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Rex’s Medical Officer Application


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1. Whats your in-game name and rank:(Ex: MC HS SNR CMDR Blarg 2512):

 MC IRS 1SGT Rex 3523

2: What's your timezone?: Eastern

3: What’s your SteamID?: STEAM_0:0:201050334

4: Why do you want to be a medical officer?: I want to become a medical officer to inspire and help run the battalion. I've always loved the medical battalion and i feel like with my Experience as a command member I can bring a lot of experience to the table .i have been trusted to be a senior Gammastee a senior admin and a CMDR for the Imperial commandos battalion with having a years experience on the server and good leadership skill I feel like I would be very good and useful to the medical battalion.

5: What's your activity like on a scale from 1 to 10: (1 being terrible activity and 10 being on daily for a while): 7

6: Why should you be a medical officer?: I should be a Medical Officer because I bring a lot of experience as a leader to the table. I am someone who tries to help out the battalion as much as I possibly can. I can bring a positive attitude to the party and I always keep a cool head in all situations.I try to Keep the others in the battalion active and do stuff for them to have fun on in the battalion 

7: How well do you command other troopers?: I feel like I command others well. I put my foot down when I need to and I also listen when someone has a problem. I do my best to provide a great experience to all those who are new in the battalion.I will bring new Ideas for sims and training for the medical battalion.I want to also help get the activity up. With the experience of being part of IC command I do my best to lead. And step up to the plate when I need to.


8: Why should we accept your application over other applications?: I think you should accept it. I feel like I should be given the Chance to prove myself worthy of the Medical Officer title.I feel like with my love and experience in the medical battalion could be of use. I'm always helping as much as I can trying to pump out tryouts. I would love the chance to help inspire the battalion and show them and others that Medical is fun and a great battalion to be in 

-IC CMDR 1138 Boss -Senior Admin  -Senior Gamemaster 


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 Congratulations trooper you have been selected as a officer for the 69th Medical Battalion.

Serve your Emperor well and show the might of the Empire. 

Reach out to a MAJ+ for you training we will be expecting great things from you!


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