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  1. Name : maxi72 Rank : EFM SteamID (REQUIRED-Invalid if not given) : STEAM_0:0:504572860 Activity on a scale of 1-10 : 5 Anything which you'd like to note? : N/A
  2. Name: maxi72 Rank & Callsign: PFC XX5 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:504572860 Discord: maxi72#5325 Divisions: military Longshot Sawbones Activity: 8/10 Suggestions: N/A
  3. Name: maxi72 Rank: SM Concerns or questions? (if none put N/A): N/A
  4. + Support Great guy Think he could do great with the job
  5. Oh come on I said it was a mistake!
  6. ya didn't rely think the power part though, sorry about that it was just a little funny thing for me to refer on and i kinda forgot about it
  7. In Game Name: maxi72 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:504572860 What is your current Rank: MSGT What Type of Command Position are you applying for (High Command / Low Command): Low Command Do you have experience in Command, if yes explain: Nope Date of when you first joined MTF / Chaos Insurgency: 4/19/2020 How many Strikes do you have: 0 What is your main goal of being Omicron-9 Low / High Command: to progress farther In the branch Do you think there is any issues with the branch and if so how would you fix it (High Command Applications Only): N/A What do you think of Omicron-9's ability to keep the facility under control from GOI's and what do you think can be improved (High Command Applications Only): N/A Why should we accept you in Omicron-9 Command (150 word minimum): The reasons why I believe I should get accepted into Omi9 low command is that I believe myself capable to be of great help and an addition to Omi9 low command. I would also like to help out with the branch to grow a lot and will use the best of my capabilities to do so. I also have pretty decent activity, i'm on most of every day of the week and would like to join the other command like Kilo and Happy because I just feel like i'm falling a long way behind them. I've also have a lot of experience helping organize other people like enlisted and lower ranking NCO in both Omi9 and GENSEC to be in a position that would help with the current situation. Also if I do get accepted into low command it would be my first time ever to play such a role and naturally I will be very appreciative.
  8. maxi72

    maxi72's ACM app

    1. What is your Ingame Name: maxi72 2. SteamID ( if you need to get it): STEAM_0:0:504572860 3. Rank: medic / field medic 4. Time on server: 4 weeks 5. Total strikes ever received: 0 6. How many warns do you have on GL: 2 7. Who gave you permission to apply: Jack 8. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you?: 7 9. Why do you think you’re fit for ACM (60+ words): Why I believe I am fit for advanced combat medic is because for me it feels nice to heal others. But sometimes I also feel bad when other people are are in combat my heals go to wast because their health gets shot or knifed away. So I think I could help them out with that as an advanced combat medic because I can defend as well as heal them. 10: (Bonus question, this is in no way required, but it gets you some brownie points) CI is currently raiding. You see an MTF E-11 CPL at 27% health running away from a fight. Just as you start to examine his condition, an MTF A1 Captain comes up to you and asks you to help them fend off the CI. What do you do?: Help with CI because the E-11 not in combat and then help the E-11.
  9. Name: maxi72 Rank: SM Current FTO Rank: FTO Current RCF Rank: RCF Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 150+ words): N/A Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: N/A
  10. Name : maxi72 Branch(es) : medical Rank(s) : RFM How would you rate your activity? (1-10) 5 Any changes you would like to see: N/A Any notes or questions: N/A
  11. Name in RP: maxi72 Rank: CPL Any concerns: Nope
  12. Name: maxi72 Rank: SFC FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): N/A Why should you retain your rank (WO+ must respond | 150+ words): N/A Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: None