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  1. i have edited the grammar of my application
  2. Sorry for replying so long after but thank you for the suport !
  3. i feal as tho the time being in the branch shod not necessarily determine tour answer and i think you have not seen me on much because we might play at different times but thank you for the feedback nonetheless
  4. you have not been research for a month wot im just realizing that now
  5. Name: Potato Current Rank: Senior Researcher Time in Research (Approximate): i think 2 weeks Position being applied for: HCZ Manager Why should you be research command, AKA what can you bring to the table that the rest of command can't? (100 word minimum): I think that I should be the HCZ manager because I have a love for HCZ and all of its SCPs that the other applicants lack. I will enforce the rules that are not enforced, like don't be in HCZ if you are a junior researcher and other rules like that which are trampled on. I will make HCZ better for the SCPs, D class, and research. I will know all the lore of every SCP down to the slightest twitch that is made by SCP 049 or anything that is major or minor .So overall I will make the HCZ a better place for all of its old and new inhabitants What will you do to make research more active and better? (100 word minimum)(Tangible items like activity, expertise or the ability to run training's, etc)?: I will make a system to host different training on each SCP that is held in HCZ such as how to handle the SCP in question, who or what to bring to the SCP when you test on it, how to re-contain the SCP and what not to do with the SCP etc these classes will NOT be mandatory but will be good for you to go to if you are a junior and want to know what to do when the time comes to test on these SCPs because I feel the current "throw in the pool" method I see all the time is unstable as it is. another thing I will do is make a large document going over the SCP held in the HCZ mostly detailing there habits proper handling and such if you are not able to go to the classes to those reading this i hope you pick me as the next HCZ manager (this app has been updated to fix grammatical problems )