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  1. Name: Pure Branch: Technical Rank: HOT Rate your Activity from 1 to 10 (1 being very low 10 being incredible) : 9 Are you on the Roster: Yes Suggestions: Let technical into D block
  2. The time is here for a good old fashioned role call for technical. This role call will last from today(11/20/19) to Sunday (12/1/19). Failure to respond to this role call will result in a removal from the branch. All Ranks must respond from JR technicians to technical managers. This role call is mostly so I can fix our very out of date roster. Format: In-game Name: Rank: Are you an FTO/Containment Engineer: Concerns or ideas for technical branch:
  3. Name: Pure Rank: 1LT Why should you retain your current rank? (SGT+ must answer this): I am active and I am experienced in controlling D class and containing SCPs. Any Concerns?: Nothing GENSEC could control
  4. Name: Pure Rank: 1LT Any Concerns?: none
  5. Name on roster:Pure Rank on roster:LT How active are you:On almost everyday What can Security CMD improve on? From the short amount of time I have been command I haven’t seen many problems. Why should we keep you as GENSEC command [150 words+] I am experienced in the procedures of GENSEC and rules of it from my many months on the server. Although I have spent a short time in command I like to think that what I have done has helped GENSEC. I make sure that enlisted and NCOs listen to orders follow rules and don’t leave D block without permission. I also play on the security heavy job a lot and since I am command now I can leave D block without having to ask for permission which allows me to deal with threats in LCZ that most other GENSEC personnel couldn’t deal with (things that involve a tranq). Because I am a heavy I also spend a lot of time in D block which allows me to make sure that the security in there are following rules and not just RDMing D class. I am also on a lot at later times which allows me to monitor over GENSEC personnel who may act mingy in the later hours because they think it doesn’t matter as much because less staff or higher ranking personnel are on.
  6. Name on roster:Pure Rank on roster:SM How active are you: I get on whenever possible. So usually everyday. What can Security improve on? I feel like newer security should be taught better trigger discipline. They shoot team mates a lot. Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) I am a hard working member of GENSEC that follows orders from higher ups, I am very active and am always on the correct radio frequency. I always remember to close doors behind me. I follow the MOTD and SOP to the best of my ability at all times.
  7. +Support This would really help security control the D class that just want to escape or kill foundation personnel.