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  1. Name: Bebop Rank: SM Steam ID (Example: STEAM_0:1:174348602): STEAM_0:1:219287139 Discord ID (Example: Hex-G#0702): Bebop145#1208 Current Sub-Branches your in: Juggs, Wardens, and FTO Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 100+ words): N/a Yet Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: Epic
  2. 1. What is your in-game name?: Bebop 2. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:219287139 3. Current Rank in Security: SM 4. Time on the server: about 1-2 months possibly 3 5. On a scale from 1 (the minimum 30 min per day) - 10 (6+ hours Daily), how active are you?: 5 hours 6. Do you have any active strikes on the roster? (This includes other branches): no lol 7. Which Juggernaut members recommended you to apply?: N/a 8. What is your current level in game?: well over 100 9. Do you understand that if you abuse this job it WILL be taken away?: YES 10. Why do you think you deserve to join the Security Juggernaut Sub-Branch? (100+ WORDS): I deserve to Join the Juggernaut Sub branch since I have shown great combat skills in the past and also have shown some great dedication in the past as a former JGE and Wish to Come and try to regain my spot in the Juggernaut Sub-Branch. I also Believe that the more juggernauts we have the better foothold we can have against the many scp breaches, and D-class riots that can happen every minute. I also Believe I should be a part of Juggernauts so that the many enlisted security members can work their way up to become a part of the sub branches that security has and to possibly become command in some of them. 11. As a member of the Juggernaut Sub-Branch, do you have the right to give orders to people above your standard Security Rank? Why or why not?: NO I HAVE NO RIGHT TO ORDER MY SECURITY Higher ups.
  3. Name: Bebop Warden Name (If Applicable): VITA Juggernaut Name (If Applicable): Bebop SteamID (If Resigning): STEAM_0:1:219287139 Rank: 2LT, SVFTO, JGE, WDE I have had a great time playing with everyone on this Server, but due to some personal matters I will no longer have the time to play on the server anymore. I will be back sometime in the future after everything clears up but for now see ya'll later. What is the new entry needed?: Resigning.
  4. Beboop145

    Bebop's LOA

    Name: Bebop Warden Name (If Applicable): VITA Rank: 2LT Length of LOA (MM/DD-MM/DD): 08/12-8/26 Reason for LOA: I got a ear infection and I cant hear so well I need to get it treated.
  5. In-Game Name: Bebop Class Name: Doom Guy Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:219287139 Additions: Add Axe: bcs_axe ($20) Changes: Tfa_cs:go R8-Revolver to Tfa_Uzi ($10) Tfa_TEC-9 to Tfa_Winchester Carbine ($10) Total Amount ($40)
  6. Lore Rank/Name: JR Bebop SCP #: 173 The statue Test Idea: This was my first test ever on 173 as a JR I was very interested on what would happen if a D-class would be in close contact to 173 since they only moved if there was no one looking at him. Background Research: 173 is known to snap necks of people that are in close proximity to him that are not currently looking at him, but if there are more then 3 or 4 people looking at him he is not able to make sudden movements. Hypothesis: If the D-class is left alone with SCP 173 Then 173 would literally rip the head off of the D-class because scp-173 is known to kill everyone that decides to look at him. Observations (what happened?): So with the escort of a gensec personal and DR. Vladimir to 173 was pretty normal as the Dr wanted to see what would happen also during the test as we got to scp 173 cc we left the d-class with the security personal and once the CC's door was opened scp-173 had killed the security personal leaving the D-class in awe as he entered the containment chamber. after that happened we went on with the test and once it was only 173 and the D-class alone the d-class had been killed. while I logged this Dr. vlad had reopened the CC thus setting 173 free into the foundation. I was safe within the top chambers of the CC as the keycard door was closed but DR. Vlad had fled the scene. Evidence/Visual Stimuli (Images): Analysis/Conclusion (was your hypothesis correct, why or why not, how can this discovery benefit the foundation?): My Hypothesis was correct SCP 173 will murder everyone that looked at him when they look away.
  7. In Game Name: Bebop Steam ID (Ex. STEAM_0:1:91255427) STEAM_0:1:219287139 Discord ID (Ex. Pinbal#5433): Bebop145#1208 Squadron you are Applying for (Guardian, Engineer, Analyst): Guardian Current RP Ranks Held: Security 2LT | CI Rct | Junior Researcher Has anyone recommended you to apply for the RRH program? (If not, it's fine): nah If applying for Analyst please link notable test-logs here: N/a How many Warns do you have? (With Screenshot Proof): Three warns Why do you want to join the Red Right Hand team: I believe that it is an important role to be protecting the higher ranking classes from many of the threats they happen to face every time they walk about to do their business. I merely wish to join RRH to make sure that high command members are very well protected with every step they take as they continue to lead the lower rankings they supervise everyday. It is also equivalent to learn more about what our command members have to deal with every day when they happen to be online at some good and worst times. Why should we accept you: I can be a great addition to the RRH guardians personal as more high ranking command members are always needing protection from the many dangers within and from the outside of the foundation. I also have dealt with many of the threats within the foundation that I have learned to re-contain scps and the best way to deal with D-class personal. I have earned my Security command rank through dealing mainly with the many CI raids within LCZ and rioting D-class personal.
  8. Lore Rank/Name: JR Bebop SCPs/Personnel involved: Gensec members Chase, Lafleur (AKA Flower) , and Matt2. mainly Chase. Date/Time of Incident: 7/27/22 at 6:20 p.m. mst. What occurred in this incident? (Causation, Hazards, Casualties): There were a few D-class rioting so I decided to follow 2LT chase around D-block and see how he acted throughout the threat of D-boys. He had shown good leadership to matt2 and lafleur as they easily stopped the rioting D-class but in the mid riots Dr. Bright had came into D-block wielding a LMG of some sorts and shot at the roof trying to kill d-class hitting him but shockingly failing to even hit a shot with the large LMG he had. but for about 30 minutes the rioting D-boys have stopped Ideas to prevent this from happening again?: Need more Gensec in D-block
  9. Lore Rank/Name: Junior Researcher Bebop SCP #: 330 aka the Candy bowl Test Idea: I wanted to see what would happen if a greedy D-class was brought to the candy Dish. Background Research: The candy dish has a sign that says only take two pieces of candy or else the hands of the grabber would be ripped off. Hypothesis: If the Class-D were to grab 3 or more pieces of candy then Their hands would be taken from them because the candy bowl hates greedy people. Observations (what happened?): So I had a escort of two MTF units to the candy bowl since no Gensec were available at the time. once we got to SCP 330 the class D only took one piece of candy before rushing me and trying to kill me, But MTF had terminated the Subject before he could punch me. As the MTF killed the D-class they both had questions about the candy dish and ended up taking more than 3 pieces thus they both lost their hands and needed medical help. Evidence/Visual Stimuli (Images): Analysis/Conclusion (was your hypothesis correct, why or why not, how can this discovery benefit the foundation?): My hypothesis is correct Greedy people can loose their hands to the candy dish.
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