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  1. If I were truly wall hacking, would I have not noticed the two people pushing me on the other side of the building at 16:30? Another thing is that fact that the whole video (Except for maybe 1-2 seconds) is of you spectating me in 3rd person, where it is harder to see what I see because of a different view angle. And at the beginning of the video where I "checked down the well", why did I not look at your nocliped body, but instead jumped on the well with a downwards angle? And at 11:30 where there was "no doubt in your mind that I was hacking", you can clearly hear the other person walking inside the building and I was following the sound with my view. There are some parts of the video which seem suspicious, but if you take a look at it again, there is a reason for me doing those things such as hearing footsteps or seeing a foot around a corner. Next time you spectate someone for "wall hacking" I think it would be better to do it in the first person so that the video shows what that person would see instead of a floating camera, unaware of what the accused would be observing.
  2. Steam Name: Meliodas Ingame Name: Classified / Rover The Dog SteamID: STEAM_0:1:105049949 Ban Length: Perma Admin that Banned you: Unknown Reason for Ban: Wall Hacking Dispute: I haven't been on in like a week, and I come back banned. I would like to see the proof.
  3. My NaMe HuLk


    I've done all this, however, I still see checkerboards and errors.
  4. My NaMe HuLk


    So I have everything in the collection, I have CSS installed and mounted, and I have "download all server files" enabled but I still get errors on playermodels and the blinking thing on the bottom. Any help?
  5. It's better than yours. Just saying.
  6. I would suck those toes -Classified
  7. Ingame Name: Classified Job Name: RU Assult Specialist Server: Gaming Light Military RP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:1:105049949 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:1:105049949 Remove this person: STEAM_0:0:64544139