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  1. +support Active Mature Well Respected Handles himself well Nice
  2. +/- support Good to have it for the trainings, -support cause its not really a waste of staffs time, its our job. personally whitelistings are kinda cool cause I meet new people getting trained and what not
  3. +support Diversity in skins is fun
  4. Connor.


    +support if no lag would be pretty fun
  5. and hasn't there been like multiple staff reports on him
  6. +Support He didn't know it killed people and was trying to get peoples attention, he didn't have bad intentions and a sit should've been made, We all know smoke wouldn't do that on purpose and frankly its absurd to not make a sit anyways
  7. Connor.

    My warns

    If this is about Dawson it’s a lie and it actually was him the shown time so o
  8. +support It’s rlly not that deep he came off as disrespectful and didn’t mean it He isn’t a minge hence why he’s SF commander he would be a good staff member