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  2. witch is copbait, and according to robby he attempted to.
  3. +support Robby Peppers did break the staff handbook. BUT soulness also broke the MOTD rules. I think what should happen is if Robbery Peppers gets a punishment soulness should get a punishment as well for copbait/stealing government vehicles.
  4. +/- support Idk if im just blind but i dont see him use his pysgun in the first video.
  5. -support Very rude and a mingy donor mod Staff dissed me multiple times as a donor mod. Not fit for staff at all.
  6. +/- support The whole thing is very confusing. By looking at the evidence now I would -support but keeping neutral until further notice. @tacticaltaconick What do you mean by "i approve this"
  7. bro i never said he was harrasing me. I just said he was following duramax.(witch he wasn't but thats what it sounded like in ts from my point of view) Its like a game of telephone when you give people story's they get changed up. Like bryce said. This is a warnable offense. But i am willing to take any punishment SMT gives me
  8. Ya i was the one who killed him. So basically my side of the story is I'm in teamspeak with duramax, duramax said this dude was following him and saying that he was the real jigsaw so I just shot him. I mean I thought he was just messing around and wouldn't take the kill so seriously. Then walrus came I told him the dude was following duramax I never said he was harrasing anyone I just said that he was following duramax. (this should be a player report not a staff report, staff report are for people who are on duty) I take full responsiblity for my actions.
  9. -support No solid evidence Valid warn
  10. he did it in ts and got a whole bunch of people in a room and changed his ts profile for like 5 seconds