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  1. The Man, the Myth, the Winkle You were a friendly, approachable and dedicated member to this department. You left a great impression on me when I first joined and you made a great role model to other folks within our ranks. It is sad to see you go, but as a member of the EMS family, you leave behind a legacy. Stay Classy, Stay Golden, - Adam Wolfe
  2. In-Game Name: Adam Wolfe SteamID (If not available put N/A): STEAM_0:0:22134682 Rank You are Applying For: Lieutenant Current Rank: Supervisory Paramedic How long have you been in your current rank?: One Week How long have you been in EMS?: Two Months What timezone are you in?: EST How many Warns do you have? (Show Proof): 0, Why should you be promoted (150 words minimum): Honestly, I thought long and hard about applying for this position. Originally, I had planned to maintain this rank and possibly leaving the community after some time, due to a few aspects both within and outside of the police RP server. After two weeks of thinking about the current events, being promoted, and working with genuinely nice individuals, I've decided that the only way to change things is to apply for a position that would allow me to do so. While I get that I am not the most liked member of EMS, I hope to become a role model to at least one individual in this department, as well as help make a change to the atmosphere of the community. As I currently work in EMS in the real world, I would like to implement more medical roleplay, scenarios, and education into the community and EMS curriculum. I would also like to offer sit downs, both one on one and group meetings, to any and all members of the community that wish to learn more about EMS and may be interested in pursuing a career in the field. This goes for folks that are interested with both our department and those that wish to pursue a career or help their community in the real world. Ultimately it is up to you, the community and my fellow peers, to decide if I deserve this next step in my time with the department. I hope to better serve my department and community, and if given this opportunity, will strive to make this department and community a more enjoyable experience. Thank you all. Do you agree that Command can remove you, or punish you any way they see fit for any negative actions?: Yes Do you agree that you will attempt to stay active and help in any way?: Yes Do you agree to be professional and mature?: Yes
  3. Name: Adam Wolfe Rank: Paramedic/JFR Would you consider yourself active, semi-active or inactive? Active. Why would you like to stay in the department? Activity, dedication, communication towards improving the department, and in real world experience that I may provide as a tool for the department. Anything EMS can improve on? Activity, mostly in high command in both EMS and FR. Communication when multiple providers are on and community relations. What I mean with this last one is improving upon the roleplay within the community. Instead of us tending to the constant team deathmatch or minging, we work to improve upon the ideals of a more mature and fulfilling experience within the department and the community that it serves.