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  1. These jobs definitely need an update, the last time they were updated was when I was Death Trooper Commander.
  2. Yoo, same! So on 03/28/2022, some named "Analfinder2" joined the game. Chat as always displays a message, saying "Play Analfinder 2 has joined the game." I said that and some bozo named @bop warned me for ERP! I now help some people who've been building a coup on him in secret for a long time now.
  3. I approve of Crunch being added to my CC. My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:35540992
  4. What do you want to see?: Keypads & Keycards Why should we add it?: As it currently stands, the members of the ISD have identifications in the form of keybinds or /me's. Adding actual Keycards/Keypads would increase roleplay and decrease the occurrences of random people running into restricted locations. What are the advantages of having this?: The benefit of having a physical Keycard system means we can better restrict access to critical locations on the ship. This keycard system will also increase roleplay by having physical ID cards people can view and display to those who ask to check their ID. Who is it for?: This is for all regiments and Imperial personnel. Links to any content: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/billys-keypads
  5. -=Section 1=- In-game Name: Grand Moff Tarkin Steam Name: [GL] Mann Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:35540992 -=Section 2=- What is the role of Darth Vader? The role of Darth Vader is a Senior High Command position to serve as the right hand of the Emperor. Darth Vader and the rest of SHC are a team that needs to effectively communicate to serve and support the people of the Empire/Community. Every member of SHC, such as Darth Vader, has oversight of all branches, not just one, which is why they need to keep the best interests of each branch and maintain a positive experience for everyone who wants to take part in our communities roleplay. As Imperial High Command, we make fundamental changes that impact the roleplay. Darth Vader and SHC must make sure these changes are just and will positively impact how we roleplay on the server. Why do you want to become the role of Darth Vader? I wish to become Darth Vader as I am here for the long run. I want to see the server and community prosper positively. If I am appointed into the position of Darth Vader, I can have more oversight and say in how we roleplay in the future. I want to make a positive impact on the server for everyone and make things a bit more efficient for Command teams so they can also focus on improving everyone's roleplay experiences. Becoming Darth Vader and involving myself further with Inquisitorius and all regiments to assist in their growth would be an honor. Darth Vader/SHC must remain professional and respectful, without bias, as their decisions can affect everyone, and I believe I can do just that. I can adapt and improve from any mistakes; this community is an excellent experience that I see myself being a part of for a long time, and I only want to see it continue to thrive and bring everyone the entertaining and positive experience I have been a part of. Becoming Darth Vader and assisting the rest of Senior High Command to oversee roleplay but also the future of the community would be an honor, especially as a rank as significant as Vader. What experience do you have that would be relevant to the role of Darth Vader? I may not have the most experience on this server, but I have achieved a lot since joining this community. My first battalion was Shock Security because I was intrigued by the K2 droids. After joining Shock, I swiftly reached the rank of COL and K2 lead, where I created the documents which are the basis for the current K2 Security Droids. On 10/2021, I transferred into Death Troopers, rapidly reaching the rank of Vice Commander a few weeks afterward and eventually the position of Senior Commander 3 months later. During that time, I assisted in creating Death Trooper Unit TI-23 and its documents. I also created the documents for their Sarlacc Company [T2] unit. All these changes are long-lasting changes that have improved the regiment and continue to bring attention to a serious and relatively small regiment. After joining the High Command team as Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax in 03/2022, I created the current roster system, which has been well received, making roster updates and logging officer activity more efficient for all regimental command teams. Along with this roster system, I created documents to assist in training new Command Members. A few weeks ago, with the help of SHC+, we successfully transitioned Inferno Squad into a sub-division of the Imperial Navy. Why do you think I should pick you over other applicants? I believe I should be appointed as Darth Vader over the other applicants as I have already shown the ability to create fundamental changes that have thus far positively impacted the regiments/server. I am an active member of the community, often spending several hours actively interacting with the people of this community. Aside from being one of the more active members of High Command, I believe I have learned a lot during my time roleplaying with everyone. I have remained unbiased and open-minded and wish to continue providing the Empire/Community members with a fun and fair roleplay experience. After being in High Command for over six months, I believe I can better serve this community at the level of Darth Vader. Regardless of the outcome, I will continue to dedicate my time to this community and assist in bringing everyone a better Empire. Please outline some ideas you could bring to improve the server as Darth Vader: As Darth Vader, one idea I can get to improve the server would be a better way to enforce the Clearance Levels. As it stands, we have signs and physical personnel to guard Clearance locations. A possible solution to enforcing these clearance areas would be adding keycards that actively restrict locations, only opening the doors for people with proper clearance. I can bring additional ways to increase the responsibility of each regiment's officer teams. For example, allowing Officers more ability to issue punishments on troopers that misbehave or granting all officers, instead of just Command Officers, to conduct Flag-ups and Announcements would also be viable ideas in bringing more independence. In addition, all High Command should be looking into preparing all troops for Command positions. Providing our Officer+ teams with autonomy and more responsibility is a great way to give them the experience they need to become great Command members. -=Section 3=- What issues have you encountered in your personal experience with being a player? In my experience as a player, I have seen a few problems, such as a lack of respect and professionalism in situations that call for it. I have also experienced a lack of mentorship to the Command teams, many failing their time as newly appointed Command Members. In response to the question above, how would you handle and fix these issues? In response to the problem of disrespect, lack of professionalism, and lack of mentorship. Should I be entrusted with the position of Darth Vader, I would push for members of Command to be open to asking questions and providing their honest opinion on situations without fear of being judged or singled out. Pressing our current High Command to actively communicate and make known that we are here to assist and provide guidance. I would hold Regimental Command and High Command alike to a higher standard focusing on providing a professional and welcoming environment where the Officer+ teams know their Command team is there to help support them and improve their experience. As Darth Vader, I would lead by example and make sure all Command members strive to bring our players a unique, welcoming experience they too can see themselves being a part of in the future. Anything else you would like to add? I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this application. I may not have the most experience within this community, but I see myself here for a long time and help grow and experience the fun. Regardless of the outcome, I welcome all criticisms and will continue to bring a fun, welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for reading. I hope you have a good time.
  6. Battalion Name: Imperial Navy Job/Class Name: Admiral Garrick Versio Weapon Kit: - Current Loadout: Arrest Baton, Unarrest Baton, RK-3, TL-50, Voice Amplifier, Cross Arms, Cross Arms (Infront) - Add: DT-12(tfa_dt12) Elastic Restraints(weapon_cuff_elastic) - Remove: RK-3(rw_sw_rk3) Reason for change: Admiral Garrick Versio is the Inferno Squad overseer. It would make sense for him to use the IF weapons and equipment. He already has the TL-50; it is only logical to replace his pistol with the current Inferno Squad pistol. It would also make sense for Garrick Versio to receive the Elastic Restraints, as both Security Officers and Inferno Intelligence Officers receive them. Do you believe these changes are fair to the battalion/job role it is responsible for and will benefit the server, if so, why?: These changes are fair for the Versio job as it will allow him to be more helpful during interrogations with the use of elastic restraints. Replacing the RK-3 with the Inferno DT-12 would better fit his kit with that of Inferno Squad. Both additions are fair and entrusting an Admiral to carry some of the same equipment as the unit they oversee makes sense.
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