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  1. +Support In my opinion 457 is not worth playing so I agree because it should'ent die from burning according to lore he has been burning for a while so why would it kill him
  2. What you want to see? - More Weapons added to the armory. More Diversity of weapons that are being used. Why should we add it? - Now that we have expanded our weapons selection we should add some of them to the armory because the armory is currently very bear and not much selection. What are the advantages of having this? - More incentives to rank up to get a better pay grade and be able to buy more guns. This would add a better diversity of weapons with our armory. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - Nope
  3. -Support This is just CI trying to make themselves OP and undetectable. You have been able to hear keypad cracking as a rule for all the time i have been on the server so theres no point in changing this. Instead of removing this find a silent keypad cracker and give it to command if you want a buff so bad.
  4. Name: Night Rank: RCT Call Sign: ? Steam name: (GL) Nick/Nathan Discord ID Name: NickDaAssassinWolfA1#1456
  5. Name: Nick/Night Identification (SteamID): STEAM_0:1:197567382 Current Rank: Member Do you wish to stay on the Team: Yes Can you stay active throughout the summer season: Yes but I will be going on camps and such.
  6. |035|Pre-Assessment|Project M.A.S.K.| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Test Question: What will happen if you put 035 on other SCPs Notes before the tests: Usually 035 won’t affect other SCPS. But in this I will be forcefully putting 035 on other SCPs. Hypothesis:I believe this could go two ways. Firstly nothing could happen. The second thing that could happen is that 035 and the SCP which we are testing on could form a symbiotic relationship forming on embodiment making them stronger and more deadly ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCP TEST LIST 939 049 049-2 096 966 076 682 527
  7. If a SCP is tranqed in the elevator or walks in the elevator when tranquilized. If he falls asleep it will crash the server.
  8. Relationships Genetic Relations 939---->Dog----->Mammal 682----->Crocodile or Alligator or a splice of both---->Reptile 076----->Caveman/Native----->Mammal 049-2------>Zombie/Infected Human----->UNKNOWN 008------->Every Disease in the World----->Bacteria 527------>Splice of fish and human---->Fish and Mammal Other Relations 049--------->Plague Doctor------>Black Death------->Black Plague 912----->SWAT-------->Police------>Law and Order 035-----> Phantom Mask------->Opera Mask----->Party Mask 999----->Jelly------>Peanut Butter----Therapy----->Calming----->Pure Happiness 066---->Spaghetti----->Yarn----->Eyes---->Ear-Rape----->Toy--->Derik/Eric/Daruk 1048------>Bear---->Teddy Bear---->Toy---->Ear-Rape 1048-A------>Bear---->Teddy Bear------->Ear Bear---->Toy---->Ear-Rape---->Ears 343----->Jesus---->God------Christians----->Cross 096----->Shy guy 079------->Computer----->Hacker 106----->Old Man------>Larry----Jenkins 131------->Affection Eater
  9. -/+ -You have to wait in your cell like other NLR so I would make it so if your under NLR you cant attack Gensec only +Its can be a pain in the ass when D-Class are constantly Rioting and killing Gensec and escaping.
  10. 939 A dog whistle can be used on 939 to temporarily deafen 939 sight/hearing so that you can run away (5:00) Scooby Snacks can used to temporarily docile 939 (3:00) You can sedate 939 in RP if you beat him in a roll (1:00) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 999 and 066 999 can be given sweets and he will listen to commands but mainly candy 999 can be given toy(s) and it will distract him ({3:00}He will play with this toy in a zone like LCZ,HCZ and EZ ECT) 066 can be given a banana(s) and he will listen to commands 066 Can be put in a soundproof box so he can't use SWEP (Lasts until someone takes it off) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 096 and 49 049 can be neutralized if you make him put gloves on (Can't Infect if he has gloves on) Lavender can be put on a subject and 049 will not/or/and/can not infect the subject 096 can be bagged making to so you can look at his face and he won't get enraged 096 Can be sedated in RP (Beat in roll to sedate) or he can be tranquilized ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 682 and 035 682 can be calmed by 999 if angered 682 can also be calmed by food like a D-Class or other humans and animals 682 can be sedated in RP (Beat in roll) or tranquilized 035 can be terminated/neutralized by ripping the mask off the subjects face (Beat in roll) 035 can be sedated in RP (Beat in roll) 035 likes to be interviewed which will calm/make him satisfied ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1048 and 1048-A 1048 and 1048-A can be neutralized if he screams by putting him in sound proof box. 1048-A can be terminated if he screams since 1048 will just make a new 1048-A 1048-A can be given ears and it will follow commands ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 966, 076,106 ,79, and 131 966 can sedated in RP(Beat in roll) 076 can be re-contained by shooting him then guiding him to his cell 076 can be re-contained by putting a challenger in his cell 076 can be sedated in RP (Beat in roll) or he can be tranquilized 106 can be re-contained by breaking a D-Class's Femur and putting him in 106 Cell 079 can be neutralized by Unplugging his Aux Cables or Shutting him off Not much is known about 131 except that they love affection -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------