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  1. I would like to open this resignation with the simple but truest words "I'm sorry". I have enjoyed nothing more than being Rex. Reviving the 501st, Remaking the roster, squads, etc... Making us more organized and disciplined as a whole. I am not leaving the server, but I am indeed resigning from Captain Rex. It is not an easy decision, I did wish to resign, in fact I always wanted to become marshal commander. I am not leaving Rex because I know I'm not getting it, my reasoning is a bit more... I guess, difficult... There is information and things I have learned over time, things I disagree with and find to be completely "unjust". I am focused towards something greater than myself and my position. I have not abandoned the 501st in any way, shape or form. I will hopefully become a commander in the future, but that future is distant, for now I am focused on the present. To my BXO's/Vice Commanders, Drill and Kyber: I couldn't have asked for anyone better. To my Officers, Winger/Fives, Zurross, Thunder and Jhon/Echo: You guys uphold the squads and classes with everything you got. To my NCO's: You'll be future Officers, so make the 501st proud. To my Enlisted: Whether you're a decent rank or not, remember, you make the 501st possible. The new Rex will be determined eventually, I no longer have control over ground troops... for now. To a new and better future for all of us. This is Loki Signin' off.
  2. Best of luck to you my guy -Rex/Loki
  3. Accepted Speak to BG Talverion for CCT
  4. Accepted Speak to BG Talverion for CCT
  5. My 2nd life is 38th and all i can say is +Support -Rex/Loki
  6. +Support Everything but the DLT-19 and it's a good idea -Rex/Loki
  7. +/- Support While stealth is an extremely unique battalion, it is unfortunately in all honesty, a double edged sword. While it's unique and interesting, it doesn't seem like it's acknowledged like a battalion nor does it seem like too many people are interested in it even though they donated (I'm guilty of this.) If we're to do anything with stealth then we should give them a more important role. There are a lot of donators on the server but the lack of a true purpose or role is why no ones interested, making it a free battalion might being in a couple players but they'd probably not stay long. Stealth just needs to be taken more seriously and like I said earlier, given a specific role. -Rex/Loki