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  1. He is right Containment Cleaners do not have the trashman. -DOU Cookie
  2. Welp i just got told that advertising was allowed for suggestions but not allowed for apps, so my bad uhhhhhhhhhhh +support then
  3. -support While i like the idea of a new map im gonna have to -support it cause you advertised it. htps://
  4. while its fine next time fill out the form in the discord -DOU Cookie
  5. Thank you for being part of the utility branch we will miss you
  6. Good bye British boi it was good minging and talking to you
  7. This is still an issue even though the medical supplies suggestion was accepted about 2 months ago -DOU Cookie
  8. Is true for the Containment Cleaner job but im bot sure about the trash spawns -DDOU Cookie
  9. +support But I would move the recycle machine more to the right and give it more space -DDOU Cookie
  10. I would love this if it was adding in but it's 66 MB, that is fairly big man +/- support -DDOU Cookie