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  1. Name: Repa Rank: LT Activity: Just came off big LOA. Waiting until server isnt dead to get on
  2. Fuck dude. I really think you would have made it far. I have seen you grow soo much since cs desert. From being a huge minge to a great soldier, leader, and friend. If anyone was to make a difference in the server it would of been you. I really hope to see you come back to the server just to check in or even to come back and stay. Good luck with everything to come and you will be missed.
  3. I definitely will miss you. It would have been cool to climb more ranks with you .
  4. What is your in game name: Repa What is your rank: VCMDR Any concerns?: My computer ;(
  5. Sad to see you go. You are a great person with a great personality. I really enjoyed talking and chilling with you in ts. Just one request before you go. Take the grenade launcher with you.
  6. RU Radio Frequencies 034.00 | RU Army General Comms 035.00 | RU Army Alpha Comms 036.00 | RU Army Bravo Comms 037.00 | RU Army Charlie Comms 038.00 | RU Army Delta Comms 039.00 | RU Military Police Charlie Comms 040.00 | RU ATC Comms (Credit to John)
  7. Thank you generals for updating this!! Good men
  8. +Support 100% - Active - Really good staff and general - Great personality - Very friendly (His name says it all) - Overall is a great person, great friend, and a very important part of the server, community, and RU - Would make a great head admin and future GOA ?
  9. Name: Repa Rank: SI Omon: Not assigned Concerns: None
  10. Don’t make the server feel like a chore
  11. +Support - Mature - Great Personality  - Good Person  - Respectful - Never a minge - Great leader and general of RU - Overall would make a great admin!
  12. Damn.. we lost two very amazing people in mil rp. It really sucks to see you go I have some great memories with you and they will not be forgotten. I hope to play and talk to you again. I hope you hop on mil rp in the near future. It has been a lot of fun pushing through the ranks with you. Good luck with your future my friend.
  13. All the great memories will never be forgotten. I hope you come back sometime to say what’s up, chill, and host some karaoke. You have made a huge difference in the server and the community. Good luck with everything your future has for you. You will be missed. Hope to talk to you soon my friend.
  14. Name:Repa Rank:LT  Any concerns:Nope