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  1. Name: Alex Porte Current Rank: Executive Researcher Time in Research (Approximate): Approx. 1 month and a couple of weeks (3-5 days cumulative time on the server) (Haven't been on the server recently due to my electronic's restriction. Active on the discord) The position being applied for: HCZ Manager Why should you be research command, AKA what can you bring to the table that the rest of command can't? 100-word minimum); Life to research, once I am back from my restriction, my plans are to lighten it up with the junior researchers to get more people into research. This includes; large group tests, meetings on what you have learned from your tests, mistakes/errors you have done in your tests and how to improve off of that. I honestly believe research isn't solely based on "research," I believe research is to enjoy your tests and not have to struggle to come up with a test. I totally agree with what DoRS Dogz said, "Just throw some D class into a chamber and see what happens." What will you do to make research more active and better? (100 word minimum)(Tangible items like activity, expertise or the ability to run trainings, etc)?; I am not a big fan of training, and I will tell you why: It's a stupidity checkup to see if they use the SOP or not, the questions are literally slapped on from the SOP, which makes it extremely easy for people to cheat and not recall knowledge they read from the SOP, and thus the reason why juniors are undisciplined and handcuff personnel. ANYWAYS, I love research, and if you know anything about me is that I have joined no other branch. If I can be a good role model and show my efforts and good ethics to my colleagues (Juniors, Researchers, etc.) Then I can change the atmosphere of research, and that's what I want.