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  1. Keep in mind SCP-066 decided to come to the surface on his own and participated in the test.
  2. this is 2 tests
  3. pee lol pee pee lol -support i dont think this is necessary
  4. The raiding NLR timer is approximately 600 seconds, which is simplified to 10 minutes or 0.16666 hours, or 0.006944444 days, or 0.0002281542 months, or 0.00001901285 years, or 0.000001901285 decades, or 0.0000001901285 centuries, or 0.00000001901285 Millenium.
  5. paypal me $50 i need custom class access plz
  6. connor bro i am litreally shaking... why are u leaving big sad... but thanks for calling me competent because catsro always beats me with his belt because im stupid : ) see u later bro
  7. #1 #2
  8. Name: blanke Rank: lt Callsign:lt97 Activity: semi active Region (US/EU): both DiscordID#: √∑ni=1(x−xi)2n−1#5378 What do you like/what do you want to see happen in CI: more members
  9. you got clickbaited
  11. NOT TRYING TO PLAYER POACH PLEASE DONT BAN ME i got this idea from sunrust zombie survival and they have 2 servers in which they can talk to each other using a command and i thought it was dope
  12. lol bye lucky minge XD XD XD see u on mtf
  13. Name: Blanke Rank: LT Callsign: LT97 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 7/22/19 - 7/25/19 possibly Reason (if private write N/A): headass school system gotta make me do lots of work on summer smh ill be back before u minges know it