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  1. +Support from the Death Trooper Aspect Wolf has been very active within our regiment and I’ve seen from shock he is active within theirs too I believe he has exhibited a very good attitude and I believe he is fit for the position of Kallus
  2. Update Added onto application to go further in detail
  3. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) Mike/MK3/SV02 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Death Trooper Vice Commander 3. Why do you want to be a Vice Commander of this branch? I want to be a commander for this branch because, I believe I can bring experience to the current command team, which is a valuable asset to any team, I also LOVE the Death Troopers they have been a wonderful team for me and have been there for me when I needed it most and I want to help further my Career within DT and be that person for others that the current and past command team has been for me to someone else. If I am selected for this position, I will do everything that is required of me and anything extra that is requested of me. I also have a skill for leading and I believe that would make me an excellent candidate for the VCMDR Position, some of my biggest achievements on this server happened while I was VCMDR of SF in that 3-4 month period I helped reformat all of the battalion Documents, brought back having a battalion ceremony every 1-2 months, and created the Titan Squadron [T2] job for SF, wrote all of the documents, and made the job post format for Jabronie to upload. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? 932.5 Hours 5. What is the Main Purpose of a Vice Commander for a branch? The main purpose of a Vice Commander for a branch is to supervise and lead the branch by example, other IMPORTANT purposes and duties of a Vice Commander are to maintain and keep up with the battalion's documents this includes but is not limited to assisting with Roster Updates, SOP Updates, Battalion Updates, and the Forums Side checking the forums at least 2-3 times a week for active Applications and gauging the responses and the contents of said applications to bring to the rest of the command team to provide judgement on the application. Another purpose of a VCMDR is to ensure that battalion operations are running smoothly and efficiently, this includes promoting activity, hosting SIMs and Trainings for your battalion, and planning Missions to keep your troops engaged and entertained while online. One of the most important jobs of a VCMDR is to maintain discipline within your battalion, making sure your troops aren’t Minging on job or even off the job, up keeping a professional standard especially for the Death Troopers since we are a SeriousRP battalion and we only take the best, the ways you can do this is through either counseling (having a conversation with them and explaining what they did wrong and some ideas on how to fix it in the future), a Warning (if counseling didn’t work be more stern and tell them they need to get it together or else they will get in trouble), a Formal Strike on the roster, and depending on severity Removal from the battalion (these should be kept in mind the whole time depending on severity you may skip directly to a strike or removal if deemed necessary by the command team) 6. Why should we trust you to be a Vice Commander? I believe you should trust me to be a Vice Commander for DT because Within DT I am currently a LTCOL and the Seeker Vice Lead. Outside of DT I have already been the SF Vice Marshall [VCMDR Equivalence], a ST Major, and I believe I carry the necessary experience to conduct myself in a matter appropriate of a Vice Commander especially that of a Redacted Battalion that requires Seriousness at all times in game. Another reason you should trust me is even for OOC reasons, I am currently an Admin, GM V, and a Forums Diplomat, meaning no matter what I do I do it correctly to the best of my abilities not cutting corners just to get it done faster 7. How often can you be Online? I am very Active, I am reachable anytime through discord and almost anytime within TS as I have the Mobile app, In-Game wise I am on at least 2-3 times for several hours in a 3-day period, If you look at my battlemetrics [Linked within the DT Roster] you will see my activity is of expected of a Vice Commander. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) I do not have any on ImperialRP on SCPRP i have 3 from about 2 years ago FailRP | LTAP NLR FailRP More Information available upon request. I would like to thank you for reading and taking my application into consideration for the position of Death Trooper Vice Commander.
  4. +SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Super Cool Dood -Very Friendly -Experienced -Great Application
  5. What is your in-game name?: Mike What is your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:464323748 What is your rank on the Naval Roster?: PO2 What specialty are you applying for?: TAO What Naval Command (Rear Admiral+) gave you permission to apply?: Kruvz What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for?: I can Improve the branch by being active and assisting the current SF command team and performing the day to day operations of an Aviation Officer which includes doing tryouts,SIMs, and other fun and engaging activities to help promote activity within the battalion Why should you be trusted with this position?: I believe I should be trusted with AO as I have already been the Vice Marshall for SF and working in hand with AOs for several months I believe I carry the experience necessary to perform my duties as an AO and the background to be trusted for this position Why do you want this rank?: I want this rank because I believe as a prior SF Command member i have the most experience within this sector and I can help the most to help make SF active once again. Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: yes What is your purpose within your assigned branch?: the purpose within the branch is to provide support to the current command team and to fulfill any obligations given to you by SF Command, Higher AOs, and Naval Command. Along with working side by side with SF and helping make it a more fun and enjoyable place
  6. L+Ratio Ong But in all honesty we love you and you’re cool you’ll be missed as Grand General
  7. DC3, This is a WONDERFUL application as silicon said it is easy to read and is very detailed you conduct in game is amazing too! Anytime I’m on you’re already on and even then you sometimes surpass my time whilst also having great battalion relations and even cross battalion relations as I have heard great things about you from several battalions including Naval, and Army branches you have proven your skill and love of marksmanship to me within Seeker and overall I believe you to be the best candidate for this position MAJOR +SUPPORT
  8. This is a wonderful Application detailing several great points I would support this however even though you have a wonderful application you also MUST have wonderful in game to to match exactly to the application and you do! I will give you my Overall +Support on this
  9. Slightly Ominous but Can’t wait! You’ll be very missed around the ISD shame you didn’t get the reserves you deserve for your extreme hard work but I wouldn’t have asked for a better Co-Pilot and friend it’s been an honor on the ISD sucks I won’t see you around on ship but you’ll never be forgotten I’ll make sure of it!
  10. +Support he has been extremely active even through the Timezone differences and he has kept up to DT standards non stop I am 100% comfortable with him becoming an NCO hence why I have a +Support on this application
  11. Me like so me +support dis but seriously it’s a great idea to try and boost activity I know Cobra has long suffered with player retention and activity because nobody wants to JUST do transports it’s a great idea in theory but just having the bomber that you get to use maybe 1 time a month during a SIM isn’t enough to encourage players to get on much less get in the job when there’s other jobs like Gladius and Shadow along with (my baby) the new Titan donator job so yeah overall I majorly support this idea for both the health of SF and to hopefully revive the now dead Cobra squad into a flourishing Onyx Squad (and like Korea said it’s a cool name)
  12. Deathtrooper Unit TI-23 L21 Application [In-Game Name] Mike [Call-sign] MK3 [Rank] 2LT [Which lore squad member are you applying for] TI-23 Demolitions Specialist L21 [Why do you believe you deserve this position] I do not believe I deserve Anything, I believe I have earned the position through dedication to the Sub-Branch, trying out multiple times showing non-stop endurance when asking for the training and improving each time I fail making myself better until ultimately Passing the training and EARNING the ability to apply for the position of TI-23 Demolitions Specialist L21, I also believe I have the experience with the position of L21 as he is a type of Engineer, as I was Engineer Lead for 2 battalions, SF and ST. [Why do you want to be a part of Unit TI-23] I would like to be apart of TI-23 because they are the Elite of the Elite and I feel I have earned my position within the Unit through Hard work, Constant Activity, and determination, I never once gave up on tryouts for DT no matter how many times I failed I persevered through and made it, Moving through the ranks I have never missed quota and I have held my Active streak only missing 1 day since Joining DT, I’ve Hosted a Successful DT Only Mission and I believe with the capabilities that come with TI-23 I can help make DT a great and fun place to be whilst also keeping it serious [What does Unit TI-23 do] Tarkin Initiative Unit 23 Led By Squad Lead F16 Serve Advanced deathtrooper roles with F16- As the Squad Leader L21- Squad Demolitions Specialist C37- Squad Close Quarters Specialist M36- Squad Medical Specialist V07- Squad Marksman/Overwatch/Reconnaissance Specialist All of these Troopers are lethal and experts alone but as a team they are unkillable (The Undying) [How active can you be] I am extremely Active As of right now I have only missed 1 day of not playing since joining DT [Do you understand that if you are accepted into Unit TI-23, you will be on a 1-strike system] Yes, I Understand
  13. In-Game name: Mike/MK3 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:464323748 Rank: Deathtrooper Specialist How long have you been in your current rank?: I was Promoted to SPC at approx 1:35 EST on 7/25/22 What experiences in leadership do you have?: I have several experiences in Leadership as I have been High Command on another server as well as being both a ex-VCMDR in SF and a current Major for Stormtroopers I know I have the experience necessary to complete the tasks required by an NCO Why do you want to be a non-commissioned officer? I want to be an NCO because I know I can help the battalion by Hosting tryouts and leading the enlisted and other troopers when called upon. I will provide and bring up the much needed experience to Lead and protect those deemed worthy by Death Trooper command and my fellow Death Troopers. I will also strive for greatness within DT giving my energy to the Deathtrooper Corps and to making it a fun but successful place as much as I can. What makes you stand out amongst the others?(110+Word minimum) Something that makes me stand out from others is that I am accustomed to the Special Forces way of completing tasks between leading and overseeing Starfighter Shadow Squadron, being an officer in Inferno before it was made a sub bat. And even being a Storm Commando. I know how Special and Black operations operate, and can help make it a smooth and enjoyable time for everyone within DT and if you ask any SSGT+ at this point they can tell you about my dedication and my dedication to getting into the battalion. And ever since getting in I have put much of my effort into the Death trooper Corps. Do you understand that if you fail to meet the expectations of an NCO you can be removed from your position? Yes I do Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to my application
  14. MEGA + SUPPORT During my time as Vice Marshall Uchiha stepped out a lot and has improved greatly I see him going a long way he’s active constantly, trustworthy, and dedicated to the branch. He will do great things as VM
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