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  1. -SUPPORT -Immature -Mingy -Doesn't Listen -Overall not fit for role from what I am seeing
  2. -SUPPORT -Not mature -Disrespectful -Activity is not good -Very Mingy Note: I have changed my -/+ to a full on - support due to him being extremely mingy and disrespectful / abusing his powers with a Baton
  3. ok lol Alright they were removed
  4. Oh, well do I have to pay again?
  5. why? they are apart of the purchase when I bought them I never used them I waited until I can get more so I can complete this
  6. Payed the rest of the money and edited the post
  7. yeah, sorry read the wrong thing i'll be paying the other 120 on this soon
  8. it does tho on the side of the base