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  1. Was told to make another forum about this. I previously made a forum about it, and was wondering if there is any kind of issue? Or if my order is backed up for some odd reason. But please let me know. If it's something personal that's causing the order to be delayed, then by all means take your time on whatever it is.
  2. +SUPPORT Heck yeahhhh /act RND roleplay
  3. I think my post got accepted on the 8th and was told to make a post about it since it was a while. Just wanted to know if it was forgotten, or if there is a queue of some kind and other CCs are being added before it. Or if it’s something else. Just wanted to know what was going on, but please take your time.
  4. +support -Great guy -Very active -Good server ranks -Knows what he’s doing
  5. Thank you for the tips and suggestions! : D I’m always looking to improve on my logs!
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