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  1. Your In-game: Jay Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:485228212 The admin's name in-game: Ender The admin's steam name (If you know it): no What warning did you receive: ARDM Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198930722152/screenshots/ Why do you think this warn was false: Staff Member said it was false after discussion Any extra information: N/A
  2. ^ ^ ^ +Support Good Luck! one thing is that the first video is cut to where it seems like he is advertising but if it wasn't cut then you would have known that he was using it as a example
  3. ok so my side i claim @Dropperlemons sit and he said that killer killed a guy in cuffs and i said ok and i brought killer and i got both of there sides and then dropperlemon should me video and so i watched the video 4 times and it clearly showed killer killing a guy that was in cuffs and killer is saying that he didn't he was trying to kill the person they kidnapped but killer was no where near the person he kidnapped and it just shows in logs that he killed a person in cuffs and running past the officers so after and in the video it shows that killer ran into the bathroom and after killing wolf he aims a the guy in handcuffs and kills him so.. I told killer that he did kill they guy in cuffs then he wanted another admin and then master-son came and he watched the video and said basically the same thing i said to killer and then i prospered on giving killer the warn for failrp ( @Dropperlemon has the video ) -support Edit: i did listen to you i told you that one of your friends killed the hostage and but it doesn't change the fact that you killed someone in cuffs
  4. but every time the car blows up it makes those lines that's the thing its the car its self not blood decals
  5. my side I Take a sit and assault is saying he was RDA and i said ok and i bring soulness and they both tell me there sides and then i have Corn and then corn came and then had masterson come and masterson listen and said that i can warn him or i you don't have to warn him witch at the time Corn agreed with assault saying that its kinda RDA and about 20min later i put every then together and i warn soulness for rda because i thought that was the bet part of action -support
  6. I need @DropperlemonSide before i +/- Support
  7. -/+ Im going to leave this up to smt good luck Will
  8. Ingame Name: Jay Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:485228212 Job Name: Meeseeks Adding two custom cars that are already in game 1 regerasgm 2 insurgent_toki person who paid: STEAM_0:0:485228212 proof of payment https://ibb.co/FgZctLD
  9. ok so here is me and dropper lemons evidence