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  1. *votes jack* Hes sus
  2. Please make this so i can live my dreams of becoming a janitor in walmart
  3. + support Let them see how much money they be losing.
  4. Btw asking for promotions kinda cringe
  5. Bruh rip I still remember the time we done the hecking creeper meme
  6. Welp my time to go. I just have to say thank you to everyone in utility for giving me wonderful memories. Site Admin- Thanks for letting me become high command Hoovy- Thank you for giving me a chance to help this branch and help guide this branch into a new direction. Hope to see you on TTT Beans- You were a wonderful DDOU now are gonna be a wonderful site admin. Rang- When I joined this server I saw you as the head of security now you are [REDACTED]. Hope we can continue playing different games. Inaccurate- Sorry for leaving you so soon after I promoted you but I trust you will do good with utility Everyone else- Thanks for being wonderful community and giving me a place to laugh Now I only have one last thing to say Chicken Pot Pie is good.