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  1. Name: Dapper Current Rank: Lead Researcher Time in Research: 40 hours on server, 3 months total Why should you be research command: I've been with the Research division for months and am a dedicated member of it. I've run several unique tests that has given the foundation valuable information of the nature on some of these entities, including but not limited to: 012's affect on 049-2, 049-2 triggering 096, and using 294 to terminate 682. There have also been many undocumented tests I've done due to their more mundane nature. I am also always open to helping new researchers (Juniors, Associate, Ect) in whatever they may need. Whether its permission to test on an SCP, help with a containment procedure, or just supervising a test. What will you do to make research more active and better : The first thing I would start doing are mass tests. Sure these are often done by other command, but I'd do it for lesser tested SCPs (079 is a great example of one I'd joint-test with the event team). I would also like to start doing test training, as in training researchers how to handle/test a certain SCP. For example, not a lot of people know how to properly test on SCP-173. I will often find them only bringing 1 or 2 people, when at the very MINIMUM you need 3. Now it says in the MOTD how to stop 173, but sadly not everyone (especially new researchers) read it. I would hold a mandatory training session where we go over how to test on 173, and prehaps more specifically, what to do when it breaches. And not just for 173, but for any SCP on the server.
  2. Lore Name: Dapper Rank: Lead Researcher SCP: 682, 294 Question / Idea: Will 682 perish if it drinks 'Me' from 294? Background Research: 682 is a reptile-like creature that is unable to be killed, even if +85% of it's body is destroyed. 294 is a vending machine that will dispense ANY liquid requested to it. Requesting 'Me' from 294 will kill anyone who drinks it. Hypothesis: 682 will die as any other entity that consumed 'Me' from 294. Observations: 682 drank 'Me' from 294 and immediately collapsed. Further investigation confirmed that 682 was dead. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: All life functions within 682 ceased. Autopsy was unable to identify the cause of death. Analysis / Conclusion: 682, Terminated. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes
  3. Lore Name: Dapper Steam ID: steamcommunity.com/id/_xxeliteplayerxx_/ Rank: Lead Researcher Activity Level: 7/10
  4. DrDapper

    CI Application

    Name: Dapper Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/_xxeliteplayerxx_/ Discord: DrDapper#9166 Division: Military Lore Knowledge: 8/10, familiar with the most well known SCPs and some lesser known. Certainly familiar with the ones on and will be on the server. Reason: Escaped as class D on 4/24/20 (see below), never trained Activity: At least 3 times a week for several hours Discord/Teamspeak: Discord yes, having issues with Teamspeak atm Proof: (had issues with video raw video not uploading to the site [no it wasn't to big of a file])
  5. I was the 049 btw, well done and creative test. This article has some grammar errors, I can help rewrite it if you want.
  6. Name: Dapper, Nefario Rank: Researcher, Doctor SCP: 049-3 Question: Physical Evaluation of 049-3 Background: 049-3 refers to an 049-2 subject that has been 'uncured.' 049-3 was coined by SR Vlad Romanov. Evaluation: During an 049 breach, Researcher Dapper was 'cured' by 049. Upon RC, 049 willing turned Dapper into 049-3. A Physical evaluation, conducted by Doctor Nefario, showed that an 049-3 instance experiences the following: -Slower heartbeat -Lower reflexes -Increased tissue mass Analysis: Any instance of 049-3 is to report to medical immediately for evaluation, and are to check back with medical personal once a week.
  7. Name: Dapper, Kane, Jimmy Williams Rank: Researcher, Researcher, Researcher SCP: 049-2, 008 Question: Will 008 effect 049-2? Background: -049-2: 049-2 refers to a subject who has been 'cured' by 049. 049-2 has no form of higher brain function and is observed to be nothing more than a mindless drone for 049. -008: 008 is a prion that when affects a subject, turns them into mindless savages Hypothesis: 008 will make 049-2 even more mindless and hostile, though 049's connection may not be broken. Observations: 008 did not effect 049-2 in any way. Analysis: It seems that 008 only attaches to living cells, since 049-2 cells have been observed to be dead.
  8. Name: Dapper, Cancer Rank: Researcher, Supervisor SCP: 096, 049-2 Question: Will 049-2 trigger 096? Background: -096: 096 is a humanoid creature that attacks anyone who observes it's face. -049-2: 049-2 refers to a subject who has been 'cured' by 049. 049-2 has no form of higher brain function and is observed to be nothing more than a mindless drone for 049. Hypothesis: SCP 049-2 will trigger 096. Observations: When 049-2 observed 096's face, 096 immediately began attacking 049-2. 049-2 started to fight back, however, and was even able to deal physical damage to 096. After 2 minutes of fighting, 096 terminated 049-2. Analysis: This certainly shows how strong 049-2 can is, with it not only withstanding 096 for a short time but also fighting back enough to hurt 096. As expected, 096 was able to defeat 049-2, and was able to recover any injury 049-2 inflicted.
  9. Name: Dapper Rank: Researcher SCP: 049-2, 049, 012 Background: -012: 012 is a piece of parchment paper with a song written in blood on it. When a subject approaches 012, they get an unbreakable urge to finish it with their own blood. The subject continues 012 until they have deceased from blood loss. -049: 049 is a humanoid entity that resembles that of a medieval plague doctor. 049 is general cooperative with foundation staff, but becomes irritated when in the presence of 'the pestilence.' 049 will then proceed to 'cure' anyone determined to have the pestilence. 'Cured' subjects will be referred to as 049-2. See background of 049-2. -049-2: 049-2 refers to a subject who has been 'cured' by 049. 049-2 has no form of higher brain function and is observed to be nothing more than a mindless drone for 049. [TEST 1] Question: Will 049-2 get the urge to finish 012 with it's blood? Hypothesis: SCP 049-2 will, since it is a mindless zombie, not attempt to finish SCP 012. Observations: Upon entering 012's containment chamber, 049-2 began digging at its skin until blood came running out of it. 049-2 then began writing on 012. After approximately 1.5 minutes, 049-2 deceased from blood loss. Analysis: This is an incredibly valuable test for many different reasons. We learned that 049-2 does experience some sort of urge or calling outside of 049's direct command. Grant it, 012 is anomolis, but this shows that 049's grip can be broken through anomolis means. This discovery shows us that there may still be some of the human conscience left in an 049-2 instance, even if extremely minimally. Further testing required. This also shows that 049-2 requires blood to remain animate. [TEST 2] Question: Will 049-2's urge to complete 012 retain even if 049 gives a direct order? Observations: Upon entering 012's containment chamber, 049-2 began digging at its skin until blood came running out of it. 049-2 then began writing on 012. 049 was then ordered to call off 049-2. 049 called out to 049-2, demanding he stop writing in 012. 049-2 immediately ceased writing in 012. 049-2 was removed from 012's chamber and terminated. Analysis: This again shows us a number of things. 1) despite 049-2 having the urge to finish 012, it cannot disobey a direct order from 049. 2) 012's cognitive hazard can be cancelled in some way. While yes, that way was a possible anomolis hive mind, it showed that 012's urge isn't invincible.
  10. Name: Dapper, John P, Brooke Rank: Researcher, JR, JR SCP: 173, 049-2 Question: Will 173 attack a zombie made by 049? If so who would win and how quickly would the other die? Background: -173: 173 is a statue made of concrete and rebar. 173 can only move when it is not in direct eye sight of any living organism. 173 is extremely hostile and will attack any living being in it's proximity. -049-2: 049-2 refers to a subject who has been 'cured' by 049. 049-2 has no form of higher brain function and is observed to be nothing more than a mindless drone for 049. Hypothesis: SCP 049-2 will not acknowledge 173. 173 however will attack 049-2 as soon as eye contact is broken. Observations: Upon closing 173's containment door, a loud crunch was heard. When 173's containment door was opened, 049-2 was motionless on the ground while 173 stood above it. Examination determined 049-2 was terminated by a broken neck. Analysis: It seems 173 attacks any form of life, not just human. Or 049-2 had enough human in it to be prey of 173. Further testing with 049-2 to determine where it stands with other anomalies is advised. Specifically: 035, 682, 106, 1048, 012, and 999.
  11. Lore Name: Dapper Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/_xxeliteplayerxx_/ Rank: AR Activity Level: 7/10
  12. Name: Dapper Rank: Junior SCP: 1048 Question: What will 1048 do in the presence of a D-class. Background: SCP-1048 is a small teddy bear that, when approached, will attempt to severe a part of the body from the subject Hypothesis: SCP-1048 will attempt to cut off a body part of the D-class Observations: SCP-1048 cut off the ear of the D-class, then proceded to put the severed ear into it's stuffing Analysis: It's unclear what 1048's intends to do with the severed ear or what motivates it to do so. Advise close surveillance of 1048.
  13. Name: Dapper, Nathan Rank: Junior, Junior SCP: 1162 Question: What effect will SCP-1162 give to D-Class Spud? Background: SCP-1162 is a book containing diseases and injuries. Whatever disease/injury is read will result in the reader contracting said disease/injury. Hypothesis: D-Class Spud will enter the containment chamber and, upon being unrestrained, read SCP-1162 Observations: D-Class Spud read a section on spontaneous combustion, and almost immediately burst in to flames. D-Class Spud pronounced KIA. Analysis: SCP-1162 should be tested on with extreme caution, and at no time should any personnel (other than Class-D's) directly read the contents. Final Notes: While SCP-1162 is extremely dangerous to the reader, testing should still be conducted to discover the contents of the book.