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SCP-1048 vs Delivery D-class

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Lore Name: Horruss
Rank: Senior Researcher
SCP: 1048 and a D-class

Question / Idea: Amnestesize a D-class and put him on a fake mission to deliver a package to 1048, This will be testing the usefulness of the D-class and the reactions of 1048 to Someone who believes to be a Delivery man
Background Research: I was requested to do this under an the recommendation of an assailant who will not be named due to safety reasons
Hypothesis: The D-class will deliver the package to 1048 and regain consciousnesses of his location and possibly panic

Observations (What Happened During Test):

Before the test we had convinced 1048 to use a computer to "order ears" before returning to his cell to wait for a delivery man. We than obtained a D-class to amnestizise him and give him an alternate identity, We went with the default new name of "John Smith" and gave him the document stating the job of a Delivery man then later giving him a box and told him to deliver it to an address on the streets. This of course was just the laboratory and 1048's cell.

During the test we had agents take screenshots of the event. It visually shows D-class delivering the package, asking for payments and getting his ear cut off shortly after-woulds. We had taken the D-class to an interview and gave him the rundown of the "You're a D-class, you'l be working for a month with the reward of freedom". We then proceeded to ask what happened during the delivery, he stated that he knocked on the door for 1048 to answer, handed him the package before asking for payments which lead to his ear getting cut off and running to the near by MTF escort exclaiming "Police! i've been stabbed".
Evidence/Visual Stimuli: 


D-class during the process of Amnestesizing.


D-class disguised and believed to be a Delivery man to deliver a package to 1048


1048 and D-class discussing payment procedures

Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): Through these results we have concluded that with the correct amount of Amnesticss and documentation, we can re-purpose D-class as staff personnel or to undergo missions if necessary as well as keep them for longer than a month. This also shows that 1048 had a negative reaction to being asked to pay for something presumably being rewarded something and having to give something back.
Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: No, the D-class was under the affects of Amnestics for about 2 hours before regaining conscientiousness of his old life although still believing at some point he was a delivery man but his personnel file has no documentation of such job.

Thanks to this research we should be able to conduct more tests with Amnestics in order for a test to have possibly alternate results or have the test be completed without the loss of personnel. This test had a total of 0 deaths and 0 abandonments.

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Grade: (100%) A+

Test Quality: Quality

Lore: 20/20 
The lore was spot on here.

Creativity: 20/20
I like the idea, however, personal preference: I don't particularly like it when a D-Class is the main aspect of a test, this was great none-the-less and produced good results. Nice job!

Presentation: 20/20
I like the addition of photos, you could have messed with the fonts a little more, but it's not a necessity.

Writing: 40/40
I spotted really nothing major as far as spelling, grammar, etc. goes.

Head of Aperture Science | Research Asst. Manager | Metal Head

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