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  1. _________support if u have a video form when it happen and ik ender he wouldnt warn u for sumthing dum
  2. i dont aggree i think it should get removed
  3. +/- support he can be help full at times and be there but other time he wont helpout or he doesnt take sits when its only u and good luck
  4. okay so that night people where ltaping left and right and sorry man but nobody said anything about u so i mean i am willing to say yes to u geting it removed
  5. ++++++++++++++++++++++++suport i think this should be in the acceped one
  6. i odnt like how u have a ltap warn and u have a bunch of warns i dont like and i dont like how inactive u are
  7. huge huge -- support i would say someone ik could make a better app but i dont want a strke no effort i have game u those warns and u dont act meture enufe u are the same time zone as me i see u on some times i never see u on the forms
  8. __ i have never seen u on and i dont like the 4 fail rp ones but everone has them and i dont like the no intent to rp
  9. HUGE +++++ SUPORT good guy nice muter former staff good at dealing with stuff
  10. - support ming not merture i would do plus suport if he acts his age more and meters and be a little bit better
  11. Huge --support he a msgt rn if I believe and hes is a ming
  12. how mcuh would it cost for this truck to be add for my cc
  13. +/- suport ur active nice guy chill know what do to do u handle stuff well but i have to -suport bc u are going i want to u to be a admin a little longer