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    This is very good *insert emperor palpatine voice* very good
  2. I joined because I always thought it was cool and they are also like a secondary family
  3. That's why I said that IF they could handle 3 lives they should be allowed to
  4. What you want to see?- Instead of a 2 life rule I would like to see a 3 life rule (Yes I know it's been talked about Why should we add it?- I feel that if people could handle 3 lives they should be allowed to (not 4 because 4 is a bit insane) What are the advantages of having this?- The advantages of this is that if people like the two branches they are in and want to join a third since the the life rule now limits them to two lives they are unable to have a third and if they want a third life people should be able to create one as long as they can handle it so if someone wanted to be CI Gensec and research as long as they can handle it so they can stay or be in their favorite branches Who is it mainly for? Everyone Content links: None (sorry if its required) Other notes: I understand that this may have been discussed before but I would like if this was read over and thank you for taking the time to read this and possibly discuss it
  5. +support I feel as though it would be a lot of fun to do and or attempt
  6. Hello to all those reading CI PFC Wolf XX4 here I have been thinking about resigning for almost a week now due to the fact of me Being in Epsilon 11 and CI and it is really hard for me to be in both branches since 1 causes the other to enter and I would rather be in something else, I may rejoin CI if they add a 3rd life rule or something but until then I will check out other branches or areas Some notes: Orange I've watched you go from a SGT to the CMDR of CI and I'm pretty damn proud to have watched it happen whether I was E11, SCP or D class I always was watching you grow high in rank and I hope that you continue to grow, Jack I knew you as an E11 and now a CI but god damn 12 raids in one day bruh you gotta chillax, DahDah I have 2 word for you: Take control lol, mutombo you and low command are cool I had fun raiding with everyone this is wolf Signing out.....*End Log*
  7. Name: Wolf Rank: PFC Callsign: XX4 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 7/27/19 - 8/3/19 (now 8/8 due to father forcing me to take time off games) Reason (if private write N/A): I need a break from CI and another thing I'm keeping private I'm extending this due to my father saying I'm taking time off video games