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  1. 1. What is your in-game name? RU 1LT GRU CDT Bleach 2. What is your RU rank? (2LT+) 1LT 3. Who would like to see you as a "CPT" (Two officers Minimum 2LT+) Spencer, Plastik 4. Why should you be trusted with a "promoter rank?" (Minimum 75 words): You can trust me with a promoter rank because I am very competitive and don't like just handing out ranks to people who don't deserve them i hate seeing trash players become high ranks when they don't deserve it i believe you should be promoted based on Gun Skill and Leadership Skill. I also player on this server a lot and i know what Promotion Referrals to trust and what are just two PVT friends trying to promote each other all the time. I also believe although it is just a game some people like me take it seriously because we enjoy playing seriously and trying our hardest. 5. How many strikes do you have? What for? 0 6. How many warns do you have? 1 7. How would you deal with someone shooting in base? First time:Tell them they cant shoot inside base unless they are at the firing range with a suppressor and show them to the firing range and if they continue to fire outside of firing range I would hit them with baton and tell them its their last warning and Arrest them if they did it again. 8. Why should we pick you over other applicants? You should pick me because i am very active and there are not much active core officers on the server and i've seen multiple times where PVTs and other players got multiple referrals for promotions in multiple wars but no one is ever on to promote. I also think I would make a good CPT because Most Lower ranks core want to switch to SZ or AF because no one is on to show them the power of the core but I am willing to lead them and show them the true power of Core and that you don't need to donate to be the best in the server , although i did donate i did it to help server not for the classes. I am also a good leader when I get the opportunity such as when i'm stuck watching classified I take leadership when i can. Although i'm not always chosen to lead I am going to continue to try and become a better leader even if its not the whole army but just a group of soldiers.
  2. Name: Bleach Rank:CCM Activity: Everyday 5-6 hrs Questions or concerns: N/A