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  1. I would like to open with this, this is not going to be the usual Resignation of "Oh I just can't find the time anymore." or "It's just not for me to be in this position." This is going to be fairly detailed so be prepared. I joined GL back in December and ranked up fairly quick. after reaching 2LT I left for 3 months and returned in March. After returning I remained loyal to the 501st and eventually gained the rank of Anakin and Captain Rex. I went on to join the Jedi Council after resigning from Rex to resolve internal issues between Jedi and Naval, which I hope was a success because I managed to get them in a meeting to discuss the issues, after I accomplished that I resigned from Kit Fisto because that was all I set out to do, I always had a hidden motive to help others and once my goal was completed, then I moved onto the next, council did not interest me whatsoever, sorry Beckett, Adam and Campbell but saying I wanted it was a ruse so I could just see if I could help you guys and Naval out. Pretty sure Adam already knew this however. After Council I jumped to 41st but didn't do much, I pretty much just asked for permission to go for BG and in the beginning of being BG I had all the intentions to revive the SPC battalions. In 100% honesty I love each and every battalion because they were all unique in their own way, working with you guys was never a chore. Although here comes the bad part. I am cursed with knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes within the server, I always had a tendency to stick my nose where it didn't belong. I have learned things about the generals that have truly pushed me away from the GL name entirely. people just out to backstab each other for a promotion even though they're a high rank as is. That's just the beginning of it. I'm sorry about this but I will not be putting people's names that I respect in this resignation due to personal reasons please contact me through discord if you wish to add me and stay connected Girth#4483. I'll just do this, I'll put peoples names in a list below and It'll just have the words "yes", "no", or "50/50", you connect the dots on what they mean and keep in mind, this is a no holds barred list. GA Borith - 50/50 A Hotshot - no GG Invaliff - 50/50 G Blizzard - yes MG Alpha - yes BG Cobra - no Beckett/Yoda - no Adam/Shaak Ti - no Campbell/Mace Windu - no Naval LT Gibbi - yes CT Jedi Commander Owl - yes 501st BXO Kyber - no Naval CMDR Nova - 50/50 Res GA Science - no CT Commander Ralex - no Gingie/Obi-Wan Kenobi - no ARC CMDR Cain/Colt - 50/50 ARC CMDR Maloney/Havoc - 50/50 ARC CMDR Zeko/Blitz - no 41st CMDR Lin/Gree - no 38th CMDR Death/Apache - no 104th CMDR Mortar/Wolffe - no the list goes on but you get the point. Hopefully. never say goodbye unless you intend to never return or see someone again, so I leave the server with this. Farewell and GOODBYE Long Live the Empire
  2. +support I've known Kyber since he's joined the server and sure when he first joined, he wasn't the greatest at RP, but over time he has changed into a damn fine BXO. Having him become Rex is long overdue. I can tell his app is short due to there being no one else that can take the spot so I don't see an issue with that. -Great personality -Great leader -Long time 501st member and one of the last OG's of my era of 501st -Dedicated to his role - Brigadier General Law / Ex-501st JTL BXO FSTA Loki / Ex-Rex
  3. This is the official 38th Officer Application Format Name: Rank (Must be SFC) : Why do you want this rank? : Why do you think you deserve this rank? : How many warns do you have?: Would you be willing to give PT when needed? :
  4. + Support on Highsinger It's a small file size and it would add an extra character to the events, literally fulfilling it's purpose obviously. +/- on the second pack I really like the first 2 skins in the screenshots, however, the rest of the skins are just recolors of a playermodel we already use which is the - side of it. the + side however, is I can see where you'd go with the recolors, it could give them a new rank/role and assist with creativity in events, stories, etc... - Law / Loki
  5. + support Why wasn't this a thing when the job was first implemented? This is a necessity for the vice commander of 41st - Law / Loki
  6. +support You have been in 501st longer than I was, you're really the only one of us left to be honest and you are nothing short of a leader, wish you became my BXO back when I was Rex, but I understood you worked hard on SCP-RP. Now that you're applying for BXO, well it's better late than never. I hope to see you as Rex by the end of this. Whip the 501st back into working order for me wouldja. Loki / Law / Ex-Captain Rex
  7. It's unfortunate for you to leave your commander position, you've been commander for so long as well. You will be missed friend. Loki / Law
  8. +support For the amount of time I've known you, to say the least, you are ready for a BXO+ position. You have excellent leadership skills, a good personality, exceptional combat skills and a drive to help others succeed. I believe your time to be granted such a position is now. You have been 501st BXO and if I had it my way I would've seen you become Rex. Best of luck to you if you are to receive Hammer. -Law / Loki
  9. +support -Has shown potential of being a proper leader -is a Jedi Commander which falls back on my first point -Respectable Law / Loki / Merlin
  10. PS1 Hagrid

    Zeko's Blitz App

    +support you are way fuckin overdue for a commander position Loki / Merlin / Law
  11. Name: Loki/Law SteamID: STEAM_1:1:57595427 Rank (Must be LTC+): 2LT, I have explicit permission from Grand General Invaliff to apply. Why do you want to be a general?: Over the course of time of being on the server (server time is 3 weeks but in reality I've been here for 7 months) I have accomplished everything I've set out to do. 501st BXO, 501st BCO, 104th Jedi Commander, Jedi Council, I've done it all; however, there is one thing I have yet to truly accomplish, become a BG+. I believe I have the right set of both combat and leadership skills to get the job done. My skills, in my opinion, are being wasted being a 2LT once more. The only reason I'm a 2LT is due to coming out of 501st reserves which is a setback to CPT and rank transferring from 501st to 41st which would drop me to 2LT. Like I said before, my skills are being squandered now that I'm a regular CO and it's honestly driving me insane, I believe that if I am granted the rank of BG, it would not only help me, but the battalions I'm over as well. Hell, I'll help anyone and everyone if they need it. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: I believe the word trust is used as a generalization, seeing as this is a game and I'm nothing more than a guy behind a monitor, for me personally, I can't trust anyone, people lie all the time. Now for the multiple answers I have to this question. 1. I have been nothing but loyal to those I work under or lead, betrayal is not in my vocabulary to say the least. I was loyal and funny enough, still am, to the 501st, I have been with them since the first day I joined the server and although I am currently with the 41st, I'm always trying to see how the 501st is managing since I left. Now you may be wondering "well you're loyal to 501st, but what about 41st?" I am loyal to them as well, no matter where I work, I swear my allegiance to said battalion or job. I have an iron will and I have undying loyalty. 2. I have been 501st BXO, 501st BCO and 501st Jedi General Anakin Skywalker. I have been told numerous times from various individuals over the course of being Rex that I was "the best commander on the server." Now while I have humility, it is indeed hard to deny that considering I revived, reinvented and lead the 501st non-stop altogether. Even when I was on LOA or offline, I would still do work in the background for the 501st albeit officer meetings, squad development, roster work or just general conversation. 3. I have been 104th Jedi Commander, 38th Jedi General Kit Fisto and 41st. While I have primarily worked with attack battalions, I have made sure to be no stranger to any other battalions that specialize in something completely different. I always make sure I am prepared for the task I'm about to take on. While I enjoy attack battalions more than I do over others, it's mainly from a biased standpoint, I honestly loved the hell out of doing 38th's engineering work or defending with the 104th. I'm a(n) MT in the 41st so I haven't done much scouting. 4. During my time as Kit Fisto and Anakin Skywalker, I have lead the entire base more than once, whether it be on-base or off during missions, so I'd say I've seen how everyone operates and I can see how they can work harmoniously with one another. While, yes, I was just a Jedi and they do indeed get a ton of flak for being an easy way of achieving commander or general status, I'd say these statements are nothing but false, achieving Jedi Commander just means you're the in-between of BXO and BCO, and quite honestly, making council is a very difficult task in itself. While it seems like I'm just defending Jedi now, the lesson to be learned from this point is that even though I was Jedi, I still worked exceptionally hard to achieve the status of Jedi Council. 5. I have always had the attitude that no matter who I work over or under, I will always treat them with respect. I have made it one of my main goals to be able to work with anyone and everyone. While this answer is short, it gets to the point. How often can you be online?: Daily to every other day How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: None Conclusion: If I am to be granted the permission of Brigadier General, I assure you, you will not nor ever regret it.
  12. So first Kratos, now you... the triad of retards is now a one man band (me). I will miss you my guy. Loki / Law / Merlin / Kit Fisto