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  1. Name: TurdBerglar Rank: CPT Date of submission: 1/16/20 Last Meeting you attended: About a week ago Reason for joining command: I joined command for enforcement. I want people to act more professional while on the job and to be ethical. It's an RP server so they should RP. I want to make sure people have a good time, obviously. Teach people what is right, and what is wrong, what do do, and what not to do.
  2. Going to have to agree with Calamity here.
  3. I thought MCU was marvel comic book universe. Lol
  4. Name: CPT Phil Coulson 1L58 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:91673866 Rank: CPT Length (Provide Dates): 11/28/19 - 12/1/19 Reason (If private say N/A): Thanksgiving Day I am with my family all day and for the days after, I am going on a hunting trip.
  5. CASE FILE EDIT Jack Bauer is headed to the airport from Rockford. His flight leaves in a couple of hours. Agent Phil Coulson will pick him up at 5am EST 11/20/19. Welcome back Jack Bauer!
  6. Had to quote you TH3. You do take things too far and you do seem to be disrespectful towards other people. Sorry -Support
  7. Sorry gonna have to -Support this as well.
  8. In-Game Name: TurdBerglar or SHIELD Phil Coulson 1L58 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:91673866 Server: PoliceRP Custom Job Name: Phil Coulson Playermodel Addition: I am adding models/player/jackbauer.mdl to the custom class. Model is already in the server. Payed $20. Question: How many cc playermodel additions are we allowed to have by the ways? Thanks!
  9. I can see some cool FBI undercover busts with this. If it doesn’t lag the server at all, then why not. +Support.
  10. Major +Support! I see Will on almost all the time. He is very professional at being command. He makes ethical decisions when in command as well. I can go on and on of why he should be promoted. Will, you have my major support. Wish you luck and hope to see you as a Major!
  11. TurdBerglar

    Hog files

    If you want help decorating this and stuff let me know.
  12. HUGE MAJOR +Support! I’ve never gave a huge major support before so this is a first. I know Phil, and he is very respectful, active, caring and professional. He is very active, is on every single time I am on. To add to this, it shows he has no warns or bans. He also has past experience. He really deserves this position. I wish you luck Phil!