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    Turd's LOA

    Name: CPT Phil Coulson 1L58 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:91673866 Rank: CPT Length (Provide Dates): 3/13/2020 - 3/15/2020 ----- May come back earlier. Reason (If private say N/A): So we planted seed at my hunting lodge a few weeks ago hoping that there would not be a frost to kill it. Turns out there was a frost so we are going back up to replant.
  2. +/- Support I am not sure how this would fit in with the Police aspect of the game, but I can see players using it.
  3. +/- Support This would require a map edit to be able to establish a courthouse.
  4. +/- Support + I can see it being fun for players. - I can see some glitches happening as well as abuse of it. It would cause some issues down the road.
  5. Ok so I can lean on both sides of this and am also confused. Would this be put on staff applications after they are responded to? Or is this after applications are responded to and closed and talked in private? I am not sure where you are leaning on this.
  6. +Support, I’ve known Jimmy for a long time and I can assure you his dedication to GL. He is a very active member and is very kind. I have had no bad moments with Jimmy and that is a great thing. If there is one person I believe should be staff, it should be Jimmy. I trust Jimmy, and I know picking him as staff would be a great decision.
  7. Name: TurdBerglar Rank: CPT Date of submission: 1/16/20 Last Meeting you attended: About a week ago Reason for joining command: I joined command for enforcement. I want people to act more professional while on the job and to be ethical. It's an RP server so they should RP. I want to make sure people have a good time, obviously. Teach people what is right, and what is wrong, what do do, and what not to do.
  8. Going to have to agree with Calamity here.
  9. I thought MCU was marvel comic book universe. Lol
  10. Name: CPT Phil Coulson 1L58 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:91673866 Rank: CPT Length (Provide Dates): 11/28/19 - 12/1/19 Reason (If private say N/A): Thanksgiving Day I am with my family all day and for the days after, I am going on a hunting trip.
  11. CASE FILE EDIT Jack Bauer is headed to the airport from Rockford. His flight leaves in a couple of hours. Agent Phil Coulson will pick him up at 5am EST 11/20/19. Welcome back Jack Bauer!
  12. Had to quote you TH3. You do take things too far and you do seem to be disrespectful towards other people. Sorry -Support