Let them live through the battalions Innovative and constructive rp elements and not FORCE Players to leave just because You want players . Denying a Unit a Specialization just based on the fear of players not wanting to leave is proof enough that players don't like the current units available. I understand the concern but this is not the way to go about extending a battalions life. Try new and innovative ways to Make the RP enjoyable before just denying the betterment of a unit such as the CTs. This applies to the Other Units as well. Again I want a reason other than " this will take players" because other than that reason I see no other Obstacles other than the basic Worry of every battalion Including CTs. We are a battalion as well. and Many of us don't want to have to join a separate unit for basic needs such as a SCOUT/RECON/Battle Data acquirement. Hell, we didn't have medics until I restated the issue as of late.
  10. I Know that the creation of the job is a little too much work but I feel that a lot of people approve of this idea. It adds a Lot of RP options for CT and makes for great moments on the field. I believe that regardless of peoples opinion this is good for RP. If battalions lack troops it through their own volition. I as a CT MAJ Offer more then just a job. I offer a RP Experience Not seen often and that is why people stick with me regardless of rank, position, hell even Battalion. I Strive to liven up my RP as Much as possible. It doesn't matter if I get an ARF Job. All I ask Is if We can use the Skin on CT Units. If I left the issue as is I feel I would be letting all my men down. The Honor And privilege that Comes with completing my STAP Course is immensely Rewarding and as many would observe, very lore respective. I cannot Stress this enough when I say this but, And I mean no offence when I say this but, If troops don't join other units it is the COs and BCOs Fault for not Innovating in the RP Department(I.E Not giving Patrol Routes, Not Being Active, Not taking Initiative, And Offering Little to No Incentives ETC). I ask you Not to place Blame in the Class but rather the Lacking RP and Organization in other Battalions/Units. Thank you for reading! p.s Give me your honest Opinions on this issue please! Also Give a short explanation on how you feel About this issue overall! Signed CT BTL MAJ Spike/ FORMER 104th ENG LTG Spike
  11. Of Course, These Units Would Make a great Addition and add to the CT Replay Value. I feel as these classes will give the CT Battlion a much needed diverse menu of Specialists to train to work your way into. The Following Units Is What I propose: Classes: 1.CT ARF Trooper: Model: models/reizer_cgi_p2/clone_arf/clone_arf.mdl Weapons: tfa_swch_dc15s , tfa_swch_ll30, tfa_wsp_5 Lore: Mainly Comprised of several Small Company Sized units, The ARF(Advance Reconnaissance Force) Mainly focuses on training and making the Grand Army Of the republic's Scouts and Sentries. They are trained in the Arts of Reconnaissance and Tracking. These Troopers were deployed in small company sized units to fight along side jedi and regular CTs Alike. Although there are special Units of ARF Under Rancor Battalion, Kelli Company, And Lighting Squadron, These ARF Are The Most Basic Form of Scout Troops As they Lack Proper Unit and combat Experience. When In this State they Function Most Efficiently in the form of Sharpshooters. Wearing The White Version Of ARF Armor Also Provides little Camouflage for them as well. All in all I believe this would be a good Starting unit to join if you wish to broaden you Experience in a Scout unit. 2. Clone Medic: Model:Same Model As CT Weapons: weapon_medkit , tfa_swch_dc15s Lore: The Clone Army Had a Huge Reserve of medical Field personnel at their disposal. Many CT Units had about five of them at any given point. They Provide basic Medical relief to the troopers effected!
  12. [GL]Mike

    Map Change Back

    As much As You guys love your little Base. You have to Understand From a Lore sense this Is Completely Defunct. I mean Come On grand ADMIRALS AND FLEET On Planet Side completely Defeats the purpose of fleet. Technically ,IN this setting the Grand Admiral Has less Power then Both the Jedi And Clones ; Being Beaten out By The Grand Master And Grand General Respectively. I am not bringing this up to cause problems but rather to Correct inconsistencies. This Is serious RP Correct. Then lets do this the correct way is all I am saying.
  13. [GL]Mike

    Map Change Back

    What you want to see? - I want To See The Map Change Back to Venator_Extensive Why should we add it? - Beacuse The Current Map Has not taken Precautions towards lower ended PC Users ( The Map Is laggy and Glitch ridden to all heck) What are the advantages of having this? - an Increase In the Amount of Players Who can play on the game Lag free. Who is it mainly for? - The Community as A whole and new Prospective Players Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1257128301
  14. What made you come to the conclusion that he was player poaching then? Not only that but people are subject to change. Just as you Changed, i believe he could have changed aswell. Don't Get me Wrong, Nimo I respect you immensely, but If I am to - support him I need proof. Because At this point its just Allegations.
  15. By your Words, I assume you have proof Nimo? If so present the proof of player poaching. I may -support if its undeniable