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  1. What you want to see? - Soda weapon/health kit spawns that give this item Why should we add it? - If possible, adds a use to the vending machines and makes them a good resource of health but have no RP relations so wouldn't could as a Medic checkup What are the advantages of having this? - Available small amounts of health around the site, good for an inhance in RP and maybe find a way to limit the amount of cans Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=316968975
  2. Is this still valid if the map changed or am i gonna be denied because the map changed?
  3. What you want to see? - Room decor based off of SCP-5000 Why should we add it? - i've noticed a few empty rooms in LCZ and i've decided to do another room decoration What are the advantages of having this? - I think a few of us remember the SCP-5000 roomers from about a month ago and i decided to base one of the empty rooms off of SCP-5000. The room itself contains a prototype SCP-5000 and 5000 helmet. This is purely decoration but i think it'd be a good addition Who is it mainly for? - Everyone, although i'd imagine Research and Technicians liking it here Links to any content - All these screenshots use Valve official props from Gmod/Half life. The total amount of props is 9 and uses 4 ropes The reason SCP-5000 is like this in lore is because this is before the SCP-5000 document. The suit is under construction and due to possibly dangerous attributes, is guarded off by a tesla gate. Directly being charged by 2 wires attached to adaptors sent to computer sets in order to code, check diagnostics and check logs from SCP-5000 without having to take the suit out. The room specifically that was altered was the old "Sick book" room. I forced myself to use a limit of 15 props since the Target range uses 20-30 but ended up using much less. I feel like chrome is the best texture for the HEV suit and swat helmet (SCP-5000 set) but you can really use any texture for the 2. I feel like this is a good way to use an empty room. In order for people to touch SCP-5000 or do tests on it, the Tesla bit would be breakable so you'd just have to punch the tesla a few times in order to have access to the suit in game.
  4. Lore Name: Horruss Rank: Senior Researcher SCP: 1048 and a D-class Question / Idea: Amnestesize a D-class and put him on a fake mission to deliver a package to 1048, This will be testing the usefulness of the D-class and the reactions of 1048 to Someone who believes to be a Delivery man Background Research: I was requested to do this under an the recommendation of an assailant who will not be named due to safety reasons Hypothesis: The D-class will deliver the package to 1048 and regain consciousnesses of his location and possibly panic Observations (What Happened During Test): Before the test we had convinced 1048 to use a computer to "order ears" before returning to his cell to wait for a delivery man. We than obtained a D-class to amnestizise him and give him an alternate identity, We went with the default new name of "John Smith" and gave him the document stating the job of a Delivery man then later giving him a box and told him to deliver it to an address on the streets. This of course was just the laboratory and 1048's cell. During the test we had agents take screenshots of the event. It visually shows D-class delivering the package, asking for payments and getting his ear cut off shortly after-woulds. We had taken the D-class to an interview and gave him the rundown of the "You're a D-class, you'l be working for a month with the reward of freedom". We then proceeded to ask what happened during the delivery, he stated that he knocked on the door for 1048 to answer, handed him the package before asking for payments which lead to his ear getting cut off and running to the near by MTF escort exclaiming "Police! i've been stabbed". Evidence/Visual Stimuli: D-class during the process of Amnestesizing. D-class disguised and believed to be a Delivery man to deliver a package to 1048 1048 and D-class discussing payment procedures Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): Through these results we have concluded that with the correct amount of Amnesticss and documentation, we can re-purpose D-class as staff personnel or to undergo missions if necessary as well as keep them for longer than a month. This also shows that 1048 had a negative reaction to being asked to pay for something presumably being rewarded something and having to give something back. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: No, the D-class was under the affects of Amnestics for about 2 hours before regaining conscientiousness of his old life although still believing at some point he was a delivery man but his personnel file has no documentation of such job. Thanks to this research we should be able to conduct more tests with Amnestics in order for a test to have possibly alternate results or have the test be completed without the loss of personnel. This test had a total of 0 deaths and 0 abandonments.
  5. I think it's trying to tell us something
  6. If theres a way to get premium without paying than yeah that'd be cool, otherwise i think 5 would be good for regulars and maybe 10 for VIP,
  7. What you want to see? - Using pac3, it's kinda self explanatory. Only if we can control the amount of props to use and what props we can use Why should we add it? - If you ever wanted to add hats, glasses and other stuff, you don't have to add stuff to the Pm, you can just use PAC3 What are the advantages of having this? - The server already comes with a gas mask prop, helmet prop and HL2 probably comes with more hats appropriate for this and adding hats wouldn't be too hard, the limit of props should be 10, and only small props can be used, so like, noone can make really stupid outfits but if this isn't possible i'd understand Who is it mainly for? - Everyone. Maybe not SCPs Links to any content - N/A
  8. +support, wish i had this when i was D-class
  9. Reading this. i just think of every time i've been unfairly killed or forgotten it's Minge hours
  10. Lore Name: Horruss Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198412064447/ Rank: Researcher Activity: 8
  11. You could prop swap the fridge for the closet if it has to stay
  12. What you want to see? - Re-furnishing the room in LCZ hallways that only has a closet in it Why should we add it? - The room at it's current state is completely useless, everyone knows you just hold C to change your look, i suggest changing the props in there to be used as a small lab for Research What are the advantages of having this? - The room serves the purpose of the old computer lab we used to have and more, not just having computers but a lab side, and a hiding spot if theirs a breach. also being much more useful for RP. Who is it mainly for? - The room can really by used by anyone, this is a prop placement change for 1 tiny room so it's for Everyone Links to any content - All props seen are Official stock Garry's mod props, the total amount of props is 9 not including the 3 ropes which are optional. 1 fridge for cold DNA storage, a high tech microscope set, potato battery and a readings machine Large computer setup for universal staff programs or "mine sweeper" and a cork board with notes left from researchers in the office This is the hiding spot in the office, even though it isn't terribly effective it could fool some people and in a place like LCZ during raids, outbreaks or riots, it's good to have some simple hiding spots. This is optional of course and can just be against the wall giving more room for staff I believe this follows the servers feel very well, wouldn't be too size cost full and doesn't require extra mods meaning this is a large upgrade to the old room.
  13. What you want to see? - A new prop pack for the server Why should we add it? - Don't get me wrong! the current prop pack is good, but for certain areas within the site, it doesn't have a lab feel, Granted it does a great job at reflecting a prison but... Scientists do work here and having fancy terminals and old offices with bulky PCs revives that feel. What are the advantages of having this? - one non advantage is probably going to the server and changing a lot of prop placement for the reward of just nicer props, so if you guys don't replace the pack (which i doubt you would) you could just add it to the server to place in areas that would have these unic terminal or strangly old computer stuff i.e CCs, hallways, HCZ (would fit HCZ's feel) and even inside bunks Who is it mainly for? - this is a server addon, so it's for the map Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=733907245 The old aperture props do a great job of this, considering it's purposely set in a dark creepy lab and since it's a valve title it wouldn't need a lot of space. Note there is a part 2 of this pack but it is required in this link so you don't have to fish for it
  14. Because there is no help desk (as far as i know) i'm typing this here, i need help I am missing multiple PMs and the workshop is out of date, someone please give me the updated models list!!! This includes technition and researcher