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  1. Shut up you stupid N-
  2. Wish my battalion was this cool when I was cody w.e
  3. Also resigning from CLONE RECRUIT COMMANDER
  4. Omg I forgot to put you up there
  5. Although I have many great memories on this server, and have such a wonderful time on it... I must resign. The reason being is due to the fact that I feel completely anonymous on the server, there's no one that really talks to me or just chill on TeamSpeak and such. I know its a weird excuse its just a major change especially when I was Cody I was so used to people wanting to talk to me, but as I grew on the server and finally resigned from my Brigadier General position it feels as though I've disappeared, and I've only stayed on the server for so long because I loved the community and talking to people. This is a resignation from server and RP Shoutouts China: You where the best commander I've ever had and a really great friend. I hope we can still play Minecraft and cs together Spike: You where an inspiration to all, and honestly I loved trolling you Nathan/Anakin Skywalker: I hate you Rex: You were such a cool guy dude even though you and I had our ups and downs we still were ok friends. I also loved being your BG Dylan/Cody: Honestly I wish I made you my BXO instead of Waxer. We grew on the server together and even though when we were both CSM and I hate you then, I just want to let you know I hope you lead the 212th to something better than I did. Nova: I think your one of the biggest people I'll miss, we were the same rank up until I got cody than we both got BG and I resigned. Its so cool to grow through the server and I'm glad it was with you. Also you need to start speaking up more man your too quiet! Cooper: Even though you -support every god damn BG application I put up, I still care about you and I hope we can still be friends you made my server experience even better. Stormzz: Really cool guy I wish we talked more but hes got other friends ? Raven and Blungi: I loved hanging out with you both, Raven my man you need to stay strong and I promise you when either spring break or some other break comes the CT's will come rushing. Just you gotta stay in the game and keep yourself up. Plague: Even though I tried to get him removed because I thought the drama was the cause of him. I still loved you to death (No homo) the nights we stood up till 10 Am was the funnest time ever had, and even though you probably hate me to the farthest extent I'm sorry, you are a great friend and amazing person to have on their side Koda (even though he wont see this): Even though he killed 212th and was a total jerk to me when he got Ki adi mundi, he was still a really cool guy before then. I'm glad to be his Padawan basically and it really hurt me to had heard he left. last but not least OMEGA: OMG where do I start. You are the coolest guy ever I felt like if I was ever in trouble you would have my back no matter what. You were the first person to give me a promotion when I was in 327th you where there when I was promoted to Commander Cody and anytime I had a question I always knew you had the answer. You are literally the greatest person I've probably met. Never had met someone that I knew always had my back, and even though you weren't there when I was getting backstabbed by my own battalion. You where there when I was going on a rampage in Naval discord and I thank you. Honestly though please reconsider being an admiral you are a way better leader when it comes to being on the field. One last thing, I want it to be clear even though no one really cares that to be an amazing commander and to have them trust and follow you is not based around giving them random promotions or having a thick skin. Its honestly about building a friendship with your battalion, if you don't have that structured then I promise you this. YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT AS A COMMANDER+ But thank you everyone for the fun time on the server
  7. Invaliff has already warned most BG's and above. Most likely they'll use it more off ship even then on ship events because during an offship its too hectic to stop and start typing orders when you have a voice amp to tell everyone right away. With on ship though its a little bit more calm and you can type easier.other wise, It should only be used to only give orders, not to RP to republic comms or have a conversation on, and as invaliff said before, if you have a problem about this report it to him or General Plague
  8. What is your In-game name and Teamspeak name?2nd Ensign Reapo What is your SteamID?STEAM_0:0123017284 What is your rank?2nd Ensign Do you have a mic?Come on dude of course How many warns do you have? Show proof please (Picture of warns, by doing !warns in chat and then taking a screenshot) Wont let me put a screenshot but heres the link to it Why do you want to be an Executive Officer in Venator Crew? (200+ minimum. The more the better) Since I resigned from Brigadier general, and I do have a 501st life only for offship events though, but since I resigned I have had nothing much to do on the server other than play and a 2nd Ensign for I am just trying to enjoy my time on Venator crew to the fullest extent. Not only would it mean a lot to be to be given this position but I'd most difintely raise my acitivity a lot more than usual, cause for quite a while since I first joined Venator crew I've always wanted to be a Research officer cause of all the stupid but fun stuff that Hoovy did when he was a research officer, and since I'm not spending much time on other lives I will most likely be a full time research officer and obviously researching new things for the Venator and making crazy inventions MUAHAHA Do you understand that a secondary interview may be required IF you do get accepted? I do understand if you wanna interview me BRING IT ON BABY Why should we choose you over applicants? (Minimum of 150+ words) As listed before I have started going full time on ship as venator crew. Recently I have been doing some acceptable RP but that's only by my own judgement everyone else may think differently. But honestly I think the main reason you should chose me instead of anyone else is because I do have a lot more experience in a higher position, and also a lot more experience on the server its self and I know what is expected when and during RP. I would love to show that I can put a fun experience on the Venator and "research" great and new ideas. Have you read the Venator Crew guidelines and SOP? Yes I have Do you agree to uphold the Republic oath to maintain and assist all troopers and superiors in there needs? Yessir Do you agree to be active on Executive Officer on Venator Crew? Yessir Do you understand that you can be removed at any given time? I suppose I do