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  1. ^^^^ you should definitely get this in my opinion. ~Waxer
  2. +1 +Very active +Great Rper +Mature +can lead like the best of them ~Waxer~
  3. -support not allowed to leave ;-;
  4. Name: 212th BXO Waxer SteamID: STEAM_0:0:60502408 Rank (Must be VCMDR+) BXO Why do you want to be a general?: Being a general would give me a chance to assist the commanders grow their battalion and give them advice from what i have experienced from leading the 212th for +2 months (3 months this 17th). In that time i have seen the rise and fall of battalions for different reasons,but i had set my goal of helping the 212th grow and better their reputation from the minge battalion to a reliable attack battalion. now i hope to challenge myself and try to help other battalions enrich their ranks so they have a better Role Play experience. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: I should be trusted as a BG because i have a ton of experience leading men and helping grow a battalion, i have been BXO of 212th for a long time, the time i have been BXO has eclipsed the time i have not been a BXO its been that long and i have loved every moment of it. In that time i have helped two commanders lead their battalions and i have help tons of soldiers under me become officers and inspire them to continue to advance up in the ranks. i have kicked out Mings and have seen great soldiers pass through the 212th to go on to lead their own Battalions along side of me. It is my hope that i have this effect on the battalions i hope to lead as a BG. How often can you be online?: As often as my life allows How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: No I do not have any warnings
  5. +1 +is an amazing leader +has leadership experience from the 212th -can be silly but gets down to the serious RP and leads his troops when higher ups weren't on or able to +I think becoming a BXO would give him a different perspective on how leadership is and he will become a better leader for it +has my full confidence that he will learn to appreciate the job and responsibilities that come with this job Although you were removed I thought you were a good leader and I was sad to find you were removed from the 212th so fast, i dont agree with that decision but its not my call to make and i'm sure in their eyes it was justified.i hope you get the job. ~212th BXO Waxer
  6. -/+ Support -He occasionally minges +stealth ops need the leadership -can come off as mean to his lower enlisted +has leadership experience Dont get me wrong man i like you and what ya do i'm just being honest from what i have seen and heard
  7. Trip

    212th new models

    +SUPPORT 212th Models are boring and all look the same, which is good for an army but when you are an officer or other specialized job then that deserves some recognition. plz the fanta sea looks like a fanta puddle.
  8. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : 212th BXO MKSL Waxer 1065 AL 2. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I want to be Commander to further this battalion and to keep the level of seriousness required by the server. I wish to keep the 212th minge free and to harden the 212th so it is looked as the go to attack battalion that can run well and can solve any situation thrown at it. I want the opportunity to show my ability to lead and to manage a large battalion, such as the 212th, and to help it grow and prosper in my leadership. I would continue the anti minge policy's put in place before and attempt to add on to those rules to further discourage minging in the 212th so it is no longer looked as the "minge battalion". I also wish to help the men in the 212th grow and only become better at role playing and enjoy their time on the server. But that means they have a good time at role playing, it doesnt mean i would allow them to go crazy around the server. 3. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose of a Commander is to lead his soldiers into Battle. He is there to mentor and to make sure his soldiers follow the orders and rules set by the Higher Command. He is meant to be the standard to which his soldiers are to aspire too. But a commander should be fair and impartial so he is able to promote and lead fairly. If there is an issue or a problem within his battalion regarding players or rules set by the commander in the battalion soldiers should feel welcome to go up to him to express they're concerns. Commanders should want they're men under them to grow and mature so that one day they will take his job, so they not only grow as a person but thrive in the 212th. 4. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I have been BXO of 212th for at least a 2 weeks, probably longer but I don't know when i was promoted to BXO. I have not gotten any warning's and i have lead the 212th in multiple battles when Cody wasn't on. I only want the best for the 212th and my actions should show it, i have demoted and kicked out minges, i have tons of tryouts that have grown the 212th. I should be trusted not only for the things said above, I should be trusted because i truly love this server and have been making sure i can continue playing on it no matter what is happening in real life, so i could write a whole paragraph more about different examples of why I should be trusted but must people already have a bias toward me one way or another so i wont bore you with more writing but just know that i may come off as a minge sometimes to some people but know that i do know where the line between minging and having fun is. I like to have fun and joke around with people but that is just the nature of gaming, but i know when and how to be serious for the role play. i hope you can understand and can see my leading experience would only help the 212th grow. 5. How often can you be Online? : Monday and Wednesday: i can be on in the afternoon but from 3-6 ill be AFK Tuesday and Thursday :I can be on After 4 Friday - Sunday: I'm free all day but wont be on all day 6. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I have no warnings
  9. Trip

    Lore Character models

    +Support Really needed! Would help a lot for Role play.
  10. InGame name: Waxer Ingame Rank: BXO Activity: Tuesday, Thusday, then possibly more on the weekend, the reason it seems like its taking a dip is bc im starting college so im going to find a schedule that can balance this and school.
  11. good luck man. Basic isn't hard its all mental. and remember, if the drill sergeant has a blue circle on his cap, that means he's a emotional support Drill sergeant and to tell all you're feelings to him XD