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  1. ++++++ MEGA Support++++++ Active Absolutely Stunning Commander Great application Has been a commander for such a long time and has contributed so much to medical and to the server as a whole Also Catbob and Fatbob why are you constantly trying to push zug down every post he makes, you troll on it and try to ruin his development on the server. Hes dealing with lots of school work and IRL stuff and is still being an active and involved commander. You guys are fun people but why are you constantly trolling on the forum just because you guys aren't in medical anymore. Why can't you just leave him be and stop trying to ruin people's forum posts.
  2. 1. Whats your in-game name and rank: Razer 1998 SFC 2: Whats your timezone?: (EST) Eastern Time 3: Whats your SteamID?: STEAM_0:1:156018112 4: Why do you want to be a medical officer?: The honor and responsibility that come with being an officer are paramount to my goals on this server. I want to implement more RP-based situations and operations into medical and make it an exciting and even more respected battalion on the server. Becoming an officer would pave my way to creating a more realistic side to medical in which surgeries and medical checkups are held at a higher standing. I would also use the power of an officer to train people in different scenarios and operations. 5: Whats your activity like on a scale from 1 to 10: (1 being terrible activity and 10 being on daily for a while): I am a 8 because I am on everyday for hours and hours at a time. 6: Why should you be a medical officer?: I am one of the best for checkups and medical procedures due to real-world experience and operations. I can make a role-playing environment among the greatest on the server with my extensive knowledge of surgeries and medical practices and processes. I have been teaching different people the proper way to do medical checkups, personalize them, and make them more role-play and situationally oriented. So I believe in my capabilities through role-play and leadership and by teaching and influencing the other medics that I am a prime officer candidate. 7: How well do you command other troopers?: I believe I am a stern and proud leader who can make people more exciting and knowledgeable about medicine and its intensive operations. I operate as I do in my real-life job as a military officer implementing real-world and situational movements and tactics to perform at the highest capabilities. People listen to what I am saying and respect my decisions because of my numerous firsthand experience, and I believe that I am a prime and proud commander of troops. 8: Why should we accept your application over other applications?: I should be accepted over other applicants due to my medical and surgical operational prowess and my extensive knowledge and leadership powers. I have shown and advised so many individuals on operating and making a more role-playing experience for players, and I've been regarded as one of the best or the best medical role-player. Also, my leadership skills are, above all else is commanding power; with my pristine operational awareness and situational prowess, I can take control of situations and lead the troops to victory, and how to save a life of a fellow brother in arms properly. Also, I was a previous Vice commander for the branch.
  3. The ship still doesn't show up in my entities list if that ship doesn't work could I use the lunasflightschool_laatigunship instead as a replacement this is the entitie listing lunasflightschool_laatigunship
  4. The ship that I added to my CC isn't showing up in the F4 menu under entities here's the entitie thing again. lfs_nbt630
  5. Name: Storm Surgeon SteamID : STEAM_0:1:156018112 Name Change: 69th Medical Storm Surgeon ($10Paid by STEAM_0:1:106343429) Ship Addition: lfs_nbt630 ($80 Paid by STEAM_0:1:156018112)
  6. 1: What's you're in-game name and rank? (Ex: MC S SPC Hex 0084): MC PFC Razer 1998 2: What's your timezone?: EST 3: What's your SteamID?: STEAM_0:1:156018112 4: How often will you be able to be active, and at what times?: I should be more active now because I returned from my duties, and I will be able to be on throughout the day at different hours, depending on the schedule. I am starting a new job at a hospital, so I will be dependent on what hours they give me throughout the day, but overall, I should be able to be active pretty often. I should be able to get on after 8:00 p.m. and probably till midnight almost every day. 5: Why should we trust you as a Medical NCO?: I should be trusted as a medical NCO because I've had previous experience being the vice Commander medical for over a couple of months, and also I have real-world experience as being an officer for the military and dealing with that situation and commanding people and showing them how to be the best they can be. I have numerous capabilities as being medical personnel in real life and being a cardiovascular surgeon. I have multiple other capacities as a combat surgeon for the military. I should also be trusted because I put in so much work and effort in the past for medical helping it grow and become such a great thing as it is now, and I would like to help more and develop it. 6: Why should you be a Medical NCO?: I should specifically be a medical NCO because I am a cardiovascular surgeon in real life, and I've been trained in administering anesthesia inserting special tubes for breathing apparatuses doing combat surgery, and many other things that have real-world applications. I have dealt with multiple issues where people have been in life and death situations, and I know the proper medical and physical terms of how to deal with those situations. I'm able to work in high-paced, stressful situations with proper technique and keep cool. I've had to do multiple surgeries under Fire, and I know how to deal with very dangerous and hectic situations, so I will be able to bring that into medicine and show people the knowledge that I have developed through real-world application. 7: Why should we accept your application over other applications?: The reason I should be accepted over other people is weird with my other topics where I have been in the military and taught people how to be better and do things that are just helpful to the people around them and how to better themselves. I also should be accepted due to the fact that I was a vice Commander recently and I worked with medical for such a long time and helped it grow. I have worked for multiple numerous times where people have been in situations where they didn't know how to proceed, and I've helped them coach them through that and I've also been able to develop myself even more so with my recent exploits in the real world to be able to show people how to act and how to develop in stressful situations and how to get through those. I can also work forward and show people how strong they can be and coax people and be better role players and be someone who can work through stressful situations or in certain cases where a battle orientation has happened. I'm also able to teach people how to do surgeries because I do them in real life and because I can teach people different medical terms and different medical procedures and overall help them throughout everything. 8: Do you have any warns? (And what for?): I have two warnings on the server. They are from when the server used to be a military RP in 2017, so there are no recent ones. And these were for FAILRP, and the other one was attempted RDM of a general. =========================================================================================================
  7. Razer Drakuls Resignation Abstract: It has been absolute amazing spending time with you all thank you for everything. I wish the best to all of you these last couple of months have been amazing I met so many amazing people than you all. Reason: I'm being deployed again and I don't think I'm going to make it back this time. As a precaution I told my fiancé to put a premade letter in the discord or on the forum if I do end up being killed in action. I love all of you, you all are amazing and wonderful individuals and are absolute the best community I could have asked for. I want all of you to know I will be thinking about you while I'm serving out country. God Speed Brothers I love you all Special Mentions: -Rick -Zug -Zee -Apple - Bub -Hex -Fred -Fail - Boomer "We must understand that sadness is an ocean, and sometimes we drown, while other days we are forced to swim." - R.M. Drake
  8. MEGA - Support This was a total accident everyone involved in the situation was understanding of how it was a accident. He is a respectable individual and he understands his actions. This was a complete accident. This individual has given so much for the community and a accident is a accident. He has admitted to the issue at hand and I believe he should just be put on a watch list. Meaning if this individual continues to act or repeat the act he has committed he then should be punished. Everyone is full of flaws and that is not excluded from the one making the post. "Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness." - Marianne Williamson
  9. +Mega Plus Support If I were to say someone is at the peak of perfection as a commander, no other individual would be better described than Zug. He puts his position as a commander above All Else. He is kind but Stern deals and deals with situations in optimal time. Zug's exploits as a medical commander showed how his dedication to the server and the community is above all else. He is confident, well-informed, and is capable of anything. This individual exemplifies what it means to be a commander, and above all else, I think he is a fantastic candidate for Marshal Commander. “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth
  10. ACCEPTED Congratulations trooper you have been selected as a officer for the 69th Medical Battalion. Serve your Emperor well and show the might of the Empire. Reach out to a MAJ+ for you training we will be expecting great things from you!
  11. Name : Jedi Hunter Droid Issue need the 3500 HP for the job set I paid for this in my previous post Also addition of the rw_sw_smartlauncher ($40)
  12. I gave the correct steam id and I'm not whitelisted for the class this is the steam id I gave and its the correct one STEAM_0:1:156018112 PlayerScale addition: 1.15 ($20 Paid)
  13. Custom Job Name - Jedi Hunter Droid Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:156018112 Custom Job Color (120, 81, 169) Custom Description The droid appeared to be roughly humanoid in shape, with skeletal features similar to that of Grievous. Its helmeted head contained two red photoreceptors and its body was coated in red color. Its qualities included incredible speed, dexterity, and the ability to wield two lightsabers with perfect form. 100$ for the 4+ mb donated Custom Model - models/jazzmcfly/jka/eg5/jka_eg5.mdl - model is already in server https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=668821867&searchtext=jedi+hunter rw_sw_m45 rw_sw_dual_dc17s $1000 Salary Bacta Injector Inquisitor Job - $50 extra Base 1500 HP Extra Hp + 2000 ($40) Custom Lightsaber Name of Lightsaber - Jedi's Last Breath Color of Crystal ( 120, 81, 169 ) Force Leap, Cloak, Force Reflect , Force Combust, Advanced Cloak Model - models/donation4/donation4.mdl Length (60) Inquisitor Additionals Duel Sabers - $20 extra Dark Saber Inner Blade - $20 extra Pike 3 Hilt (Jesus Hilt) - $30 Bounty Hunter Swep - $50
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