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  1. +support -model is just JBDFHDSFDSHFSDG -weapons could be changed, however. possibly just a DC-15a and pistol, or whatever the other jet troopers have.
  2. No, I believe Brrger resigned but couldn't make a resignation post
  3. DENIED At this current time, we cannot accept you as an EXO. Here's some pointers: Listen to Omega's giant paragraph Put more effort into your work You can reapply in 2 weeks, good luck!
  4. have fun if you're going somewhere fun! and good luck/be safe if it's something else!
  5. Denied At this point, we can not accept you as VC CMDR. You need more experience and time as CEO as well as making sure the 38th is in a good position. You can reapply in 2 weeks, thank you for applying anyway!
  6. ACCEPTED Please speak to me or Stormzz in TS for your job info. You also are still responsible for keeping medical in good shape and finding a suitable CMO replacement.
  7. Omega's one of the nicest guys I know and does a great job with all he does! Good luck!
  8. Logging on... Welcome Grand Admiral Science! Creating new log... Log seven. Grand Admiral Science. Name: Fleet Admiral 3GG. 3GG's a prototype droid capable of independent thinking and command skills. PARCA if it wasn't as mean and could walk. It was developed by High Command in order to test out droids as Admirals, as a secondary assistant to our human admirals. So far, he's done quite well. PARCA HATES the poor droid. 3GG doesn't really mind though, because it is incapable of much emotion. It requests a new droid body every once in a while though. Right now it's one of those Coruscant police droids. The thing about it is, it's going to be my replacement if I die. These logs are meant for the next GA, and I guess 3GG will get to read it. It will process and then compute a proper action. I guess I might just be writing to some circuit board. Let's hope not. End log.
  9. Logging on... Hello Grand Admiral Science! Creating new log! Log six. You know my name. Name: GOOD AND THAT DSJFBDSHVGFDSHBGJ GOSH DARN IT. WHY DID I CHOOSE TO GO ON THIS VENATOR? ITS NOT EVEN FULLY FUNCTIONAL! OUR ENGINE IS A PLUG! Let me recompose myself. He wants 3 things from random planets. Including Kamino. I swear Good has something for that stupid water ball. THEN, will the ship be complete. I don't understand why I keep that guy. He's building something else. And he doesn't understand that he's not coming back. He just needs to Forgive and forget. End log.
  10. GuyScience

    Project 5646

    CONFIDENTIAL. PRIVATE MESSAGE TO: AO CMDR GOOD FROM: GA SCIENCE BEGIN HOLOMAIL. Hello Commander. I see where you want this to go. I approve of it. Please bring the troopers as well for extra protection, as you already have been. The final project is going to go well, I am sure of it. By the way, that plug goes against all working guidelines in the Republic. Good luck. GA Science.
  11. Logging on... Hello Grand Admiral Science! Computer, do I need to ask? Creating log... Grand Admiral Science. Log Five. The Kody Krew. Kody. His [REDACTED] doesn't work. At all. He's SADISTIC. But he works for the Republic and values the Republic above all else. His work began on Venator 3GG, or the older one. He collected brains from troopers and placed "special" brains in the clones. It somehow gave them a speech impediment. See Document CCO-ST43 "Oryx". He was ALMOST killed by Igneous. But John Good saved him. Why? I don't know. He was gone for a while, but we picked him back up. He does important research for the Republic, which is why he hasn't been killed yet. All of High Command are in on it. Next, we had the replacements. Various spinoffs of the name "Cody". Codi. Codii. Kodi. So many. Why? They each had the "Kody potato chip", a duplicated copy placed in their brain in order to see if it was the [REDACTED] that caused the personality change. They each were different. Igneous tried to stop it, he was against change. But we had an infinite amount of [REDACTED] and clones at our disposal. Kody still appears every so often. He's important to our medical research. Don't kill Kody, future Grand Admiral. He's important. End log.
  12. Logging on... Welcome Grand Admiral Science! New log. Creating new log... Grand Admiral Science. Log four. PARCA. PARCA's an interesting bot, to say the least. It's been with us since that whole crystal fiasco when Cards was the General. That took a while to get out from the clone's [REDACTED]. It was found with that John Good guy. You can see where this is going. PARCA took a liking to me. It HATED that old Igneous guy, and probably hated Rifdo even more. I helped PARCA back on line, and it helped me on the Venator. It didn't like 3GG though. Thought it was competition with it. 3GG kept the drama away, because it was programmed not to. PARCA has no filter. PARCA is a free thinking bot. It probably has access to my own personal logs. Good thing I made sure that he can't read my password protected "homework" folder. I don't even know why it doesn't detect the homework folder, I don't HAVE HOMEWORK. Whatever. It does it's job semi-effectively and I do mine. I still tolerate it more than Admiral Stormzz at the end of the day. I just know that Good guy has the override code for it. Only him and I have it. If he puts it in, and I'm not close to it's mainframe, the Republic's data banks are not going to come out untouched. End log.
  13. What's your RP name? I've never seen you before.
  14. Logging on... Welcome Grand Admiral Science! New log, compile logs from here onwards. Access: Grand Admiral, ONLY. Creating log... Log Three. Grand Admiral Science. Name: The cool but dangerous as heck ship. Good SOMEHOW created an entire ship. Yeah. One, state-of-the-art Venator. For us. But not. This Venator has extremely interesting technology, even though it's based off the 3.0 Venator-Class. How I miss that thing. This Venator also has a stupid name like Erberus or something. Personally, I would've called it the "Cumulonimbus", after a storm cloud I've studied about in school on Coruscant. Just the name seems threatening. However, I'm getting off topic. He's built it for SOMETHING. He doesn't realize all comms in or out of the base go through my system. He may be clever, but I always have my bases covered. He's making something. He needs resources. Cortosis, Carbonite, Electrum. Not even I know what it means. But it's powerful. It also seems he needs my men again. They're expensive. I might not be so enthusiastic to hand off the men again. The last time that happened, their [REDACTED] seemed to have malfunctioned, causing a riot. They get suspicious of him which means they will get suspicious of myself and the Admiral as well. I can't have that happen. I also can't let the troops access this log or his personal logs. Why he records them, I still don't know. I might find out while I'm staring off into space. Too much info is out there. A release of it, and High Command will end up like my Turkey Dinner I had last night. End log. Computer, change encryption code. Retina scan. Scanning... accepted! New encryption code... done! Anything else, Grand Admiral? Password. My retina, include fingerprint scan too. Password changed! Log off. Logging off... {OOC: DO NOT REPLY UNLESS IT IS IN CHARACTER!!!! THIS IS AN RP POST!!! THANKS!}
  15. Logging on... Welcome Grand Admiral Science! New Document. Creating new document... Log Two. Grand Admiral Science. Name: Me. Me. That's the log. It's pretty boring. Naval Academy. Assignment to 3GG. Boring, right? Yeah. PARCA was assigned to 3GG. Took a liking to me. I don't know why. But I think it can work for my advantage. I also am good friends with that Good guy. He trusts me. I think. It's interesting how I'm friends with a good amount of people on the ship. The previous Grand Admirals had a tendency to call Shock on their subordinates. My Shock Hotline has been left untouched. That might be why. I never thought I'd make it to highest rank in the Republic. I know I have a bounty on my head in many Separatist planets and I know I'll never be able to step a foot into the Coruscant underworld without being shot by 5 bounty hunters. I've escaped many accusations of terrible things, and I know I will not end up like that First Admiral Mike guy, who blew up an entire village. I just hope people won't set me up. More details on who I think would soon, whoever I'm making these logs for. Probably the next Grand Admiral, whenever that will be. End log.