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  1. NO NO! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? Bog i have to say it was truely fun gaming with you broski and i hope best of luck comes your way
  2. In-Game Name: Puffer SteamID: STEAM_0:0:73401439 What is your ULX Rank?: Gold What is your RP Rank?: MTF E11 JFTO CM CE SSGT Puffer, MTF A1 PVT Puffer What is your timezone?: PST How would you rate your knowledge of the SCP world? (1-10): i would be confident and give it a 9 Do you have any experience as a Gamemaster or Event Planner? (If so, explain it): i have no Event planner role ever but i am very creative and i would like to put that into good use How Active are you? (1/10): 8 How many warns do you have? (Across all Gaminglight Servers): 8, almost all fairly old Why should we allow you to be an Event Team Member (150+ Words)?: I would love the opportunity to become a event team member. if i were an event team member it let me express my creativity on the SPC Wiki lore and on this server. i will also be able to have everyone on the server feel more into the SCP lore and not just the ones we are limited to. i will also make it where its not just hostile SCP's but cooler and friendlier ones as well to include everything i can. i also do know alot of the event team staff and i feel like it will also let me get to know them better though fun events. i will also in the near future apply for staff but i feel like the event team will give me a good push in that deriction to being an administraor on an SCP RP Server. Being in event team would give me a good start. Describe an event you could create (The more specific the better): I would like to create more events that include SCP's that are uniprieacted like i would like to see an event where 682 is on an unstoppable ranpage and 999 needs to calm him down or an event including the skeleton key (005) to open a certain door to escape from another scp ( 096, 106, etc). but i feel if i get the job i will try to figure out more ideas than this. (i am saving my favorite event idea for later so no one steals it) Have you read the Event Team Guidelines?: (im so sorry i missed this) EDIT: yes i have read them What is your favorite SCP? Why? 682, he is just one of the oldest, stronged, smartest and scarest SCP out there. but in the server hes represented kinda weak. but overall i just love 682.
  3. +support He is right the SCP is not the one copyrighting people its the model itself not the concept. the SCP wiki is also having copyright problems with 173's photo and are going to change it very soon
  4. What do you want to see? - I would like to see the 682 class fixed in a very wanted way. .now ether two things should happen. 1 they should fix the swep to be more simple and easier to use while still being a /kill item (because no one can survive a 682 bite). 2 is that they should give 682 10,000 health and be traq at 2500. the reason why this is an alternative is that if you cant fix the swep than you should make 682 harder to kill because he does get to 2500 really quickly and also his name his literally the hard to kill reptile, not just a big normal lizard. he has to be very challenging Why should we add it? - 682 is meant to be a large scary dangerous lizard but at the moment he is just a bother because his swep is very broken. I was chasing someone for about 5 seconds spamming the swep and he did not die. now many people can agree that the 682 swep is powerful when it works but just bad overall. also, this would make 682 seem more as a threat and actually something worth putting to Defcon 2 for. What are the advantages of having this? - This would make 682 be a more fun SCP to play as while also making it seem closer to its lore while being an SCP to be very scared of. because at the moment 682 is very easy to take down with just 3 people which is not how it should be. it should be very hard to take 682 as that's how it would really be. also, I did some research of my own and I have been watching MTF take 682 many times and I saw that 75% of the time just 3 to 7 people can take down 682 in about 10 minutes after knowing his breach. which to be honest is not really hard if 3 people can almost always have almost no problem against 682 due to his swep being easy to dodge. Who is it mainly for? - it is for 682 players to actually oppose a real threat to the facility members than just being a problem for MTF and Security. it also is to fix a swep that many people have complained about including myself Links to any content - just ask people with silver + that play 682. I have no video proof because people do know about this issue
  5. Ok about the Swep thing it was my first time as 682 and first day on the server so i hope your jokeing Bor
  6. You are right. never disrespect staff. but if you were there you would have seen that I did it in a jokingly way. not trying to be mean
  7. Your In-game: Puffer Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:73401439 The admin's name in-game: Rektify The admin's steam name (If you know it): idk What warning did you receive: Staff Disrespect and RDM Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: Well, The main reason I think the warning is false because it was very stupid that I got warned for this. The reason why I think its stupid is because I called him in OOC a " Pee pee poo poo head" and it was clearly a joke if you are not in the 3rd grade. Now, these are my first warning on my first day on the server. and this was when he was a trial mod. Now spire has told me that as a T mod I need to be brought to a sit before warned. I was for the RDM but not for the Staff Diss. Now since I was new I did not know that 682 can kill admins. now when I did kill him he brought me to a sit explaining no to do it and he gave me a warning for it. not a verbal one. I had no warns so I should at least have a verbal warning now that's when I called him a pee pee poo poo head in a jokingly way. I guess he took that seriously. now I feel like this was a misunderstanding and he was a trail mod at the time and he has definitely learn so much more from then I just think he warned me just because he could and not because it was crucial to. Any extra information:
  8. +1 A very wholesome guy and is very creative, smart and funny. Very active and has a concern for others while on duty. He is a great leader and a great guy to talk to in general. I personally have known him for a while and had no bad experiences with him. Good luck man, hope you get it!
  9. (btw this was like a month ago) Rektify at the time when this happened was a trail mod. I was a new player only playing a day or two on the server. no warns or anything. I bought silver and played 682 not realizing that he can kill godmoding players AKA admins. Rektify, when I killed him on duty, brought me to a sit saying I'm not allowed to do that and warned me one the spot. I didn't realize this till I looked at my warns. he didnt verbal warn me he just warned me. (warn 2) I thought in my head wow what a rude guy and in OOC when my friends also thought he was a bad guy said mean things and I thought ill call him a poopoo head. not kidding btw. so it would not be too mean like what the others were saying but to get my point across that it was not great what he did. and all of a sudden WHAM warned for staff diss. not in a sit, not my buddies saying way worse things than me. he warned me for calling him a poopoo head. and he didn't bring to a sit for it either and in my research, you can warn me as a trail mod without bringing me to a sit. listen, I'm not mad at him I would just like these warns removed and I also don't think he should be punished (but that's just my opinion you guys can do whatever) I just would like these removed, please.
  10. +Support I have video proof of this man killing everyone with his buddy and being hellishly toxic though his microphone. If you would like to see the video evidence contact reply to this post ill send it via google drive (I will not post it on my youtube). Abuse of Donator Job ( Heavy Security) RDM x 3 or even more TK ^ ARDM in a Bunk We were shooting in self-defense me and microwave and we have to actually play chess to escape in the bunks