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  1. rnphillips40

    Weekly Events?

    This would be a good idea and make the server interesting instead of going to war and going back to base for a few min and maybe a few RP events and more fun events to make the server re populate ~Jack
  3. + SUPPORT Friendly individual Good Soldier Very Strategic in war Over all fit for role ~USMC 1LT Jack / Jess
  4. 1.What Is Your In-game Name: USMC MARSOC 1LT MDI MP Jack 2.What are You Applying For: USMC CPT 3.How Much time Do You Have On The Server : 3d 8h 20min 4.Why Do You Want To Be Captain (50 Words Minimum): I want to become a Captain to improve my leader ship skills and be able to recruit more soldiers into the US Marine Core I want to be able to lead soldiers into the battle field and come back with no Casualties and to be an active officer to promote enlisted 5.Who Would Like To See You As A Captain? (Two USMC Officers Minimum): Neon and Trever 6.Why Should We Trust You With Captain? (This Is A High Rank In The USMC. 100 Words Minimum): You should trust me the ranking of CPT because I will not abuse my powers as a CPT and will only use the baton when necessary I was a previous MAJ in the US Marine Core So I have experience in Leading/Commanding troops in the battlefield and at base I know how to lead Debriefs correctly and will try my best to be a good officer I will be a Strict officer and will not cut anyone loose about breaking rules/being mingy I will take this Rank seriously and discipline troops into becoming good respected soldiers and make sure they do not break rules / minge I will hold USMC tryouts as much as I can and recruit non-mingy people. 7. What Is Your Time zone?: MST 8. What Is Your USMC Rank?(1LT+): 1LT 9. How Often Can You Be On?: I can be on everyday of the week 6-7 hours or more
  5. +Support -Active -Good soldier -Knows what he's doing -Follows orders -Good app -Overall fit for the role ~CPT Jack
  6. Name: Jack Rank: CPL Roster Status: Active Main Branch: USMC
  7. In-Game Name: USMC MARSOC 1LT MPCPL MDI Jack SteamID: STEAM_1:1:95565390 Server: Military RP Custom Job Name: 108th Commando Squad Color of Job: #0404B4 Job Description: This is a classified Squad put together by the United States Government they are a team of 4 that are the best of the best in the United States Military. This squad can complete any mission you put them through and the end results will always be good. they will not fail and never give up. Model: models/player/ghillieplayer.mdl Guns : ma85_wf_ar03 cw_p99 Gun I want added : ma85_wf_sr04 Note : I bought a custom payment and never used it so this is what I am using it for