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69th Medical Corps Officer Application [King]


Should I be made a Medical Officer?  

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  1. 1. Should I be made a Medical Officer?

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1:What is your in game name and rank?: My In-game name and rank: 69th RCCS MSG King 2711

2) What is your timezone?: My Timezone: MST ( Mountain Standard, Two hours behind EST )

3) What is your Steam ID: My Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:105929331

4) Why should I be a Medical Officer?: I should be a medical officer because I complete all quotas quickly, while also going above quota using what time I have to play. I believe that I am ready to move on and receive higher expectations and greater responsibilities, as I have shown my dedication in the past few weeks and I will show the same moving forward. I will ensure a more enjoyable environment for all the troops by hosting enjoyable sims with a great reward, and making sure that the Medbay has good vibes all around. I am always focused on whatever task is assigned to me, and will ask for help as needed. I will continue to bring my A-game to Medical.

5) Why should I be trusted as a Medical Officer?: I should be trusted as a medical officer because I have shown that I am capable of meeting quotas and expectations quickly, while doing a good job. I will step up to take tasks as needed and will perform said task, no matter what it is, to the best of my ability. I follow all the rules at all times, and obey orders from higher ups without question. I always make sure everyone, whether they are on the field, or on the ISD-GL are in tip-top shape, and ready to get into the action at anytime. As a Medical Officer, I would make sure that the troops in Medical are following the rules, and try to make the medbay a fun place to be, while making it so all checkups would be completed.

6) What do I bring to the Medical Corps?: I bring a positive, and determined attitude to the Medical Corps, I make sure to be positive at all times, and not put others in Medical or any other regiment down. When needed I focus on the task at hand and complete it to the best of my ability. At all times, I follow every rule specified for both Medical as a whole, and Rescue Squadron, as well as making sure that the Medbay is a positive environment. While on missions, I heal and resupply everyone on the field, as well as deploy Bacta grenades and squad shields as permitted and needed. 

7) Why should you accept my application over other applications?: I believe that you should accept my application over other applications because I can step up to anything thrown at me, and I have performed well from the time I was trained to this current point, and I will put 100% into Medical regardless of where I stand on the roster.  I show dedication to all my duties in the Medical Corps and I show utmost respect to not only my superiors, but also my brothers-in-arms as well. I believe that I would be a great fit as a Medical Officer, and I am looking forward to playing this with everyone in Medical.

8: Do I have any warns? I do not have any warns across any server at the time of application.  

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"Medentes sustendo postestas de nostra Imperium!"

- 69th Medical Senior Commander Hex

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