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  1. i was trying to rp it out and i got my m4 out inv pickup and it auto swicthed to my gun and bambob came over tazed me and then cuffed me i , i said i was trying to get my gun out from pocket but he did not trust me and put me in cuffs,the we proceded to aurgue and i said i really dont think a lot of people like you, then he warned me, so i really dont want to play on the sever because this guy i had mulitple people come up to me and say bambob is trash i was just informing him (sorry for my spelling btw) but whatever i dont know how much i like to do this anymore cuz i have people like bambob doing this. (ingame name is keith H) sorry for everyone who has to deal with this i think this is a great sever but you know some people are like this.(reply if you agree).
  2. He ment to warn another guy he said to make a false report he got my steam id instead of the other guy(in game name is Keith H)