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  1. Ok its settled no ways to be arrested you can deny the app suggestion i guess
  2. echo you have tried out this exact mod ? I have played on gaming light before this weed mod was even released whatever sorry for commenting again i think its a good idea so does so many other people but if you don't like it then im just gonna stop.
  3. Your In-Game Name: LCPL William 1B56 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:162944892 Staff member's In-Game Name: Phenix What did they do? They warned me for following orders from higher ups. I radioed in that we have a 10-32 (armed suspect) and everyone in radio they all said take him down, kill him, shoot him. So i followed orders. 2 minutes later I get pulled by this mod and gets warned because I listened to higher ups literally CERT Taco was there and he told me to shoot and taze and arrest. Same with everyone else. Now I know no ones gonna belive me due to favoritism because all i have is a picture and no recorded evidence because I suspect that all "admins" should obey and know how to do their job but, obviously I was wrong. Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you think is an acceptable punishment? Demotion on phenix's part he minges sometimes as well out of this. Or a warn he deserves something.
  4. yeah probably well congrats anyways
  5. Listen though this isnt my app but i support it and this isnt lean at all its a weed mod that has a thing that dosent cause much lag what so ever Its the best weed mod on the market as of now and holdeeeen said he would pay for it. Honestly if its not original and already have been said it means so many people want and like it.
  6. I 100% agree with this. Just think of it. Imagine growing weed having to refill water and gas. Having to dry your own weed. Pack your own weed, however high level of THC you can make it. Imagine robbing the bank and going back to your house and making the best doobys. That would be soooo fun. +SUPPORT
  7. calamity this addon is soo fun i dont know if you tried it but its amazing can you atleast give it a chance
  8. +support idea is amazing and i 100% agree with this
  9. -support He is a minge and should stay banned if he had bad attitude he needs to learn
  10. -support too many warns not a good person minges to much doesn't have a good attitude
  11. +support (I don’t know if a user is aloud to comment in these but I have stuff to say about hunt) I would say hunt should get demoted he has 100% minged, failrped etc... I would honestly say he needs to chill out on the abusive stuff he does and I think giving him a demotion would put him back into his place as a staff member and as well as being a good one. William RockCity,