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  1. Low server population not specficly guards which means if there is 30 players and 3 guards 1 d class and he escapes he might still recieve it i dont see the recuirment for over 10 guards
  2. Name: altair Rank: PVT Discord: General2494 Activity: Playing daily Ideas for CI: N/A
  3. Tweety

    Reporting a player

    Responding to sixx: I don't know why you gave me a -Support for lmao but i think you should took it more seriously / man and tell me the reason even if you think this is funny this is not professionalism ;/ of you
  4. Tweety

    Reporting a player

    Probably yeah true should of talked to you it really makes me uncomfortable man i tried talking to you ingame but some people ganged up on me and kept bullying me calling me a piece of shi calling me a snowflake and bascially a baby for calling staff to help which distracted me and i forgot to speak to you sorry
  5. Tweety

    Reporting a player

    To be honest i feel like this has to be taken seriously and not as a joke but i don't know what else to say ;/ i don't think this is right but if you guys wanna let it slip
  6. Tweety

    Reporting a player

    Yeah its still in chat right now not sure if i can take a picture!ill try to ask someone
  7. Tweety

    Reporting a player

    Topic Title: Player Report - "Reported Player's Name Here" Your in game name:Altair Your Steam ID:76561199006859589 The player's in game name: zerk (platinum vip} The player's steam ID (required):STEAM_0:0:503542128 Date and Time This Incident Occurred: 18-sep 2020 What did the player do: sexual stuff in chat (he does from time to time in chat} Evidence (required):OOC] Platinum| zerk: you guys ever lay in bed and thing about kissing a femboy or something (Staff saw this) What do you believe should happen to the player I just want a staff to sit with him and speak to him to stop doing these stuff in chat please its not right Any extra information: :To be honest this is not his first time that he does this he keeps saying other things in chat like kissing cuddling and i wanna nuzzle your gizzle (i dont know what he means by that but just wanted to include it) and stuff that are sexual and can effect some and be annoying as a player when i come to this community i really want to have fun rping and chating with people but i see this instead so please if there is a way to mute the player in chat please tell me thank you for reading my report!
  8. Im speaking about normal d class btw not custom jobs since they spawn with armor and guns idk if it would be fair
  9. Post name: “General Suggestion - NameOfWhatIsBeingSuggested” D-Class might have a chance to get 2000 xp even when there is under 10 guards What are you suggesting? - Hi so my suggestion is to make the reward based on the ratio of current guards/dclass online for example if there is 3 guards 2 mtf and 3 d class get to escape during this they will still be rewarded since they both had fair numbers let alone that the guards had guns and strong status to be honest it wouldn't be fair if there is 8 guards and 2 D-Class and they manage to fight them (which is almost impossible) but lets say they did then the admin says there wasnt 10 online you guys are not getting rewarded its unfair and unlogical in my opinion by looking at the effort they have done to escape the facility or getting past these guards / SCPs some people may say but at night there is only 1 guard then yes i agree its wouldn't be fair for us to be rewarded the reward is 2,000 its a small reward for escaping i like it How would this change better the server? - Maybe makes escaping more fun since we get nothing to do at surface Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - not really Who would this change mostly benefit? - D-Class but i don't think it effects foundation
  10. +support Gensec MTF are too strong compared to CC anyway
  11. I'v noticed alot of people with 300,000$ money and at level 81+ when they only have 1 week playtime i'm very suprised can anyone give tips on how to get experiance points to level up quicker i know that escaping as a D-Class is 2000xp and a research is like 500 xp but is there any other ways? also for making money should i only afk no other ways? Oh also why do i have -rep i just made this account 3 days ago and already getting hated its sad and funny at the same time hahahah