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  1. Hello everyone, I'll like to announce my resignation from research (and pretty much from gaminglight). Although i have good memories with friends of mine, I've never been able to re-experience it. I'd like to thank those who lifted me in their arms. Almost ALL of my friends in research are gone. I hope those that I helped climb up the ranks and become command one day. Good luck to my replacement. I'll be active on the discord though. I won't be gone for good. This is Fritz, Signin' out. Goodbye, good luck, and god speed.
  2. Why tho ; ( this is worse than Razonix or Quacky… Well, ride on. Enjoy, and don't let anything stop you. God speed you magnificent bastard. -HCZ "Manager" Fritz
  3. CONFIDENTIAL! ALL UNATHOURIZED PERSONNEL VIEWING THIS FILE WILL BE ARRESTED AND/OR TERMINATED. LEVEL 3 CLEARANCE REQUIRED TO VIEW. Insert credentials Below. Welcome authorized personnel. Begin log. Personnel Involved: Foundation Doctor Corner, HCZ Parttime/Assisstant Manager Fritz, Deputy Head Of Research Toxic, MTF Units Nu7, [REDACTED]. Crosstest: Involving 682 and all 939 entities. Goal: To terminate as many SCP 939 entities and/or terminate 682. Incident Log. Log for Dr Fritz. I've had the idea to do this lately. I've gathered everyone and i've gotten permission from director of research and security. I'm ready to do this. MTF Unit [REDACTED] is bringing 939's as we speak. roughly 5 minutes later We're throwing in the 939 entities. 682 is tranqualized. For now. 10 minutes go by There it is! They're fighting! All of the 939's are swarming 682! It looks a little insane! Bight sounds are heard A roar is heard, and a much louder bight sound occurs. Woah! one 939 just flew down and hit the wall! he's dead! 30 minutes go by 939's begin to damage 682 too much. He cannot regenerate. 682 dies. New object class: Presumed Neuatralized. End log.
  4. +Support Neat. Friendly Knows what he's doing
  5. Name: Fritz SteamID: STEAM_0:1:61962485 What is your ULX Rank?: Bronze How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): 8-9 really. Do you have any experience as a GM or event planner in the past (If so, explain l): Not Garry's mod. Well, sort of. I've been doing a lot of events in the research community (Large tests, meetings, etc.) How Active are you?: Very active. I'll usually post an LOA here and there but not often. How many warns do you have?: One. Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words)?: Well, I think it'd be fun to sort out these events. I mean, it's good to have events often to divert from your daily routine as any branch. Except those "Coffee events", those make Zero sense. Things like deathmatch, or I've seen mariokart recently (I dunno why) breach events, etc. However, I think it'd always be fun to be apart of a community that manually helps the server out. It's always a good feeling to get newer players to join from something YOU did yourself! I think I'd be able to make a few events. I've got PLENTY of ideas regarding MULTIPLE subjects. There's some that are security, research, d-class, or server-wide related. I've got a little experience in this server with events (Again, in research) and it'd be nice to cook up some good events, some of these could be different, like, aircraft related stuff. Well, I think that's all I got for this spot, let's move on. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better): There are multiple events I've came up with. In my previous apps I kept putting some generic ones. I think I can make some newer ones. The Foundation Secrecy has breached! It is unknown by who! Multiple Non-Foundation Personnel that are armed (Possibly NATO or terrorists or something) are attempting to get in! CI are beginning to assist and let them in. Defcon 3 is immediately declared as MTF scramble. The force is too strong for MTF to handle and they get in. The CI may decide what to do (Kill Foundation Personnel, let out SCP'S, ETC.) The civilians take Site Administration hostage, and begin to make demands to the foundation. CI Then may release an SCP or two. Roles: Researchers: Must evac at ALL costs. GENSEC: Must assist researchers or attempt to handle the situation (NOT BY SHOOTING) MTF: Attempt to handle the situation! D-Class: Take the time to escape! The situation will then unfold without any influence. What is your favorite SCP? Why? Hm. 001 (Dr Clef's proposal) Or maybe.. 2000? They're both neat. 2000 is a weird thing to think about, and that version of 001 is REALLY neat.
  6. Name on roster: Fritz Rank on roster: Security Officer How active are you: Very, i'm apart of research command aswell. What can Security improve on? I dunno. I've been in for about a week. Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) Well, it's not too hard to do security. I also play NTF, so I have a basic idea of what to do during emergency situations and the protocols for lockdowns and others.
  7. Any unauthorized personnel viewing this file will be terminated. Please put in administrator credentials below. Welcome, authorized personnel. Begin log. - Dr. Fritz. A D-class was placed inside 096's chambers to "hug" 096, as of the orders of DoRS. only sonar and laser based video feeds remain on. Although d-class did not look at 096, 096 began to attack him. D-9013 Confirmed dead. Another D-Class was put in to his chambers to attack 096. He fought for 20 minutes, damaging 096. 096 kills D-Class. D-1023 Confirmed dead.
  8. WARNING. LEVEL 3 PERSONNEL + ONLY. PUT IN CREDENTIALS BELOW. Adminstrator Credential : Welcome Authorized personnel. Dr Fritz (A.K.A HCZ Assistant Research Manager Fritz) Termination. File: Note : Credentials will be required again due to the safety of this file.
  9. Finally, an application for LCZ command. Thank you. +support
  10. Yeah, of course, that's good.
  11. Hm. I mean, it's nice, but the whole "enforcing the rules" thing won't work, probably. You can't stop mingers sadly. Your experience is a little low. i'll be at +/- until I get to know more about you.
  12. Visio Visions as in hyperventilation if-you-will. I mean, 682 is this "crazy" being and stuff. Also, that's my steam id. Also, this occurs AFTER he wakes up from the sedations. If he woke up in a rage state, then chances are he'd try and escape.