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  1. Hi kraunch it’s blanke I remember you good man and hard working even though I don’t play on this server anymore it’s good to have you back if you do comeback. You just went afk one day and never came back lol +sup
  2. bro sorry bro i mean [redaciated[]] XDXDddd nothing much i just wanted to say hi to the ci
  3. shut up blanke

    hi ci : )

    hi its blanke how are u ci doing
  4. +Support Known him ever since I joined CI ages ago, supported me and grew me to low command before I left. Came back to this thread just for him. Stg if you don't get this position CI is fucked.
  5. Bye bro and yes zeus i am resigning
  6. blanke's regisntaion gaminglight's coolest people Catsro Aleks Arusso Jeff Tony Orange Infected lol Enuz Maxorite (legit ghosted) Fool Connor (RIP) Theman Black Jesus and everyone else in CI pce all
  7. am i level 4 bro please bro
  8. Name: Blanke Rank: CPT Callsign: CT12 Activity: Semi/Active Region (US/EU): US DiscordID#: 5378 Suggestions (If None Leave Blank): More utilization of the buildings in town What would you like to achieve in CI: REALLY HARSH PT IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!