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  1. we back in business baby new name is Ember we going to have fun 


  2. you had a good run blunt bye you also joined the retired gang
  3. +support dude chill out on explain why
  4. Hi its Nap ive recently been very burnt out and bored of IRP and its been a long 10months of fun but its my time to go as im becoming very busy in life with the royal Navy (Cadets) and my school is starting again very soon and im kinda wanting to focus on my RL life then Online life. i will still come on and play on IRP from time to time Blunt: Im gonna miss all the good times we can still mess around on other games and your one of my top 5 favourite commanders Mango: It was rly fun trolling on other servers with ya WitWicky: keep on going strong bud you'll make it to an officer one day Emily: you joined so quick and got vice marshal rly quick keep on going you're doing a great job Dominic: damn it was good fun with you even though it sounded like i hated you Pigeon: Damn one of my favourite Naval keep on going you're doing a great job Everyone: you've all been very good and wholesome fun times and bad times keep chasing after the stars and follow your dreams and do amazing things I'm gonna miss you all love you all and im gonna miss everything
  5. +support Witwicky/lasky has showing off that he can lead SF and dose it good we need an acive NCO Nice guy
  6. +support lasky/Witwicky has proven to be a great transport pilot he was an EX LAAT piolt nice guy by CobraVicelead Nap
  7. + support we need more SF NCO'S a good pilot in space not a minge a good guy officer in 501'st
  8. until
    infletrate rebels [BST]
  9. +support +Need's to be in a squadron for once +knows what he's ment to do
  10. What is your name? Nap. What is your rank? Operations Pilot . Who gave you permission? Matrix gave me perms. What Squadron are you applying for? Cobra . What can you do to assist the Squadron Leader? We currently do not have a Squadron Leader but if we did i would do trainings for flying, combat and formations when needed i will not be mingey and i will be loyal to the empire at all times i will do orders with out question shoot the rebel scum/ enemies off there tail in combat . What skills do you have to be apart of this Squadron? I can fly under stress full times and keep cool in combat and do maneuvers that are very hard and can pull them off relatively easy. Do you understand if you are striked you will be removed from the Squadron? yes i understand.
  11. until
    Priates attack an Imperial Outpost in Kashyyyk and take slaves. The pirates attacked and ISD and destroyed it. The ISB sends the ISD to Kashyyyk to eliminate the pirates.
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