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  1. What is your In-Game name?: Square What is your SteamID?: STEAM_0:1:193699405 What is your rank?: Muscle II How long have you been in the Pyke Syndicate?: I was recruited on 11/12/22 What leadership experience do you have?: I have been an admiral in naval and was eventually made into a senior commander once the job was implemented. Why do you want to be a Pyke Officer? (100 word minimum): I want to become a pyke officer to further my position in pyke and contribute the experience I have gained from my previous command positions. I know I would be able to assist and work with the command team more than I ever could as an NCO. I want to host more raids and be able to promote enlisted who participate to make members more excited to be a part of more battalion activities. I enjoy the community that pyke has and want to make sure the battalion runs smoothly and is welcoming to anyone who is interested in becoming a part of it. Why should you be trusted with this rank? (100 word minimum): I have been in multiple command positions where I always made sure to meet the expectations put upon me while also trying to exceed them where I could. I also was on staff for an extended time, which allowed me to learn a significant amount about how the server operates. During my time in command and staff, I had access to many powers and privileges that could have caused many issues were I someone not worth trusting. I know the pyke SOP and server rules well enough to be confident that I will not be problematic in a higher position. Do you understand that if you fail to meet the expectations of a Pyke Officer you may be removed from your position?: Yes.
  2. +Support I believe that this will help commanders better adjust to overseeing battalions and create more of a bridge between low command and high command so that it isn't as big of a jump in responsibilities . The loadout for the senior commander job seems very appropriate, and as a senior command myself I am in full support of this idea and would love to see this implemented.
  3. Accepted! Please speak to CMO Jog Hanson for your training.
  4. +Support I see him on the nova job quite often and he helps out enlisted and NCO's where they need it. He has hosted a lot of tryouts for nova and is actively trying to get new members into the battalion. He has already proven that he is dedicated to the branch and I believe he would be a strong addition to the command team.
  5. +Support -Seems like a good addition to the staff team, the answers are decent and seems like an overall nice person. Best of luck!
  6. +Support -Has done excellent work for all of the navy branches -Assists the command teams whenever they need it -Extremely active -Literally every interaction I have had with him is positive -knows the expectations of his position -Very nice application Best of luck Mann!
  7. I wish the best for you astro, you were a wonderful person to hang out with. I am very sorry for your loss. Stay strong man!
  8. Denied. You must be a PO2+ to be eligible to apply. Please wait one week before reapplying.
  9. -Support While I was not present for the entire sit I did see the second half and the individuals that were brought were clearly trolling and trying to waste staff's time to the point that they needed to be gagged for constantly talking over each other and not allowing anything productive to be said or done. If you were to provide this clip that was supposedly processing for an abnormally long time I would be willing to change my response.
  10. Denied. Please wait one week before reapplying.
  11. Accepted! Please speak to Chief Aviation Officer Leo for your training.
  12. Denied. Please wait one week before reapplying.
  13. Accepted! Please speak to Security Director Sauce for your training.
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