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  1. Whats the point of making a second world if we cant keep the first world alive. Secondly every player on the server has worked hard to get their stuff and everyone on the server would lose their stuff. Why have two worlds so quickly if we arent sure we can even keep one alive. if you make a second world and it gets popular it'll just kill the first one then there wont be any point.
  2. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - I think i speak for everyone when i say the peace shit is boring. Noone wants their stuff getting stolen or their bases getting destroyed yes. But the server has died already because people have gotten bored . The issue right now is people beat the game in about a day, have max gear, giant mansions and factions and yet we have nothing to do with any of it. Once people hit max theres nothing left to do since they cant fight so they just quit the server. Ive watched the minecraft server go from 60-70 players down to 10-20 a day. There needs to be a risk feature. People should have a fear of getting Killed by other factions for tresspassing. What i'm suggesting is a complete map reset so everyone starts out fresh again. Then we enable "Faction" PVP. You may ask "What if i don't wanna die or lose my stuff?" Well my answer is don't join a heavily violent faction or make a neutral faction of your own. People who don't wanna participate in faction wars and can just be neutral. Maybe even become shop keepers who supply factions with much needed supplies allowing people to do Semi-Rp with Being Shopkeeps or Merchants. For the players that wanna pvp they can join massive factions and be in large groups where people plan raids and griefs and actually have chances and risks to either losing or gaining more stuff or territory. The map is endless so if your faction base gets destroyed make another. We could add rules where Good factions or Trading Factions cant be killed and cant do the killing themselves making them purely suppliers. And with enough work and balancing we can actually maybe add alittle roleplay into the minecraft server. Why should we add it? - I am probably one of a few who don't wanna see the minecraft server die and i for one notice its already happening. As stated above the player count has recently dropped more then 80% in its first week of being up its because once people reach max gear they have nothing else to do. They kill the wither 5 times they kill the dragon a dozen times and then they just get bored. If they cant use their good gear for anything whats the point. However if we do add Faction Pvp we should make it so people who don't wanna fight can have an outing to not pvp Also as stated before and why i think a map reset/restart is necessary it would be so that people can all start out fresh and basically players will be racing to get the best gear all from scratch aside from already having it themselves. Plus several people already know where other peoples bases are so just enabling all this on a already built up world would cause everyone to just automatically get swarmed by eachother. Theres also the facts that people will wanna change factions to be either good or evil and change base locations to get away from it all. What are the advantages of having this? - To bring back up the Server Population and get more player activity giving players something to do upon getting all that good sweet gear. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - N/A
  3. What you want to see?: I wanna see a small change to the SOP Requiring Senior Medics+ (Senior Field Medic/Senior Surgeons) to join the teamspeak when they get Trained/Promoted. How will this Benefit us?: More communication between the medics only and between Field Medics in d-block and Surgeons in Medbay. Aswell as just overall having more of our branch be more vocal with each other and say for example if security needed a field medic they could pop down into the channel and talk to us about sending one to d-block. All of this could be done in game but We have a teamspeak channel why dont we use it! Extra: I feel like aswell as having the Seniors be in the TS it could allow them to have easy access to command and other branches so they can ask questions without having to go through the trouble of finding them in game. Think of all the Benefits we would have. There is also a possibility this could spread to Janitorial and Technical so we can bring more life into all our TS channels.
  4. 1. What is your Ingame Name: Peggu UwU 2. SteamID ( if you need to get it): STEAM_0:1:150759047 3. Rank: Medic 4. Time on server: 4weeks 6days 15hours 25 mins 5. Total strikes ever received: 0 6. How many warns do you have on GL: 11 7. Who gave you permission to apply: Blarg & Smokey 8. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you?: 8-9 9. Why do you think you’re fit for ACM (60+ words): I'm insanely active and deep down i still love medical work My custom job may not be medical anymore but i'm slowly making a new name for myself in the branch and i love the field work and would love a chance to be able to get ACM because i know im at the level requirement, i love the work the ACM do and due to my 1 year Security experience i think im just right for the position when it comes to mixing combat and medical 10: (Bonus question, this is in no way required, but it gets you some brownie points) CI is currently raiding. You see an MTF E-11 CPL at 27% health running away from a fight. Just as you start to examine his condition, an MTF A1 Captain comes up to you and asks you to help them fend off the CI. What do you do? (Personally id focus on the first person that came to me and heal him so that all 3 of us could fight CI together. If i didnt heal him he wouldnt be able to fight CI with us and we might lose but with a third we could do alot more.
  5. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - I heard as of recent 999 was banned from d block cause people keep healing as 999 when medical is on. I don't get why'd you take away 999 hanging out in his favorite place when instead staff could just warn the blobs breaking the rules for FailRP. You're taking way too much freedom from 999 and its just getting to the point where hes not gonna be popular anymore. 999s love just hanging around with gensec and d bois and now they cant even do that. Why should we add it? - Like stated before you guys have already taken so much from the guy in terms of rp at some point it has to stop. Also Gensec loves 999s visits and he makes gensec happy he hardly ever heals gensec when medical is on and when he does and i,m around or command is around we call sits on him. I hardly think the issue with him healing gensec was that severe that you need to ban him from d block. Its unnecessary What are the advantages of having this? - Gensec loves 999 and the advantages to having this would be that he would be able to keep our spirits up while him being able to enjoy hanging around us and d class. Who is it mainly for? - 999, And D block Links to any content - Look at how sad he looks
  6. Another example of how the missing line is a issue is that from different angles because people can stand so close it looks like they;re on the line at different angles. Not on the line: Hasnt moved but looks like hes on the line: That is why line baiting was a thing ya know. Theres more sits now for RDM for people accidentally touching the red line then when the green line was a thing and sits were called for line baiting but i like the idea of a bigger red line ill take either or.
  7. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - I want to see the green line brought back to d block because upon taking it off the issues of RDM have gotten worse. You removed our green line to stop RDMs for line baiting. But in a lot of ways line baiting is still a thing just in different ways. Because the red line is so small the d class step on it or get really close to it and don't even realize and when we call them they bait sits and staff and try to get us punished for RDM when they stepped on the line. When d class get right on the line we cant warn them to back up anymore since the green line is gone. Without that warning line we've lost control and sits are still coming for RDM so all this removal of the green line has done is cause more unnecessary sits for the same thing but makes gensecs job harder. Why should we add it? - Because Gensecs job has gotten harder since the removal rules have been thrown out of place people are getting confused on how to work and without the warning line its harder to catch d class crossing the red line cause its so tiny. They stand right on the edge of the line to bait us into thinking their on it and we cant tell them to back up cause there's no warning line anymore just bring back the warning line. What are the advantages of having this? - Easier work for gensec and more balance to d block. Who is it mainly for? - Gensec/D-block and D class EDIT: I will accept the addition of a bigger red line too as that may help.
  8. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - I want to see all riot shield props be blacklisted because they can actually function as actual riot shields and have, as of recent, been used by d class to protect them from being shot. Why should we add it? - As of now the riot shield prop functions just as the riot shield itself and can be held up and used against security to save themselves from immediately getting shot What are the advantages of having this? - Players/ D class wont be able to abuse the riot shield props. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Whho struggles fighting against the abusers themselves and to stop the abusers from doing so. Links to any content - N/A
  9. Sigh. Can someone just take my app down. All this negitivity just hurts my heart and noone has even 1 good thing to say about me. Can someone just close responses or something.
  10. thats not how the O5 medic works. i wouldn't be over anyone or even equal to y'all its a whole separate job.
  11. I dont even know who you are nor do i even ever talk to you why are you - me when i dont even know you
  12. Joining back as soon as i load into the server imma get trained
  13. In Game Name: Peggu Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:150759047' Job applying for (Medical - MEDIC + | Red Right Hand - ANY MTF RANK OR GENSEC COMMAND | Research - Researcher+): Medical If applying for Red Right Hand preferred O5 to guard: Rang or Igneous How many Strikes do you have: 11 Why do you want to join the O5 staff team: Because i love all the O5 members and think of all of them as my friends. As well as my history with medical i love everything about medical jobs seeing as my CC did start out medical for a reason. Being able to hang with my friends and do medical work would really be a nice job for me. Why should we accept you: My history with medical is slim but very good in my eyes. My custom CC is an example. I was so dedicated to medical that my CC started out as a medical branch job in times where medical CCs were unheard of Making my way all the way up to medical low command and unfortunately leaving the branch to pursue a security life. However my love and talents for the medical life still hasnt left me and my history in working in medical were times of joy for me. I feel like if accepted i will be a remarkable Medical for all O5 because of my medical history, Love for the job, Respect for my superiors, and the love of getting to work around people i care about. Rang & Igneous (i care about dogz and castro dont worry :3)