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  1. i hate to see you go i had hope for research under your wing but i hope you take those wings and soar
  2. i hate to say this but i am resigning this will be quiet and most likely unnoticed only noticed by research. first thing i want to say is it has been a great time in this branch i have done my best but i cant keep going. a large reason is i feal un accomplished in research like i dont get even the slightest respect from other branches for example many MTF or security are on and i ask for an escort or for something simple and im ignored. im also leaving cause of the sheer repetition of daily server life you test walk around hop on dclass hop on SCP or you try to test and D class kill you or another player hops on the SCP and goes out of there way to mess up the test im done with this i will make an aperance here and there i guess ill actually minge for once in a while as a note to those in reserch i ask you to stick with it as yall are in a tuff spot right now this is potato aka DR Everett king giving my 48 hour
  3. id say put armour for HC to 100 and insted of 150 HP on the Hazardous Material Specialist it shold be 200 and if you want them closer to MTF give them like a shotgun or sub machine gun
  4. FORMAT Name (In-Game/Discord): potato / Everett king Rank (In-Game): foundation doctor SteamID: i dont kave that at the moment How active are you?: i try to be on every day but life is always hectic Concerns?: our HOR is not able to do anything and has not for a month or 2 and the D class riots are too much and too long
  5. May i please be given the discord
  6. What you want to see? - i think the cool-down of promotions shod be lowerd with enlisted being able to be promoted at any time untill NCO and at NCO you are able to be promoted once a day until officer where you can be promoted one a week and at at staff officers its commands discretion Why should we add it? - i have noticed a large drop in players because 1 there are very few high ranking members of branches to recruit new players and 2 if a new player gets in to the branch it takes a long time for a promotion which leads to reason 1 NO OFFICERS What are the advantages of having this? - i think this will help the player base alot and make more players stay also help branches stay alive Who is it mainly for? - axis and allies Links to any content - none
  7. Name: potato Identification (SteamID):cant im on mobile Current Rank: member Do you wish to stay on the Team: yes Can you stay active throughout the summer season: yes but att somepoint i will go on aan loa for 2 weeks
  8. Ok this may come to a shock to many but im givving a +suport to walrus he may minge and has bad grammer but i let that slide unless he dose somthing realy bad and i think letting him in the event team wold help him minge less. if you disagree with this opinion or want to know why i let it slide just msg me on the fourms or discord
  9. Name: Potatotardis SteamID: STEAM_0:0:175677163 (i think this is it) What is your ULX Rank?: none How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): 8 because i dont know as much as i want to Do you have any experience as a GM or event planner in the past (If so, explain lt): i used to be an admin on icefuse and while an admin for the JVS server i was part of the game master team and got GM of the week my first week being an event team member How Active are you?: i am on almost everyday How many warns do you have?: 1 (that is from when i did not relay know the 106 rules) Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words)?: I used to be a member of the staff team for a JVS server in the icefuse networks I was staff for about 5 months ever since I quit staffing I sort of missed being a staff member and even though I told myself I would stay away from staffing altogether looking at the events right now I see the need for more RP heavy events. I feel like my old staffing duty calls and I want to come back to staffing on Gmod servers. I think I should be allowed to join the event team because I have experience from being in the icefuse event team, I was part of the event team on icefuse for only a week but in that week I did 5 or 6 events of decent quality and 4 of those where in 1 day. during my time as a member of there event team, I got Game master of the week which was impressive for it being my first week as a full Game master. Overall i think my experience in the Icefuse GM team will show if i am let in to the SCP RP event team Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better): Name of event- meeting with the SPC needed players- around 10 players to have 1 SPC leader 2 engineers 1 SPC/SCP expert and 6 guards list of weapons and skins -the leader gets a pistol,SMG ,medkit and a surfer looking skin . engineers get a wrench ,medkit , duel Berta's and a since skin .expert gets a tranq ,P90 and look like a CI class the guards all get Tommy guns, keypad crackers ,lugers and look like the D Class Bots(the custom class) all players will get 500 HP and 200 Armour the SPC is holding a specimen of 939 and the foundation is trying to bargen for it before the SPC "sharkafy" it but little do they know its changed to be able to see and can swim extremely fast.The SPC will enter the facility and talk to the foundation about trading for it back, if the foundation succeed in this i will have all the SPC members leave and bring the modified 939(me) and be dismissed but before that happens the 939 will escape kill the SPC members and attack the foundation members.if negotiations fail the SPC will fight the foundation and team up with CI letting lose 939 on the foundation and raiding a bit of lore- the SPC are a group called the "shark punching center" who are known to modify SCPs and make them be able to punch sharks better than before. i think the SPC is funny that why i want to do an event about them and i have not seen a SPC event at all What is your favorite SCP? Why? SCP 953 .I have 2 reasons I like this SCP 1, to be honest, this is the most anime girl SCP I have seen and yes I like anime and my second reason is that this SCP is relay cool in the fact that it has those cognitive altering powers to make maggots growing in a squads squad-mate to look like a home cooked meal is awesome and I like the part of its page where it says it killed people at a furry con for getting its type messed up I found that hilarious PS- im very bad at making these thank you for reading
  10. I stick to site 54 because it has tons of space and its D block is large and we can just not let security camp the exit hall in it and it with the size of it it can sustain our sever population and have loads of fun on it (Edited in after exploring the map more) the map may have a dark surface area but it has a very large one along with better CCs and more CCc for the SCPs if you look the map has about 10 empty rooms (i will have to count again) and many cool features in the map i think wold make the server better
  11. i now know the map i want and its 54
  12. im not shure witch map i like but wold we even get a map change
  13. you are more active than before and i belive you wold do good + support
  14. + support i wold love for this man to work under me -LCZ manager potato
  15. -support im sorry but when i have seen you in voice channels and in game you are a minge and i dont think there shold be minges in staff