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  1. Look guys. I've just lost interest in the group. I'm not going over the reasons why so if you want to know, just ask via DM. I'll stick around in the Discord if I'm allowed but don't expect me to be in-game much anymore or at all. I've been getting in touch with old friends again and that's been more appealing than doing this. So, instead of wasting a Major slot I'm giving it away to whoever High Command sees fit. It was fun while it lasted but, it had to end sooner or later. G'day.
  2. Name on roster: Crimson Raid Rank on roster: Maj How active are you: Lacking as of late but improving. What can Security CMD improve on? Better clarification on what GENSEC command can and cannot do. Just seems like a jumbled mess. Why should we keep you as GENSEC command [150 words+] With my lacking activity aside, I should remain in GENSEC so I can help teach and monitor lower command members that are either having trouble taking command or don't understand exactly how they should command GENSEC. I could also take the time to explain to NCOs who are soon to be COs how they should act when in a commanding position and what is to be expected of them so they can get a head start once they become a Warrant Officer. Along side in assisting command members with problems they're having with being a command member, during breaches, riots, or raids I can assist them and provide an example of how they should deal with these major situations that can be overwhelming. With these activities in mind this would also help improve my lacking activity as it will provide me with more things to do rather than stand around in D-Block and commanding it every day.
  3. Name | Crimson Rank (must be LT+) | Major Any previous experience in a high ranked position? | No. I've only ever reached mid-ranking command position in previous groups for other games. Why you think you should be chosen to be the next LT COL (150 words min)] | Although I've had many issues with GENSEC ranging from some people not listening to just how weak GENSEC is when against even a small number of D-Class, I've stuck around and haven't given up where as some would have just left the game and group ashamed or downright abandon without a word. I believe in my abilities to lead GENSEC the best I can gaining the inspiration from the heads of Security with the help and support of everyone below the rank of LT COL. I enjoy assisting my fellow GENSEC members in any way I can. Such as me helping Rang with the FTO training guide and monitoring/assisting in massive Physical Trainings. Instructing the newer members of GENSEC on the duties and activities Security holds. I'm even willing to take D-Block out of another commanding officer's control and into mine if they need to get away from it. I'll put those under my current rank before my own so that they may gain the experience to take my place for when I inevitably move on. Yes. I know this is all just a game and in the end we're all here to have fun and not take this like it's real life, but this is fun for me. I hope this was enough to get whoever is reading this to consider me to take the role of LT COL. (I've written this out on my phone due to my PC being packed up currently so sorry if it's not visually pleasing.)
  4. Name: Crimson Rank: Captain Activity Status: Active. Reason you should stay command: I do my best to keep everyone in order when I'm in-game. Assign and lead patrols when I can and the time is right. Take command of D-Block when it becomes unstable or when the previous commanding officer leaves or goes idle. To go along with my activity status, I'm usually on about 2-3 times a week from around 5PM EST to around 11PM EST. (My apologies for not reaching 100+ words. This is all I got as I'm not really a writer.) Any Concerns: Aside from GENSEC still being a bit weak (Compared to older GENSEC, it's a LOT better.), I don't have any other complaints.
  5. Name on roster: Crimaon Rank on roster: SGT How active are you: Very active. Max hours this week is 12. Who should be the next Major? No opinion. What can Security improve on? Organization (Radio etiquette. It tends to be spammed. Trigger discipline. Target practice should start being a thing. Explanation on basic recontainment for SO and LCPL. Lots of mixed messages in what to do.) Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) I've been extremely active in the game with a max of 12 hours this week. I've been doing a great job at trying to keep things in order between personnel in-game as well as assisting new people.