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  1. Bog

    the boggining

    waddup shlimes
  2. Bog

    Goodbye family :)

    This really means a lot. I have made insane amount of friends and I just wanted to be the best I could be. Much love to you gh0pit ? Thank you bro. Youre the best commander no cap
  3. Bog

    Goodbye family :)

    It's sad to say but I have resigned from Command in Epsilon-11. You guys are some of my favorite friends I have ever had and I wouldn't have spent my nights doing anything else. A couple of shoutouts for my friends. Blackstone: Words can't explain what you did for me. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you, you gave me a chance in HFTO and that gave me a way to prove my self in a big way. You're an amazing commander and there would be no one else I would rather have in E11. Jakub: I'll never forget what you told me when I was an SSGT. "Get out of command spawn or you're getting fucking demoted". Also, a classic is "Don't fucking talk over me" You're the longest active E11. Tick: You're E11's dad, enuf said. Also, keep grinding with your heavyweight championship title Deaf Mike: This man is a living legend. Love you bro Also shout out to my old gone friends, Hang and Sith. There are so many more and I don't have enough time or words to truly communicate to you guys how much I love you.
  4. +support, Ive seen you on and I think you would be a fine addition to the team.
  5. Bog

    8 Months with SCP-RP

    ive been on the server for about 4 months
  6. +Support He is a hard worker Created countless documents, sheets, and important changes for E11 Well Respected in the Community Active Trust worthy He goes out of his way to assist people A great mentor and command He has so much experience Always listens and knows how to lead. He is more than qualified for this position
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