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  1. yea looking back on it i realize i may have not handled that the best, not only that but he ended up making the exact same ticket on a separate person for the same reason, which was when i realized that maybe these sheep guys wasnt being totally honest. I wish there was some way to check if he was purposely moving infront of the dclass, but the combat log thing only shows the players that were involved in the fight, which dosnt really help with things like this. Anyways sorry bout that my guy, and i realize that this may have been unjust
  2. Post name: HCZ SCP Self Breaching (i couldn't think of a better name sorry =p) What are you suggesting? - adding the level 1 clearance door leading to the room with scp 280, SCP-1245-2, SCP-1265-A, SCP-194, SCP-5208 and whatever else is in there to their self breaching rules. It could be for example "/advert breaking down outer door 1/2" in which they'd advert every minute for a total of 2 minutes to break down the door, but if necessary it could vary depending on what scp is breaking the door. How would this change better the server? - Would make self breaching for those classes a little easier since you now dont have to wait for someone to randomly open that one level 1 door. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - possibly confusion on how it would work idk. Who would this change mostly benefit? - The SCPS breaching Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - N/a.
  3. +support hes a level 4 clearance personnel anyways so why not have the keycard
  4. Name: Stage Rank: PVT Discord: Stage#1247 Activity: Weekends/Some weekdays Ideas for CI: N/a How do you think you're doing? What you think you can work on?{Command only}: Nadda
  5. Lore Name: Stage Rank: Experienced SCP: 035 Question / Idea: I wanted to see how 035 interacted with memory suppressing or dampening amnestics while trying to read the mind of the subject, and recalling their memories. This test was also a side attempt to find out how 035 looks into the mind, and what exactly he looks for. Background Research: I've been experimenting with all sorts of amnestics, mostly Amnesic H, I, and soon W-Z. (For info on the amnestics I'm using, take a look at this scpwiki entry --> Anyways using this research, I got a few ideas for a few scps, notably 513 and how it projects its image of 513-1, and judging on the results of these tests I had high hopes for 035. For those who don't know, Amnestic I induces a state similar to amnesia, which forces the subject to forget everything from their past for a few hours. Hypothesis: I think 035 is going to fail to find any information about the Class-D, since the amnestic would have suppressed 035 from viewing the memories, like how the Class-D couldn't recall anything he remembered. Observations (What Happened During Test): Test I: This test I gave the Class-D amnestic I. 035 had no issues taking control of the Class-D, As predicted. I told 035 I was going to list a couple of questions to the Class-D about his past, and 035 was to find the answer to said question and repeat it to me. Question 1: Do you remember why you became a Class-D? Answer: He was on death row. Question 2: What do you remember from before the foundation? Answer: He was a convicted criminal, and had a family of 2 daughters and a wife. Question 3: What do you remember from your childhood? Answer: I cannot see, something is blocking me from viewing this memory. *Note 035 showed visible discomfort and stress while looking for the answer to question 3, which when questioned he explained that normally he can see as far as the subjects birth moments, but something was blocking him from viewing the ClassDs far past. After the questions where finished, I let 035 choose if he wanted this Dclass as his replacement host, which he reacted to with disgust, letting us remove the Dclass with ease. Test H: This test began the same as test I, but instead of using amnestic I i used amnestic H, which suppresses all formation of new memory's for a period of time. The moment 035 started taking control of the Dclass, he showed visible signs of trouble, as if he was struggling to take control. Once he did take control over the Dclass, he showed discomfort and rushed us to hurry up. *Note All the questions but question 3 remain the same so I won't list the answer again, however, I will list the answer to question 3 since it does have a noticeable difference from test I. Question 3: What do you remember from your childhood? Answer: He lived a normal life with few hardships, borderline spoiled. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: My bad, I didn't think to grab any photos of the test, next time I create a forum test ill take a few. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Have Caused The Results): The results for test I seemed to have been agents my hypothesis, but once we got to question 3 I started to think we didn't give the subject a big enough does of amnestic I which let 035 read his memory's with relative ease until we reached a question from the subjects far past. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: To a point, yes. I didn't expect much from test H, since all amnestic H does is stops all formation of new memories, but not the resurgence of old ones. And for test I, it seemed to disprove my hypothesis, but as i said above, we probably just didn't give enough amnesic H to the Dclass, which let 035 read his recent to later memory's without issue.
  6. Name: Stage Rank: Cpl Current FTO Rank: N/a Current RCF Rank: N/a Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 150+ words): Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: Nah fam