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  1. +Support I don't know you at all, but you put a lot of detail into this application and that's what matters. You obviously are dedicated in wanting the position so I say why not? Good punctuation and use of SCP-related vocabulary.
  2. Yo whats popping, my name is Alex Porte signing off of Research. It's honestly been a wild ride guys and I love you all (no homo). I've been through the happy moments in Research and the sad moments. I remember all my pals and good friends and I also remember them leaving the branch. I like those who stuck with me and helped me bring Research to life but it's time to go, sayonara to those who didn't get to know me well and those who were close. Special thanks to Oppenheimer. Me and him were the best pals. I'll miss you fam. Thank you Jeff, you were my mentor through tough shit, and I owe you. Thank you Potato and Spookie even though I was unable to spend alot of time with you guys. Thank you, new low command members, I will remember you because I mentored you. Thank you walrus for training me, and being an awesome player for research at the time. You were a true pal. (you big minge k)
  3. +Support +It has been a long while since a Research Branch update has come out, and we die way too easily. +TFA M9K Weapons absolutely SUCK. Thank god we are (hopefully) getting our weapons changed for Foundation doctor and High Command. +We die really easy to class D, especially custom classes. E.g. I got hit by the sledgehammer and I was at 100 hp / 100 armor, it took me down to 40 hp / 0 armor. +We are defenseless once we leave our spawn if you have not donated for any weapons. Class D is literally right outside our door once we leave and we need at least a starter weapon (not the TFA M9K weapons.) -Support -High command are not juggernauts, they shouldn't have 200 armor. They should have 125 armor at most.
  4. + Support Th3 Needs his beauty sleep
  5. It can be used in both HCZ and LCZ, I let technicians work in HCZ but only if they have a security escort.
  6. @Rookieblue Class D cannot RDM GENSEC. The only thing considered RDM for Class D is RDMing eachother Re-read what I said in white, you obviously didnt read well.
  7. @Rookieblue It's pretty self-explanatory if you look up the link I posted in the beginning.
  8. +/- Support Pros: Class D have to work together in order to escape Fewer people escaping as individuals Increased support for Research and Security Research can actually do their job Cons: Class D working together is already bad. They already make organized riots. Class D still can buy the deagle, which can 2 shot security. Make it to where they can only make melee weapons. Security needs a weapons update, their weapons are trash. Make it to where class D need a valid reason to riot, PLEASE. Valid reasons are not "Boredom" or GENSEC kill class D for crossing the line. A valid reason would be them seeing an SCP kill a foundation member or another Class D and not getting amnesticized.
  9. Pros +Someone is willing to pay for it. +It is for two branches, not just one branch. +Will enhance the role-playing experience exponentially. +Reported to be easy to set up, you only need to know the basics. +Overall needed to make Technical Branch thrive, we are currently purely /me roleplay only. Neutral =Permapropping is required which will cause a very slight increase in server lag, but it is worthwhile because it will add more to the roleplay experience. Cons -Has a big file size, but is still worth adding. -You have to set it up, which might take a while. Igneous please consider adding this. This will be a vital update to the Technical Branch, we dying out here.
  10. In-Game Name: Alex / Alex Porte Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:81535019 Server: SCP-RP Custom Job Name: Class D Breacher Job Description: You are an undercover "visitor" of the Foundation and you have made your way to the LCZ. You have an LCZ Identification Card that allows you to free roam the LCZ as you please. (If found in HCZ or EZ you are to be taken in for questioning. If you are seen trying to open a door of an SCP's CC you are to be KOS'd. Professional class D with upgraded arsenal and contraband automatic weaponry ready to slaughter MTF and GENSEC. As a Class D Breacher, you are the most intelligent out of class D. Your role is to solely breach SCP's, even let them escape with you. Through trial and error, you know almost every single SCP. Roleplay rules: 1. You carry around a scroll similar to SCP-012 and you refer it commonly as your 'master'. It tells you what to do and you follow its decisions. 2. You have to create this bind with any button: /me *Presents a blood-written paper similar to SCP-012 but instead shows strange symbols that give off an anomalous aura* 3. Do not abuse your weapons: you cannot constantly kill GENSEC. The only time you kill GENSEC is if a major riot is going on. 4. You are allowed to free roam around the facility, but make sure if you are to assassinate anyone you are to not get caught. You are allowed to have weapons out. 5. You are undercover roleplaying as a 'visitor' of the foundation. You have an LCZ Identification card that reads: REDACTED. 6. Don't help class D out unless they are in large numbers. If you see a few passes by then keep going to your original destination. 7. We organize professionally, you will be trained like an MTF unit. You will know how to do most of the MTF stances and faces. 8. We stick together as class D breachers. Leave no man behind. That is our number 1 rule. 9. You only communicate with others through paper. You rarely talk at all. 10. You have to cooperate with MTF if they want you for questioning. If you wish to add or tweak to these rules you may do as you wish.
  11. Feel free to read and improve on it.
  12. He did pay for it for some reason he put in someone elses STeam ID
  13. @Zeeptin Sorry for the inconvenience Walrus said that he paid for the custom donation, I guess he didn't.