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  1. Any unauthorized personnel viewing this file will be terminated. Please put in administrator credentials below. Welcome, authorized personnel. Begin log. - Dr. Fritz. A D-class was placed inside 096's chambers to "hug" 096, as of the orders of DoRS. only sonar and laser based video feeds remain on. Although d-class did not look at 096, 096 began to attack him. D-9013 Confirmed dead. Another D-Class was put in to his chambers to attack 096. He fought for 20 minutes, damaging 096. 096 kills D-Class. D-1023 Confirmed dead.
  2. WARNING. LEVEL 3 PERSONNEL + ONLY. PUT IN CREDENTIALS BELOW. Adminstrator Credential : Welcome Authorized personnel. Dr Fritz (A.K.A HCZ Assistant Research Manager Fritz) Termination. File: Note : Credentials will be required again due to the safety of this file.
  3. Finally, an application for LCZ command. Thank you. +support
  4. Hm. I mean, it's nice, but the whole "enforcing the rules" thing won't work, probably. You can't stop mingers sadly. Your experience is a little low. i'll be at +/- until I get to know more about you.
  5. Visio Visions as in hyperventilation if-you-will. I mean, 682 is this "crazy" being and stuff. Also, that's my steam id. Also, this occurs AFTER he wakes up from the sedations. If he woke up in a rage state, then chances are he'd try and escape.
  7. You just put a lil too much, I was just jokin with ye
  8. Hm. Toxic, this is a little hard. Let's see. Been in research for at least a month: Check, kinda. Hard working: Check. Nice: Check. Hm. I think you'd make a good HCZ Research manager! +support
  9. Here's my attempt at an event team application: Name: Dr FritzWhat is your ULX Rank?: Bronze How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? Probably 7-8? I’m in to most of the SCP’s, even some strange ones, like 3008. I could drone on for hours about this, but i won’t for the sake of your sanity. Do you have any experience as a GM or event planner in the past : I usually do events in Grand Theft Auto Five’s FiveM mod, if that counts. Other than that, not really. But i think i have a good enough imagination for it. How Active are you?: 4-5 hours at MOST on a weekend, Not often on the weekdays, 2 hours at most. How many warns do you have?: None, i don’t think so. Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words): I love to create little stories in these games. It’s what shapes the RP! What’s the purpose of a server (in a video game in which you can do whatever you want with the limitless workshop) where you have to sit down and do the same tests as a researcher, gun down D-class as a security officer, or just do pretty much nothing really entertaining, when you could start a whole damn breach with SCP 682 roaming the facility as you hear the alarm go off, declaring the detonation of the Omega warhead, as MTF squads sweep the area and evacuate everyone, watching out for the Chaos insurgency, who are scrambling out of the facility, as your hear the rotor blades of ospreys and apaches evacuating personnel and patrolling the surface? If everyone cooperates, which usually happens in a server event, it’s like you’re in an action movie. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better): SCP 096 and 682 are battling each other, as 682 begins to get reckless and security call off the operation, as 096 is blindfolded and 682 is administered heavy sedations. However, personnel seem to see visions of 682 roaming outside the facility, as the power snaps out, and 682 is confirmed to have breached. Defcon 2 is declared as Chaos Insurgency can supposedly let out 106 and 096 (depending if the Chaos Insurgency cooperate or not, otherwise you could just let them out via noclip) as Defcon 1 is declared, and the Omega Warhead is to be activated in a minute and 30. After the time passes up, UH-60s and apaches may be dispatched to the surface, piloted by skilled volunteers. After a minute and 30, the Omega Warhead detonation sequence is activated for ninety seconds. After it detonates, the event will be over, and another event may be started. What is your favorite SCP? Why?: This one’s a little difficult. SCP 001 “The Gate Guardian” AKA Doctor Clef’s proposal (SEE HERE: It’s truly an amazing story . And because of the fact that I’m christian, the story is EVEN better for me. steam id: 76561198084190699 Notes: I've tried to make a "Foundation Air Patrol" Thing that Mike, the previous manager, if anyone remembers him, started up a while back. I told an admin (Forgot who) and they said they'd try to get something like that in. It'd be neat to do more air-related things. I've never heard from that admin though. Edit: Wait a second, it was th3 I think.
  11. I mean it's good, but i'm not sure if you really saw the "100 word minimum" thing, but I kinda have to agree with ghost. I think you'd make an expert HCZ assistant manager. + support for HCZ assistant manager, but -support for HCZ manager. Sorry bro. :/