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  1. +Support -He mentioned 501st!!!!! -He funny -I like him -He mentioned 501st!!!!! (I love 501st)
  2. +SUPPORT -Epic voice -Genuinely chill guy -High ranking naval so has proven to be worthy -Gaming
  3. What do you want to see?: Increase the limit of how many 501st ARC can be on job from 8 to (maybe) 20 Why should we add it?: We have 20 ARC slots in ARC and if (somehow) every single ARC is on the server we can have them on job for things like missions or events, even if not all 20 are on having more than 8 would be great because more than 8 ARC members are active and would like to be on job. What are the advantages of having this?: We can have more ARC on for missions and events. Who is it mainly for?: 501st ARC Sub-Battalion Links to any content: N/A If 20 is too high something around 15 would be nice
  4. What do you want to see?: Allow 501st VCMDR+ to whitelist to ARC Why should we add it?: Allowing easier whitelisting to ARC without having to get a High Command or Senior Admin+ to do it What are the advantages of having this?: You won't require a high command member to stop what they're doing (they are usually pretty busy) and help with something as meager as whitelisting. Allowing a VCMDR makes sense since they are trusted to allow members of the 501st to be a part of the elite group known as ARC. Who is it mainly for?: 501st (ARC0 Links to any content: N/A
  5. Guy who did the ban request here, did "rp_lookup person" for a dude name ST PVT Person #### and got him, mistake on my part should've paid more attention to the steam id I was given, my bad.
  7. +SUPPORT!!!!!!! Poggers man, good senior commander, funny guy, is actually active
  8. What is your in-game name? 501st JTO CSM Haak ARC05 What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:120861894 How Long Have You Been In The 501st? November 2nd, 2021 Why Do You Want to Become an Officer? [100+ Words] The reason i want to be an officer in the 501st is 1.) Because I feel like right now 501st is looking for roles of leadership in the battalion, and I feel like we are lacking in that department. 2.) As Lucy mentioned in her application, not many 501st officers are very active within 501st due to school and the holidays coming up, so I feel like I can be more active because of the upcoming break and not much stress because we are entering a new semester. 3.) I feel like being an officer in the 501st will make my experience on the server more fun being able to host sims and have more fun with the battalion! How could you assist the 501st Command with this rank? [75+ Words] I have some great ideas for the 501st; I think that we should host more sims and not just sit around inactive except for when there are missions, I play mostly every day so I can be active and have a lot of fun with the battalion and maybe include other battalions as well! Recently after Nebel's departure I feel that people in the 501st have not been having as much fun and I think as an officer i could help bring that light back into the 501st. How many strikes do you have? 0 strikes. What qualifications would you bring to the 501st Officer Team? I have some experience in the server and as an officer, so i think that would help me in knowing what people would want and how to make everyone have a good time. Have you had any previous experience as an officer? I have previously been a Havoc Officer (kinda, I left the day i got officer) What is the purpose or duty of an officer? Officers are like when the teacher tells you "you're in 8th grade, the 6th graders look up to you"; officers show everyone on gaminglight what 501st is like and that 501st is fun and active. Officers are the 8th graders of the ISD.
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