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  1. +support -friendly guy -part of high command, meaning he's trusted -active -see above good luck! -science xd
  2. Please only apply if you are SSGT+ or an assigned padawan. 1: What's your in game name and rank? 2: How much time have you spent on the server (look at the tab menu)? 3: Do you have any warns? If so, state them. (do !warns) 4: Why should we trust you to join Venator Crew? 5: What is the main purpose of Venator Crew? 6: Do you agree to be active on your Venator Crew life? Good luck!
  3. Only apply if you are an EXO. 1: What is your in-game name and rank? 2: How much time have you spent on the server? (Look at the time in the tab menu) 3: Do you have any warnings? If so, what for? (do !warns) 4: Why should you be given the position of AO CMDR? 5: What can you bring to Venator Crew and High Command as a whole? 6: Do you agree to spend a majority of your RP time on Venator Crew? Good luck!
  4. I'm not going to allow you to go as AO CMDR or possibly even stay as CAO if you go for generals. You have your CC and CAO, and you also want BG. With what happened with Omega as CMO and LTG, I've learned that people in VC who have other important lives are not as active. I need active chiefs. Keep that in mind, because if you get accepted you will most likely be removed from CAO, because I need someone who can be on and manage it. NOTE: This does not mean your BG application is accepted/denied, this isn't even me putting a support. This is a disclaimer for you. Sincerely, Grand Admiral Science
  5. +support I don't know who the admin is, but "reason" is NOT valid. I hope you come back and dedicate some time to the server!
  6. oh hey does this do a thing? guess so

  7. who would win -like 7 people who call themselves kings -6 million clone bois hmmm
  8. king family more like minge family xd come on CWRP turf and see what happens
  9. I used to play Payday 2, but I took a break and I got completely lost on the meta, lol. I'll get back into it one day, hopefully.
  10. BESIDES GMOD Mine has to be a few: RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2: Honestly one of the best games I've ever played, with an awesome soundtrack and AMAZING story! Very fun! L.A. Noire: A late 40's detective game, feeling like a Noire film. Really fun, LONG but GOOD story but not much content once you finish, besides a free roam. Fallout New Vegas: Honestly, it's also one of my favorites. Honestly, just get it. j o h n n y g u i t a r SWBF2 2005: Childhood. Still holds up. Hearts of Iron 4: One of the easier Paradox titles, but still pretty fun when you get the hang of it. I might be biased since I'm a history nerd, but it's still fun. Battlefield 1: It's fun and I really like the uniqueness it brings with the WW1 setting. Still has a good amount of players. Leave your favorites below! (also if you want to play one of these games with me or you want me to teach you, just ask! xd)
  11. -support -The on-base event is a fairly common "traitor" event -The off-base seems alright though. -You have experience as GM HOWEVER, -You're fairly new to the server -I haven't seen you much, but I probably have not been paying attention. The next few bullets are from a trusted friend who I will not name -You've advertised your app -You've gone on record saying all other events are "trash" and yours would be way better -You are very egotistical and think yourself above others. -In my opinion, you -supporting everyone else's application is a bit fishy. Overall, not fit for GM. Improve your act. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! Sincerely, GuyScience, Grand Admiral & CWRP JMT
  12. -support You seem like a friendly guy, but I haven't seen you on much, but I haven't been on too much myself. Your event ideas are fairly bland and "cookie cutter" events. I'd like to see some new, interesting event ideas. You don't have experience as GM, and you also stated in the application that you minge when no one is on, it would've been better to just leave it as you don't minge. Thanks for applying anyway! -Science