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  1. NOTE THIS POST IS NOT MEANT FOR DEBATING OR OVER THE LINE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK TOWARDS THE POST OR PLAYERS RESPONDING TO IT. I WOULD RESPECT THE COMMUNITY TO ACT MATURELY AND GIVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM/FEEDBACK ON THE POST. This will also be a pretty lengthy post, mainly because I need to see if the community will actually take the post seriously for everything I’m going to be bringing up. Everything below this message will be based on my own opinion on the topics I’ll be going over. If you have an issue with this post, please talk to me personally and we can talk like grown and mature adults. Now when it comes down to a post like this you’re probably going to ignore it and won’t actually read what I’m going to be talking about. I’m not going over one issue, in fact it’s multiple issues. For those who are encouraged to read this entire post and give constructive feedback. Thank you, is all I would like to say and I will love to communicate with you further not only to recognize the issue we are talking about. It’s to ensure that if these issues can be taken more seriously than players don’t often see them as. I think it’s about time for me to get into the topic itself. There are many great things Gaming Light has to offer, it brings enjoyment to those who want to play the server and have a good time. Although, from a standpoint that people don’t often look at. There are issues that I’d like to bring up. People will tell me, Flame you’re a admin just bring it up to SMT, as much as I want to bring it up to the chain of command, just telling them I feel as if it won’t be enough and I need the community to give feedback based off the issues I’m bringing up. I will go over each topic simply but not too overly simplified to where someone will just straight up ignore it which I’m expecting a lot of the player base to do and respond with a comment or a simple sentence not even giving the feedback I’m expecting. Anyways let’s start with a table of contents. Table Of Contents Part 1: Communication Part 2: Events/Game masters Part 3: Custom Classes Part 4: Lackluster of role play influence Part 1: Communication One major issue in the Gaming Light Imperial Roleplay is the major lackluster of communication with the management team, and the player base itself. What I mean by this is some things aren’t being cleared up properly or being told correctly. People have clearly not been notified properly on what they need to be told. In fact this can go to any kind of scenario that has already happened on server. mislead with some of the unwritten rules on server towards certain jobs, specifically custom classes, where in fact there hardly is any written rules so people will have to go off staff’s word when sometimes it might not be even right. Miscommunication between regiments on what they can and cannot do. Miscommunication between high command and commanders on how to run regiments, (has been getting fixed with new people in charge) These are only examples of the communication we’re having in the server, some coming from our management team that run the server itself. That correlates with staff as well, coming from me as an Admin over my two months on the server with people acting before thinking without any idea that they’ll get into trouble. For example, say if a certain item on the server such as the Star Wars Laser, is a “blacklisted” oh wait I can’t use the word anymore because it has the wrong meaning. I’ll use something else, it’s a “Unusable” weapon because of its destructive power. So later people see someone using the Star Wars laser and it isn’t the owner but that person got permission to use it from someone else such as a Head Game Master+. By that logic they’re using a weapon which is “Unusable” to anyone else but themselves because they’re more capable of using it which really is understandable but can be looked questionable. Which has happened to other players and I will not say the names of said players who got in trouble when the laser itself was being used when over a short course of the “Unusable” weapon has been used multiple times with complaint. My question to you all since this was my first starter topic and there wasn’t too much to go off on about it. If you can provide feedback off this so maybe you can dismantle my points. my information could be corrected if mentioned to me which would be appreciated. Part 2: Events/Game masters Now be aware I’d like to thank the Game master team for working their hardest to provide the events we play on. Although there are slight issues I wanna bring up with the community which I’m sure they’ve been noticing as well. When it comes down to the game masters we have on the server. They’re all working their hardest to ensure we all have a great time playing in events. Although I’ve been watching and partaking in the last few weeks. The events haven't been as much of standouts as before. Let me explain, recently events have taken a slight turn in creativity, this goes off of the game master not always taking the blame but someone ruining their event by just helping them. Actors chosen not by donator rank but in OOC, often GMs will ask in ooc “Need some actors” and usually grab people that often do a good job but on the other hand don’t. Not this argument has been brought up in several meetings and we’ve been told “we can’t just change that, because they donated. We also have a ban list of people we can stop using them as actors. Although this is a okay system, it hasn’t really shown to be efficient. At most only a few players have actually been not allowed to be actors anymore. When we could just make any GM who hasn’t helped in any events or hosted any help one or host one. There should instead be a quota on events helped with and hosted depending on GM’s rank. Unbalanced events: Far too many times have there been few events that have unbalanced characters or issues in the event that causes a lot of players to complain. For one thing that most events don’t even actually try to rp some things out. Such as space battles, or random on ship boarding where rebels are randomly teleport-ed into the hangar, instead of a ship flying inside. Or rebels using weapons that they shouldn’t really be using because it’s nearly impossible to get them or they’re using it for its power to achieve the goal or cause as much damage as possible. Such as the e11d. It’s an issue often ignored and should be mentioned to the team as of right now. Part 3: Custom Classes Now this part will be more in touch in 2 related points that I will be talking about specifically to point out the issues with both points. A brief overview, custom classes are an interesting addition to the server and helps support the community with the player’s own money. Yet for my first point does the class and more or less the people on the class have any restrictions in the server itself? Or to my second point does it have little to no restrictions because they paid to have more fun in the game or do something in the game when other players can't. My second point in more of a conversation that can be taken anywhere obviously hints at the idea of “Pay To Win.” Of course I’m not exclusively saying that the idea of custom classes are a pay to win thing. I’m saying this so you can get the current picture I’ll be painting in your mind of this point I’m making. Custom classes have large advantages in the server that allow them to do such things, like fly, use utilities, sabers, etc. now this can be a good or a bad thing if you look at it from two ways. - Good Way: Provides the server money to keep it running, brings enjoyment to the player and maybe even the class for the players. - Good Way: Can aids regiments in events with certain issues to deal with such as helping star fighters in the air. - Bad Way: Items in the class are often abused and the player in the class use the items to their advantage to only make chaos in the server, such as avoiding arrested using utilities such as the jetpacks, grapple hooks (I understand they’re gone right now), and even ships that some classes can spawn. Even worse they can use their items or entities on players. - Most custom classes don't give an actual RP friendly aspect to the server, some classes either being way too mingy, overpowered, corrected lore wise, or non lore existent. - Bad Way: Custom classes could be stealing priority from the specific roles of the server, this isn’t bias just an example. Clan Inferno and Jar Jars both flying ships during an event while 5 Star fighters are online and capable of flying with priority. Now look at this situation for example, priority. This doesn’t apply to custom classes apparently and only to regiments. This just doesn’t apply to star fighters either, sometimes the job is just stripped from the regiment deserving to handle the situation itself. We’ve had issues with custom classes causing chaos or some issues on the server, which makes it hard for staff. For example, recently the custom class and player on the class named Sith Jar Jar Binks spawned his droid star fighter ship and rammed it into several imperial personnel, then running off. It makes it harder for staff to find out if it was actually RDM because ramming ships into people doesn’t appear in longs. This is only an example of a situation that happened recently. But going off these examples I included let me get to the actual points, starting with my first point mentioned recently. How staff deals with many players on CCs is always warnings or small verbal warnings. This is because usually there really actually isn’t too many restrictions on custom classes. It comes down to rules being placed on them which I'd like to thank Shadow for making a wonderful suggestion on that and you all should check it out at Custom classes have the “safe” capability to do a lot of things on a server, usually whenever. Of course following by the actual server rules, you might say why don’t we treat them like a normal player, and don’t staff have final say? Well yes and no, we can’t stop donors from doing one thing or things because, well they paid for it using their own money. When it comes to issues like players getting killed by custom classes or they’re having a larger advantage than everyone else. It’s becoming so much of a problem that people can say the idea of my 2nd point of “Pay To Win” exists in the server. NOTE THAT THIS INST ME INSULTING THE SMT TEAM OR ANYTHING OF THE SORTS OF THAT, I'M STATING THIS OPINION TO MENTION IT AND RECEIVE CONSTRUCTIONAL FEEDBACK What I mean by this is simply based off of a few details. The idea of pay to win comes off the classes themselves, without any rules or restrictions and how we’re supposed to go off the rule book in case they break any of those rules leaves the unwritten rules to go off with. Having no restrictions to stop any custom class from taking a regiment’s priority because they paid to have such a ability in the server. Using a hit system from Dark RP as an excuse to RDM on the server without any real RP reason and instead people paying to kill other imperial personnel. Such as (clan Inferno, IG 88, and 0-0-0.) Custom classes continuously minging and having to be dealt with by staff constantly with little to no stopping them because they paid for such privileges. With all honesty, Custom classes are a great thing for the server to invest money in and keep it alive but when it gives a complete unfair advantage on the game, enough is enough. Part 4: Lackluster of role play influence One reason as I feel why this won’t be such a huge topic but it’s an issue we kinda need to bring up. Now for starters the event team is constantly improving so this won’t be talked about so much. Yet there is a amount of RP that has lackluster in the server, usually it’s constant minge and just the same regular thing, run and gun, defend ship, interact for small amounts of good rp that just turns into more run and guns. My whole issue with this is just less of an idea of role playing. When there’s time to relax yes and have a downtime but for most days of the week on the server when we hit a constant player count of 50-60 there really isn't something to do for hours on end. Like I said before game masters have been fixing this so there isn't much of an issue right now. Yet the issue is still progressing and still exists and that’s unfortunate to see, now we can’t force RP on everyone or force RP at all. Yet a little change can make a difference without any force if people can consider role play more differently than what they do right now where there hardly is any. These are most of the issues I wanna talk about mainly, other issues I can bring up easily in private but I feel those are the more appropriate ones to bring up without any conflict arising. Again this post was all based on my opinion and things on the server I wanna see changed but I wanna see how the community on Imperial RP sees it, and provide constructional feedback on how they feel on the topics.
  2. You can be shocked of how so many people get away with things
  3. Absolutely +1 To mention more briefly conner is a capable leader, soldier, and a inspiration to look up to in Shock. Give the man the job.
  4. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) and your SteamID SF Vice Marshal Flame 4790 STEAM_0:1:156624244 2. What Regiment are you VCMDR+ in? Star fighter corps 3. Why do you want to stay as a (vice) commander of this branch? Personally why I still wanna remain vice commander of the star fighter corps is for the experience and to continue aiding it, providing a better opportunity to star fighter pilots to enjoy themselves here in the server. it can be a place for them to learn discipline and basic leadership training. Enough to ensure that star fighter remains a serious corps and one willing to work hard to show that hard work. 4. How active are you on the server (include timezone)? I usually play everyday, times I don't play are when I'm dealing with irl issues or playing sports, mainly up to 6-7 hours a day playing on the server 5. What can you do/have you done for your branch? What I can continue to do for my branch is continue providing leadership training for my pilots that can be handed down to player by player and show a more mature serious manner in the battalion. The star fighter corps has developed well in leadership and maturity. It still needs work but it;s something im working into and cracking down on. 6. Why should we trust you to continue being a (vice) commander? Well I haven't done anything wrong as a vice commander so far, and how well star fighter has been preforming when myself or the ex marshal had been running the branch 7. Have you received any strikes on ImperialRP (if so, why)? No warnings or strikes 8. How active would you say your battalion is? Well with members going on and off every now and then we hit a player count of 3-4 a day and with a small roster being watched carefully it's pretty active. 9. What is one thing you think you can improve on as a leader (be specific)? Probably learning how I can be more cooperative with people outside the regiment as showing what a leader should be and what they shouldnt be.
  5. This is just only proving our and my point
  6. clearly we know that SMT and ex SMT can play on it. It's just very abusive to what is given to them. It's like giving a baby a gun in a daycare
  7. The only reason why I would support this is because of how abusive the job is currently and to the players who currently play on it. No offense to them stating a fact.
  8. -1 not as accurate to the original idea and that whole method was in the clone wars. Battalions had regimental pilots during the clone wars but that entirely changed when the empire arrived. Keep it lore friendly and not kill a battalion"s job.
  9. What do you want to see? - The Star wars fusion cutter added to the server for the SF corps and engineering corps. This tool is used to repair damaged ships and it must be required to go into all classes of SF and 31st so there is a huge advantage to the repairs of fighters and vehicles on the server. Not only will the percentage of players requesting new fighters will go down, it will improve RP experience for both battalions in engineering RP and during events when combat with fighters is required. Why should we add it? - I personally think it should be added to ensure that pilots and engineers can get a major boost in RP with this repair tool, and even help star fighters request ships less from GMs. Star fighters have to sit and wait a lot during events for a single ship only to be damaged and shot down maybe just minutes afterwards. To even land and get a new ship takes a bunch of time when this repair tool can repair ANY LFS vehicle. What are the advantages of having this? - My top 3 arguments of why this addon should be added 1. Adds major RP to both SF and engineering corps 2. Lows the count of reports from SFs requesting new ships making things more easier 3. it just makes sense and this tool should have been added when LFS was added to all engineering classes and SF classes Who is it mainly for? - All SF classes and 31st classes Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1700003070
  10. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : SF WCMDR Flame 4790 2. What Regiment are you applying for? The Star Fighter Corps 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? Why I want to become the Vice Commander or what the rank is called in server Vice Marshal. I want to help the star fighter corps like I did with Storm troopers. Flying ships with LFS is amazing and fun for the players who fly them. When it comes down to flying a ship in LFS it not only does it require proper training. The pilots flying them need leadership from command before they can be sent out into combat with ships they could hardly know how to use efficiently or properly. The star fighter corps needs leaders, when it comes down to leadership it's one of the most important things a person needs to learn. With dedication and hard work pilots under trainings led by the CO and if I get vice commander aka Vice Marshal pilots could be more efficient in combat and more responsible to trust and look up to. I want to be Vice marshal of this branch so I may help it and improve it for those who work their way up in the ranks so they may take the leadership positions they could work for. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? My gametime on server is about approaching 2 months, which for most part isnt too much for my activity at least compared to others who have been playing even longer. it's something I could see why I could be held back in an application such as this but my dedication and finally reaching the rank that is equal to Colonel in SF shows how much I accomplished and more importantly relating to the question itself, having spent time playing on the server for the past month approaching 2 months. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose of this position, Commander or Vice Commander, etc. To hold the title they are meant to stand up for. Commanders as a role model and vice commanders who are under them who also are role models for their respected regiment. They help operate and control the regiment, giving them daily tasks, improving or offering new changes to the regiment that can either improve or drastically change the regiment as a whole for the future generations of the regiment itself. To hold the title of these positions of High command of a regiment itself takes huge responsibility and requires the responsible people to run and operate the regiment alongside their comrades within it. It's their goal to ensure that their regiment is running well, alive, and most importantly upholding the title the regiment was gifted for when they first uphold the regiment. It's the commander/vice commander's job to do all of it, to make it also super enjoyable for the players. That's what this main purpose is for any high command role of the regiment weather it be vice commander and the commander. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I feel as of why I should be trusted for this position is mainly due to my experience in the server in operations of leading and how maintaining a regiment can be a breeze. Though my experience in leadership and running regiments is a huge trait to offer in a position such as Vice Marshal, my dedication would be required and such task is something I'm willing to work with to ensure I'm capable of handling the position itself. My past roles on server have shown my work effort, especially in ST where I worked for the Vice Commander position. Now I feel as one way this application may be shut down is because I not too recently had stepped down from my position from Vice Commander of the Storm troopers, well to explain this is for a few reason. The 1st being my time with ST was just coming to a close, 2nd being my activity at the time was becoming more difficult to manage and I figured over the next few weeks I would be holding a spot because I would have been super inactive. I feel that will hold me back within SF for the reason of this application being denied, but I have worked things out IRL with my job and social life to ensure that the same situation does not occur once more. Besides all of this is why I ask to work with SF now to be their Vice Marshal. 7. How often can you be Online? : Well right now my activity can be difficult at times, with being things just mainly related to IRL. Though days im free and they change around daily I can play up to at most 12 hours in a day depending if I have work or not or even school on weekdays which those can go up to 6-7 hours a day. Other days i'll be doing things such as sports because I play 2 sports, or spending time with family. Otherwise I can usually be one everyday. 8. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : From what I know I really don't have any warnings, this just comes to show I avoid breaking server rules.
  11. .In-game name: SF WCMDR Flame 4790 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:156624244 Current RP rank on StarWarsRP: RP Rank WCMDR in SF Have you donated to the server?: No Have you been banned on any GL server before?: No, I haven't been banned on any GL server at all. At least the ones I played on such as SCP and Imperial Have you received any warnings (please give reasons if applicable)?: I have no warnings that we're given to me How much time do you have on the server?: About almost 2 months at most. That's really how long I've been playing on the server. How well do you know the LORE? Explain: Well to start off the basic lore I'm going to follow the guidelines towards the movies and actual comic books. Starting off with the beginning, after Order 66 was executed and the jedi slowly began to be exterminated throughout the galaxy. It was the official rise to the empire, with Emperor Palpatine taking command. Alongside him Darth Vader his upcoming new apprentice as a sith lord. Veryone knows the fall of Anakin Skywalker and the rise of Darth vader as anakin was far too weak and had fallen to the dark side with his anger clouding his light thoughts. Vader had a new start in this empire, with his new menacing suit that keeps him alive, he was first introduced to the imperial army after a few months of the empire starting, and the clones no longer being made and replaced with actual humans. Vader was cruel and had a passion for killing jedi, the events continue on later in the story, with luke skywalker and his gang of princess lea, han solo, chewie, R2 and C3PO and the rebel alliance they take out the death star a super weapon made by the empire the 1st time, then a 2nd time later. So knowing the lore it's like pretty big, for me I'd say on a scale from 1-10 I know about 9/10 of the lore Why do you WANT to become a Gamemaster?: Well I used to be a GM on another server, during this time I had a passion for roleplay and I still do, it's fun, enjoyable. It's something that can bring enjoyment to everyone when it can sometimes be a pain. It can bring so much quality to the events we have on server. Onship or offship they can be great, I want to become a gamemaster to help the team and make it grow into something bigger and make events more frequent. Roleplay is something I wanna be working in again and GM is one way to do it. Why should you be trusted to be a Game Master?: I feel why I should be trusted as a gamemaster is my dedicated work in the server. When it comes to ULX and my experience using that and having experience being a GM. I can be trusted enough to ensure how to teach and preform the tasks that are provided to me without disobedience. Gamemaster is a huge and a role with major responsibility and one that has to be trusted with players willing to handle the responsibility, I feel as if handing this down to me would be a efficient choice as I won't break the guidelines that are instructed to me and handle it maturely. Are you familiar/experiences with ULX?: Yes I completely am aware of ULX commands and functions Are you experienced with being a Game Master and how they function?: Well I was a gamemaster on a few other servers and they might run it differently compared to how they run it here. Yet the daily tasks is to ensure events and roleplay is offered to the players by the gamemasters in the servers. Give a brief example of an on-ship event, as well as an example of an off-ship event: OFFSHIP: Planetary Assault operation led by a ground assault team, summing it up, imperial command had intercepted a transmission from a larger rebel fleet meeting up with a second fleet and their plans to assault imperial controlled sectors within the outer core. On orders of imperial command an assault would be taking place, leading the troopers on ground into the forest of the planet the rebels we're hiding on. By assaulting through the forest the troopers will be able to encounter many rebels they would have been ordered to execute on sight. Then continue to capture any rebel high command that surrendered. The primary object described to the troopers is to prevent the fleets from regrouping. The ISB and a secondary fleet in space (RP wise while the troops are on ground) would handle the smaller rebel group on the planet, while the fleet handled the enemy above ground. To prevent any rebel transports from aiding the smaller rebel group the troopers hold their position till the planet sector is clear. ONSHIP: A basic onship event would just be your standardize space assault. Which you actually don't see often instead of the rebel fleet always attacking us first the imperial fleet takes on the rebel fleets in the area. The mission goes off simply, orders from imperial command have advised that a rebel fleet that had recently left a outer core sector from a recent battle was making a break for escape. The orders were to intercept the fleet and take it down before they could seek refuge in another area of the galaxy to only have to face them another day. Troopers would have to defend their ship as the rebels would do anything to spare their massive NON OFFENSIVE cruisers. Do you know how to give a weapon/SWEP to yourself/someone? (Give an example): Well there's two ways to do this, You can use the tool gun by going into Q menu finding the weapon then right clicking then click spawn with toolgun. Then taking out the tool gun by looking at your own feet or someone else's feet just left click once and the weapon spawns in for them or yourself. The second way to do it is just following the same steps only one major difference. By going into the Q menu and hovering your mouse over the weapon then right clicking then clicking copy weapon ID. You now have the ID of the weapon copied and ready to paste. You would open chat and then type either, for yourself you would type !give (Weapon ID) Flame. Example would be like this (!give tfa_dt12 Flame) to give it to another player is just the same thing. !Give tfa_dt12 Gingie Do you know how to model yourself/someone? (Give an example): Yes the model command is pretty simple, to model someone you would have to go into the Q menu then look into the flies of addons down below, look for a model then copy the model ID by right clicking on the model then copying the ID. To give it to another player or yourself, all you would simply type is (!model models/player/98th_regiment/b_battalion/commanding_officer.mdl Flame) or to another player (!model models/player/98th_regiment/b_battalion/commanding_officer.mdl Gingie) Have you read the Gamemaster Guidelines?: Yes I have read the guidelines and intend to follow them.