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  1. I will quote to say good luck to u my old friend. I get some people mask and some people don’t. I want to say I don’t mask but that all depends on how y’all see me. I want to come back and have fun. I get advertising is super bad but it was not right for me in any way to do that. Through the time of being banned I have learned how I should of acted in stead of acting immaturely. I was in the wrong and y’all are in the right. The ting I want to do is come out of being wrong and try to be good and right with y’all and the community. I wish to just start over restart everything. I have wanted to take back what I had done with all of my heart and will. The thing is I can’t because I can’t do cause I can’t undo the past. The thing I think of is think about what u did and if it was terrible ask for a chance bad go a for a chance and if it was slightly off edge go all the way for a chance back. I am asking for a chance. You guys can help give me the chance of redeeming my trust for you guys and the one major thing I swear on my life for is that I will never backstab or cause trouble ever ever again. I swear to that
  2. I never said f**k GL and go to (redacted) I never did and never will say f**k GL
  3. I see your guys point of view but can y’all see what my POV is
  4. I’m not expecting rank I’m not expecting anything like forgiveness or someone holding my hand to let me back in. I had deleted the first appeal because it was to soon and it was going to be declined. I know I had it coming and I didn’t stop which I think of every night on why I didn’t try to stop. I don’t want my rank back I just want to restart all over again and try to gain yalls trust again. I will not expect forgiveness. With science and invalid both minus supporting the last appeal I knew it was going to not be accepted. I deleted it and wanted to wait longer on the ban appeal. I wanted to actually think and try to learn from the mistakes that have happened. I’m sorry if I hurt u guys badly which I don’t think I did you guys are THRIVING. If I’m am not ready like I stated I will wait 1 year before I apply again
  5. Negative im just or was a col for ct and a arc CSM arc for 104th
  6. I did advertise but I never said f***k GL and go to (redacted). I remember exactly what I did and I know I did not go that far and I do understand I disrespected HC and the whole community but like I said it was just my frustration and stupidity to blame. Bro even though it’s a game (I usually don’t tell people this) I f***ing cries after I got banned. I really want to come back and get to play again. im pretty sure Grayson said f**k GL and go to (redacted)
  7. Not being rude but can I have a reason and also I just wanted to know if I lose all my ranks and everything and start over cause I don’t know how that works.
  8. Steam Name: Lvl 50 Chickn Ingame Name: Chickn SteamID: don’t have it yet till tomorrow Ban Length: permanent Admin that Banned you: rear admiral Reason for Ban: rdm and advertising Dispute: I do not know how long it has been but it feels like months for me. I have fucked up so badly and really fucking hated myself for doing so. Over the time of being banned I have learned things and I have understood on what to do and what not to do. Advertising and rmding is bad. Like fucking super bad. I did both getting permanently banned and hated my self ever since. I don’t know if it is long enough or it is not but I want to come back. I have lost many friends because of what I pulled and now i fell very sorry and stupid for it. I blamed the HC and admins when it was my own anger and frustration that was to blame. All I ask of you is to let me come back and enjoy the one thing I love with people ( hopefully still there, and remember me) i loves playing it with. If I’m not ready I’ll wait a year, but if I can come back I will always do my best at anything and never ever advertise rdm king or anything ever again and I swear on my life on that.
  9. +/- not gonna say yes but not gonna say no u do indeed do good arma ops but swrp is nothing like arma it is totaly different your on ship and off ship need more detail and ending and like more enthusiasm. Thats about it
  10. +/- support can be a fun man but needs a bit of leadership skill building if that does happen then this will turn into a yes
  11. all these maps are really cool I Love Them
  12. + support great leader great rp active we need one
  13. I’m very proud of u man You are the best suited for this position. I was not so that is y u deserve it more.
  14. Because know one has said anything I get I can’t support or not support but what I’m going to do is say something to get people to see that you are applying as well so that you can actually get responses and to see how the community sees you instead of not getting any responses. I think that’s just not right