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  1. I love you No homo,all I can say is learn from rex and you'll make officer in no time
  2. +/-support +is cool +not disliked by community +Is really smart -Obviously app seems rushed
  3. Name:Reapo SteamID:STEAM_0:0:123017284 Rank (Must be VCMDR+) Commander Why do you want to be a general?:I feel as though throughout my time on this server, ive been a relationship with those around me. Obviously some are not good but some relationships I have with people, they're practically my best friend. Now your wondering what the hell does this have to do with my application? Well see, I see a commander or someone of high command needing to build a relationship with him and his troopers, and if you never truly build a strong foundation, you cant expect them to have your back or listen to you. Its fine to have fun and make friends with the enlisted troopers. But when its time to get serious, then you must enforce the rules and take control of those troops. This description is supposed to me, I'm the guy that can have fun but can also be serious in certain matters, I'm the guy you look to when your down and you need to be lighten up. I've been that and always will be that person that will have your troopers back. But of course when the time comes that you have disobeyed the laws of the server. I am can only bring my "niceness" to a certain limit, I have always enforced the rules, and tried my best to obey to them myself. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?:Now I feel as though that if I get this position I can further lead the republic forces to a greater future and make all the battalions feel included and never feel as though that they're a "mingey battalion" or if they never get enough troopers. I'll make sure to make all the battalions have fun on the server. Cause whats a battalion without a 41st or a 501st or any of these battalions that some of us hold closely to our hearts. I promise that I will make sure that there is no more "dead" battalions to an extent of my power. Because not only is this just some "star wars roleplay" this is a community, and no one should be left out. Not only are we here to escape the real world, but to find people that have the same interests as us. How often can you be online?:Mostly everyday, but Wednesday, Thursdays and Saturdays I get on later for personal reasons How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: 0
  4. Steam Name - Awimba wee In Game Name - Commander Cody/Reapo RP Rank - Commander Battalion(s) you command - 212th How often can you be on? - Pretty often
  5. Just saying, if we wanted to people to just leave CT's then we should just find an alternative to taking troops into our battalions, cause then theres no point to ct's.
  6. What you want to see? - Making 212th and 501st different from the rest of the battalions Why should we add it? - At the moment 212th is similar to 501st but quite under powered and underwhelming to other battalions. The only things we have are ARC troopers and are able to use heavy machinery if no 38th are using them vehicles. Therefor making 212th and 501st not look as cool as the rest of the troopers like the batalions with ARF that have Republic launchers, or 104th who are looked at to be our pilots. Nothing makes us like poke out at you like cool Camo uniforms or able to arrest people, and guarding the admiral. Theres nothing that makes us as cool as the rest of the battalions. I guess if you really didn't want to add anything to 212th or 501st you guys could give us like new models, or something flashy. Because at the moment 501st and 212th are losing troops to the better battalions. What are the advantages of having this? - More people in the front lines then doing utilities or recon. Who is it mainly for? -Attack Battalions. Links to any content - N/A
  7. Jk -support go back to LTG XDDDDD
  8. +/-SUPPORT +recently Active +serious rper -Power hungry
  9. +SUPPORT +Great guy +Good leader But 5th fleet is nothing without you..
  10. -Support -Disrespected me and my troops -Doesn't like to listen to higher rankings -An overall jerk
  11. Reapo

    Alpha's BG App

    +SUPPORT Alpha has grown to show he can lead I think if he really wants it he has earned it Also is very active
  12. You were the first ever person to promote me, and we grew together. I'll miss you being ltg