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  1. We need more officers in 501st to add on -501st JTL CPT Loki
  2. In-game name: 501st JTL CPT Loki 1356 / Jedi Knight II Merlin Why do you want to be a Commander for this branch? I want to become BXO/Vice Commander of this battalion because I feel like being a Captain isn't helping in any way, shape or form, I'm simply another trooper. However, I believe that becoming BXO/Vice Commander will ease some of the stress off of the acting Commander and will also establish more order among the troops. As of this point in time the 501st is thriving and the need for an extra BXO/Vice Commander is there. I specialize in order and combat. I believe I can also help the rest of the 501st achieve greatness and also come up with strategies to benefit the 501st and all the other regiments by us working together, being an attack battalion and charging head on isn't everything in a war after all. To summarize: Discipline, organization, kicking ass and cooperation are my specialties that i'm willing to help the rest of the 501st with. What is the main purpose of a Commander for a branch? The sole purpose of a Commander is to establish order, teach discipline and most importantly have cooperation. A trooper is only as good as they are taught. A Commander will oversee training, manage new and old troops. A true Commander is never quick to judge, but rather, work with someone if they are troublesome or having troubles, rather than removing them from the battalion. They are to be respectable, skilled and rational. A Commander should be someone their troopers look up to, not someone to screw around with. Most of all, a Commander should not be ego-hungry nor greedy for glory, they should teach their troopers to not be like them one day, but to be greater. Why should you be trusted with Commander? Quite simply put, I have been with the 501st since I joined the server back in December. I have done no wrongdoing's to bring dishonor to my name nor the 501st. I have done nothing but show loyalty and respect to those around me. Now loyalty aside, there is nothing I can say or do to make you truly trust me, after all, you can't trust anyone. I have never been a BXO/Vice Commander before, but, I have been Jedi General Anakin Skywalker (I resigned for clarification) and 104th Jedi Commander (got Anakin) in the past. I have commanding experience to say the least. How often can you be online? Every day to every other day. in terms of hours, it could be anywhere from all day to a few hours. Do you have any warnings? None whatsoever.
  3. +Support Was my master when I was a padawan Does exceptional work as a Jedi Commander and Jedi Knight He almost has 10 ticks already He's lit <3 Anakin
  4. Jet Troopers Role The role of the Trooper is to get onto vantage points for an overhead view on the current situation/battle. First and foremost I require that all Jet Troopers work in unison and I will not tolerate any sort of fighting with one another. We are here to provide covering fire for the ground troops to advance against the enemy forces and seek out any form of resistance, for example, an enemy sniper. Our job is simple, but highly effective. Jet Trooper Rules Our rules are the basic set of rules of the 501st, but, Jet Troopers have a specific set of rules for the Jetpacks. 1. Do not use the Jetpack to fly after and take out event ship enemies such as Vulture Droids, Hyena Bombers and Droid Gunships. Let the pilots do their job. 2. Do not stay in air for extended periods of time unless you are in a crowded hallway or space and can not support in any way possible. The Jetpacks should be used as a means of getting to a vantage point, not to be abused and just fly everywhere and stay in one place 3. Do not use your placement as jet trooper as a form of bragging. Example: saying you're better than someone because you have a jetpack. Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate termination from the jet trooper job. Jet Trooper Tryouts/Training Before beginning tryouts for someone make sure the reach the required rank of Corporal (CPL). Jet Trooper tryouts are comprised of 3 steps and are like any other tryout. 1. Specific Jet Trooper Placements/Formations 2. Jetpack Training 3. Climb Swep The Specific Jet Trooper Placements are strictly for rooftops and do not grant immunity for you to ignor any higher ups calling for a specific ground formation. The Jet Troopers are required to only have 1 jet trooper per rooftop. I absolutely do NOT want to see all Jet Troopers on one rooftop huddled up together, It's counterproductive and will not cover nearly as much ground as you would on separate rooftops. Make sure this statement is clear before even bothering to move on to training them on how to use the jetpack. Jetpack Training is self explanatory, teach the newbie how to fly up, down, side to side, how to ascend and descend, how to hold elevation and placement and most importantly, stomp to prevent taking fall damage. The reason I want to see climb swep be done is that sometimes you are put in a position where a jetpack is unavailable and you may need to adapt to your current situation. Make sure to have the Trainee climb to the ceiling and back down 3 times in a row without taking any damage. There is no strike system in place for this due to lag and other uncontrollable issues. By 501st JTL Loki
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    Name: Loqi Rank: PV2 Promotion Date: 12/11/18 How active can you be: whenever you want me to shoot shit Side Notes: I don't disappoint.