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  1. When something like that happened all I had to go and close out all windows on the internet
  2. Tryed that and removed all my workshop addons and just putting on server’s
  3. When I try to load in it goes to Workshop Comeplete and it sits there for like 10 minutes and then it goes and loads Lua files then it says LavaDrinkerGod2 timed out
  4. cant wait to see NTF models
  5. Name on roster:Lava Rank on roster:LCPL How active are you:Im active during weekends mostly during D Class Riots and Lockdowns What can Security improve on? Shutting the D Block door Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words)I think I should stay in Security because I’m accurate with my gun and I usually get on Security Heavy and it has lots of health and since the Heavy is a donater job I can place props to block off parts of the red line
  6. SCP 1245 2 Spawns in 012’s containment so it looses a lot of heath
  7. Who’s gonna be NTF LT Commander now
  8. When I bought it it said you have been whitelisted to SCP 194 thank the staff member