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  1. Denied There really isn't a need for these models, they're based for only one map. They aren't useful and would take up space.
  2. Denied Failure to respond to me and fix the form, and it overall is not good as a backstory. You're welcome to change it to make it more understandable and not so weird.
  3. Accepted (...wait a minute i thought you resigned...)
  4. Logging on... Welcome Grand Admiral Science! Creating new log... Log Fourteen. It seems... something is out there. A creature that is impossible (to our knowledge) to kill. Nothing can kill it. I call it the clicker. It makes a clicking noise as it draws near to you. It can only see you if you move, speak, or have your flashlight on. It was on a Venator that had their Hyperdrive malfunction when we retook Christophsis. This being is, to my knowledge, a Republic Research Project. I like to avoid those projects, as some of them make me gag. It has the ability to shut off a Venator's power capabilities, and made this one jump to hyperspace. It was in an escape pod, and it jettisoned into our engine room. We were lucky to get it off, we used a Jetpack trooper making a lot of noise over the moonpool. Anyways, I think there's more out there. We're not ready for them. End log.
  5. even i know about SCP lore and i know that an entire organized crime group wouldn't all be transferred to the same SCP site. plus, you guys would ALL have to be death row and ALL have to be chosen to go to the SAME site. the SCP foundation isnt THAT stupid to move all of one gang to a site and allow them all contact with one another *could be wrong, im a CWRP boi
  6. Follow the format.
  7. Accepted Just make sure you fix the grammar, and make sure the Jedi know you aren't trying to be mean, it's your character. Anyways, have fun!
  8. Accepted! *As you said that you will be updating this, it will continue to keep an accepted status. Update as you wish!
  9. Professional leave. Nice. Understand that I always put 150% into ALL of my work, and that definitely includes High Command. Understand that I (personally) wanted to let Spike peacefully leave but some unforeseen circumstances arose which caused that to not be the case, and he ended up getting demoted. I can talk about it further detail if you wish in TS. When it comes to Raven, he did not care for other's feelings and would diss people constantly. I do not stand for that whatsoever in MY COMMAND. Please understand that we here at High Command strive to make the server the best it can possibly be. Do not come back expecting a rank back. Have fun where you go, I guess. -Grand Admiral Science/CWRP SMT GuyScience
  10. Republic Commando Music- Should you use it? are you stupid yes they're all good Very mysterious and foreboding. Good combat music in general. Very fast paced and can get the troopers fired up for the battle. Good combat music as well. Also good for leading up to something bad/combat. Very quiet and foreboding. Good for an emotional moment/combat. Combat/emotional moment. Good for combat, mostly for like forested, tribal planets. Good for leading up to something. Scary AND foreboding music. You don't want to be around when this is playing. (also e g g) Foreboding/scary thing in the beginning followed by a scary/foreboding part. Good for introducing a guy and then something happening after. Scary/foreboding/exploration music. Scary/foreboding. Combat/leading up to something. Combat/emotional moment Foreboding. Please make sure if you want any soundtracks gone through you tell me! I'll go through and pick out some of the best ones!
  11. Accepted I'd suggest you make your homeworld like Naboo or something though, xd
  12. Accepted! You are also now clear to be whitelisted for Commander/Commodore and RP as one for RP purposes. Speak to me if you have any further questions!
  13. good luck with that man, im sure you'll do great in college (not that i would no im not in college xd)