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  1. Name: Security FTO RCF XO 1LT Flame Security Rank: 1LT FTO Rank: FTO Why should you keep your rank?: N/A Any notes or questions?: No
  2. Ok I'm just gonna point out a few flaws in your agurment. For starters, it is 90% of the time SCPs, that 10% can be CI and or D class personnel both make up 5% each. Gives you 10% of that against the 90% of the SCPs who do it. Its rare to see a d class return to d block only to get killed. Second they're not breaking any RP in any shape or way. Yet using the d block hallway to camp in it for d class to run through. 1048 and 066 are perfect examples. Now If you were 1048 and had nobody to RP with because research could not be doing their job. Where would you go, HCZ? Just only to be brought back to LCZ by MTF. Its a fact that nearly half of 1048 and 066s will camp outside the d block door waiting for an excuse to scream or for someone to say eric. You're arugment that it isnt always SCPs fault isnt correct l If you have ever been on the security job for a few hours you'd 100% notice SCPs caming d block door to get RP which they reslly cant RP with security who are 90% of the time in D block. Also what are you on about by going through the door, any SCP that isn't 999, 912, 131 A and B, 527, and 343 are allowed in d block. Who cares, im talking about SCPs who are suppose to not be within d block who FOR A FACT. Do camp outside d block for a interaction and an excuse to get shot or say eric or to kill. Do you think they're going to listen to us too. They don't clearly otherwise i wouldnt be making this suggestion. Well thanks for your argument, just shared some of my counter arguments.
  3. He will have to gain the knife from the armoy so it isnt instantly in his class.
  4. What you want to see? - For a long time as a member of security I've taken the notice of the rules, especially the SCP rules. Now in most general occasions SCPs cannot enter d block, yet for them to camp outside of it is somewhat a different story. Now SCPs such as 1048, 066, and other SCPs sometimes camp outside the d block door. For example SCP-1048, now a lot of them try to follow the RP aspect of 1048, being friendly wanting a hug, wanting to RP. Yet it's different compared to how many of SCP-1048s and 066s camp outside the d block door waiting for someone to say eric or even get shoot as an excuse to scream or cause damage or players. I don't wanna see this happening anymore because it's just a loop hole into the certain SCPS restricted from going into D block. It's often happening and i'd like it to stop. Why should we add it? - Well it's completely unfair for a lot of people inside d block, and it helps d class escape more often which is more unfair for security when SCPs continue to open the d block door standing outside it fr a while. Restricting this would make it more fair on both ends as nobody would be abusing the SCPs that are unable to enter d block rule. My idea is to make that hallway to d block inaccessible to SCPs not allowed inside, or enforce the rule more. What are the advantages of having this? - Mainly complaints of those SCPs trying to get into d block Who is it mainly for? - SCPs that are unable to go into d block Links to any content - N/A
  5. Researchers are legitimately not allowed to test on 106 without 05 clearance, kinda the same with 096 because of the vulnerability there is to breaching
  6. So since this is kinda two suggestions to bring back an SCP im gonna use both formats. What you want to see? - I dislike the idea how SCP-1048 is currently able to scream by himself. According to his wiki and bio, SCP-1048 is unable to speak or refuses too. It communicates through gestures of body langauge or drawing. The fact that SCP-1048 on our server is considered safe which is fine for him to roam around. Yet it doesn't make sense how he screams alone that turns him into a keter class SCP, not really how that works bte. Which is why I reccomend we add SCP-1048-A into the server. Why should we add it? - It provides a more logical idea of 1048's original purpose and more lore and rp friendly accurate approach to the SCP itself. It only became a keter class SCP due to SCP-1048's ability to create living replicas of himself made of human ears. What are the advantages of having this? - The biggest disadvantage I could see from this is the screaming swep being removed from 1048 itself and being attached to SCP-1048-A. NOW there is an entire system I have developed from prior servers and this server that Ive made which ill explain soon. Who is it mainly for? - SCP-1048 really but it would be to move his swep to SCP-1048-A. Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=963664238 Post name: “SCP’s Name - Suggestion” SCP 1048-A 1. Name of the SCP you would like added: SCP-1048-A 2. Link(s) to playermodels: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=963664238 3. Link(s) to sweps: The swep is on server, just move it to SCP-1048-A 4. How much health/armor do you think it should have? Same HP as SCP-1048, no armor due to the fact that 1048-A is made of human flesh aka their ears and can be easily killed from gunfire. 5. Why should we add this SCP? Well currently SCP-1048 on our server is considered a "Safe" clads SCP until it screams. There is an is issue with that because according to the bio and wiki SCP-1048 is allowed to roam Site 24, which he is allowed here thats fine. He became a keter class SCP from a situation to the site where SCP-1048-A was spotted, made of human ear flesh by SCP-1048. After a containment team moved in, it scared SCP-1048-A and it produced a high pitch scream that killed security personel in 10 meters. In no way according to the wiki and lore can SCP-1048 itself can talk. Only uses gestures of body language or drawings. So my question is, why is he able to scream on server when its be data recorded that SCP-1048-A was only able to produce such a high pitched scream to kill those who were in 10 meters of it. 6. Basic summary of the SCP: SCP-1048-A is a flesh ear bear made of couree by human ears and brought to life my SCP-1048. The bear os an exact replica of 1048 in size but made of human ears collected by 1048. SCP-1048-A has the ability to create high pitched screams that kills those who within 10 meters of SCP-1048-A. 7. Extra information: I made a easy at the same time a very sophisticated system for 1048 and 1048-A. Now this class can be for everyone to play but can only play the class when 1048 adverts that he has the ears to build SCP-1048-A. For one 1048 must take human flesh ears in irder to build 1048-A. He needs to take ears using a kinfe that he can RP steal from armory or im a encounter with someone that has a knife. Second 1048 can attempt to take ears using /me's. Approaching anyone with his knife out he can simply type. /me would try to take your left ear using the knife. Obviously you'd roll, security would then have a reason to move 1048 to a temporary containment till trusted again to roam, of course the knife will be confiscated so 1048 will need to try to steel a new one. Reasons for 1048 to build 1048-A mainly because he wants to have a close friend. Third 1048 cannot just go on a simple /me taked your ears streak. Every time 1048 steals a certain amount of ears he'll advert how many ears he has in his possession. An example would be. /advert 3/24 ears collected for ear bear. He needs a certain amount to build SCP-1048-A. I reccomend the amount would be 24-30 a decent amount to build a bear made of ears. 4th, once 1048 has collected all his ears. He can build 1048-A. 1048 must always advert. /Advert 24/24 EARS COLLECTED, BUILDING EAR BEAR. 1048-A MAY ONLY FLAG UP WHEN THIS ADVERT IS MADE. This lets us know that 1048 has been adverting and RP stealing ears so 1048-A flags up out of nowhere. It provides a challenge for this SCP and gives a different RP aspect of it. This also provides a better reason for keter call because 1048 itself can't really do much harm but when 1048-A is in the facility it can, security must be taught how to deal with 1048-A, usually its KOS if spotted, and or if possible contain it. This is a waaay better chance for 1048 players so they don't camp D block waiting for an excuse to scream. It also gives a better rp opportunity for the 1048 here in the facility. The scream swep. 3 things. One remove it from 1048, add it to 1048-A. Two, increase the damage on the swep for a good rp reason, increase the cooldown of what it is now by 3 more minutes. Three: The swep can only be used when 1048-A is threatened, scared, injured, or if 1048 is scared, injured, or threatened. This post is for feedback and a more friendly rp experience for 1048. Feedback or additional support would be appreciated.
  7. Name (What it is on the Roster): Security FTO XRCF MSGT Flame SteamID: STEAM_0:1:156624244 What server is your activity majority based on (EU or US)? US How is your activity in Gensec (Good, poor, ect): Good (On usually everyday) Why should you retain your current Rank? (WO+ 150+ Words): N/A
  8. +1 Support Cyrolast has been working hard for a position like this, he's dedicated to the job, provides an example for security to look up at too as role model in the security force. Not only is he dedicated he aids those who need assistance and teaching, he helps those people who learn the rights and wrongs and gives those security a chance to work for something higher in the security force. He's mature for the position and has been a member of the security force for a long time, overall I support him for this position, he'd definitely be fit for the job.