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  1. Piemp


    50 cent frosty is racist I’m open for debate
  2. whale, whale, whale, women are cool
  3. ayo fuck that let me drive the bus
  4. In game name: Pimp Job name: Furry Hunter Steamid: STEAM_0:1:460522813 New color: 85, 0, 255 Old job name: Furry hunter New job name: Chris Peacock All 20$ payed by me steamid: STEAM_0:1:460522813
  5. i did not leave when they split up they denied me lmao we should stop typing here now
  6. Piemp


    shooting fun pew pew
  7. Owning up to it beast love ya snuts
  8. I have never heard more facts ever I am yet to see one stack
  9. Question where did the L come from
  10. -support no evidence provided but in all seriousness Happy late birthday
  11. Event team can’t give melees unless that changed
  12. OG back in June got me into server
  13. I thank one of those is from March…. aren’t they invalid if not used in a week?
  14. no crim will even bother going to court then there time in jail would be up by the time they got there -support
  15. Oh god I agree that does sound like Noah.... +support
  16. Tbh it’s gonna go unused gmods driving is not good for a drifting mode (this is a rp server btw)
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