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  1. DENIED Unfortunate at this moment we are ONLY accepting applications for Unit TI-23's F16, Squad Leader. All other member slots for Unit TI-23 are NOT available at this moment. Feel free to submit another application for F-16, Squad Leader.
  2. Welcome to Death Trooper Unit TI-23 [ MUST BE FIRST SERGEANT+ TO APPLY FOR THIS SUB-BRANCH ] Welcome to the Death Trooper Unit TI-23, Death Trooper's elite squad-based lore unit. Unit TI-23 is a highly classified squad-based lore unit, comprised of five members, each with their own specialization. Format [In-Game Name] [Call-sign] [Rank] [Which lore squad member are you applying for] [Why do you believe you deserve this position] [Why do you want to be a part of Unit TI-23] [What does Unit TI-23 do] [How active can you be] [Do you understand that if you are accepted into Unit TI-23, you will be on a 1-strike system] Make sure to put your best effort into your applications, good luck troopers.
  3. Denied Unfortunately Death Trooper Command has not deemed you ready to become an officer. Don't be discouraged, you can always submit another application in 2 weeks.
  4. Accepted Congratulations, your application has been accepted. Contact a 2LT+ for your NCO training.
  5. There is no real point to this, we've got /comms "[ - ]" that work just fine. And as stated above, you've got team chat and PMs. If there's something you desperately want for Clearance Level type stuff, try changing radio frequencies and using the /r command.