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  1. I have just not had enough time to get on the server recently and my schedule is just going to get more packed since school is started soon it was fun but I dont want to take up a spot in senior command and not be able to do a good so this is my goodbye ill pop on the server and hang out when I can
  2. Name : Drago Rank : Maintenace expert SteamID (REQUIRED-Invalid if not given) : STEAM_0:1:151060129 Activity on a scale of 1-10 : 7
  3. drago89115

    Drago's LOA

    Name: Drago Rank: MAJ Date: 7/23/20 Duration of LOA: 7/23/20 -8/1/20 Reason: Geeting burned out need a brake
  4. drago89115

    Drago's LOA

    Name: Drago Rank: MAJ Date: 7/2/20 Duration of LOA: 7/7/20 Reason: A lot of real life stuff happening right now dont really have time to put into the server
  5. 1. Steam Name?: [GL]Drago 2. Steam ID?: STEAM_0:1:151060129 3. Roster Name?: Drago 4. Current Rank?: MAJ 5. When were you promoted?: 6/24/20 6. How long have you been a member of GENSEC (roughly)?: 6/24/20 7. Do you promise to uphold all rules instated by GamingLight and by the many Security guidelines?: Yes 8. Do you promise to uphold your duties as a command member in leadership, mentoring, problem-solving, etc.?: Yes 9. Do you promise that you will listen and respect your lower / higher rankings?: Yes 10. Why do you want to become a senior command member? (150 WORDS+): There are many reasons why I believe I should get Lieutenant Colonel. One reason is that I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure security is constantly improving Security and making sure that it is not looked at as a joke branch just because we are a starter branch. I am very active on the server and in Security and even if I'm not currently on Security and there is an issue that the current people in charge are having trouble solving I am not afraid to stop what I am doing and go help out. As well I am dedicated to this branch through and through. Even in stressful situations I can keep a calm head and handle things rationally. I will mentor new command and help guid up and coming command so we always have the best people within our branch. I also want to keep Security fun and enjoyable just as much as I want to keep it in order and regulated. I am also willing to help the colonel with whatever is needed to be done along with I will also help high command when they need it as they have a lot to do on their plate already and anything I can do to make their jobs easier I will do. 11. What would you do if a Security Officer was constantly leaving D Block?: I would first see if he was just leaving to go to bunks just in case he had to go afk and was also doing stuff in real life and playing the game. Then if he was just leaving just to go into LCZ I would remind him that he needs NCO pulse permission to leave D block and then if they kept on leaving Dblock I would then demote them and tell them that they will need to be retrained. 12. What would you do if an NCO kept on leaving d-block with terrible reasons?: I would remind the NCO that the power to grant permission to leave Dblock including themselves is a privilege and not a right and ask him to make sure they are not abusing this power. If it is seen that they will receive a strike and have their ability to give permission to leave Dblock unless they are the only one removed temporarily for about a week or so and then give them that ability back and if they continue abusing I will have their ability permanently removed and striked again. 13. What do you do if an E-11 private comes into d block and attempts to take command of all of the security?: I would first remind the E11 private that they are not allowed in Dblock and have them go out to intersection or just have them report to there higher up and if they still refuse to leave or just keep coming back to Dblock I will retaine evidence and report it to their command. 14. Explain the process of promoting a corporal to sergeant in your own words: I would first have them come into TS then I would give them the NCO guide and read through it with them. I would then ask them if they have any questions and answer their questions. After that I would inform them that they have the ability to now join. After that I will explain to them that they can call a hands up and partial on defcon 3 now. Then I would extend an invitation to train them for RCF. Once I have the ability I will extend the invitation to get trained for FTO and if I can't I would find someone who can.
  6. Name: Drago Rank: MAJ Current FTO Rank: JFTO Current RCF Rank: ORCF Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 150+ words): I believe I should retain my rank as Major for a couple reasons. I am committed to security and willing to help any way I can. I am on security one to three hours a day and even able to help when not on the server. If RCF would need me to fill in for leading a meeting or help them deal with something I would be able to help whenever needed. I am also able to help someone the majority of the time if they need something even if I'm not on the server they can message me on discord. If need be I’m able to hand out punishment if needed and not be afraid to be the mean command member if someone is not doing their job and minging around, but I will not be overly harsh but I will be stern when I have to be. I also can keep my cool and don't get mad very often even in the case of mingy Security I can calmly and rationally handle the situation. Thank you for taking the time to read through why I think I should retain my rank.
  7. -Support Also if you would like to have a Conbatent Utility job thats why we have MMF and ACM thay also have more health and armor then the Utility CC allow
  8. As long as theres no copyright issues this would be good +support but if there is it will be a +/- support
  9. its been a good run ever since we where 2LT in gensec together
  10. Name : Drago Branch(es) : Janitorial, medical, technical Rank(s) : Senior Janitor, Elite Medic, Technician How would you rate your activity? (1-10)- 5 or 6