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  1. Hey so I cant make the meeting I might be able to but just a heds up if im not there im doing something and it is important
  2. Friday evening would be good
  3. CC name : Seal Team Six : Stealth Operator Guns I want added : ma85_wf_shg05 ma85_wf_smg10 Note : I have payed for a Custom donation Twice and want these guns added to my CC as soon as possible. Server : Military RP Steam ID : STEAM_1:1:95565390
  4. +Support You don't deserve this at all I understand how a snow storm can do this since I live in the same province as you
  5. +Support -Very good soldier -Listens to orders -Fit for roll -Mature -Team work and good call outs -Knows rules -Active ~Captain Jack
  6. +Support -Mature -Good soldier -Listens to order's -Overall fit for Roll
  7. In-Game Name: USMC MARSOC CPT DI Jack SteamID: STEAM_1:1:95565390 Server: Military Rp Custom Job Name: US: Seal Team Six : Stealth Operator Color of Job: #0A2BE9 Job Description: This member of the seal team six group is one of the very stealthiest members on the team This is why he has a nickname called Shadow slayer he is also one of the best combat fighters and has the skill of using Karate and other dangerous fighting skills in the heat of a battle he thinks fast and over all is one of the best on the team. Model : https: models/diver_03.mdl Weapons : cw_deagle ma85_wf_ar03 note : you already have this model on Mil RP so there shouldn't be a problem adding it
  8. +Support Active fit for roll great app great guy Responsible -Jack
  9. This would be cool