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  1. +Support -Active -Good soldier -Knows what he's doing -Follows orders -Good app -Overall fit for the role ~CPT Jack
  2. Name: Jack Rank: CPL Roster Status: Active Main Branch: USMC
  3. In-Game Name: USMC MARSOC 1LT MPCPL MDI Jack SteamID: STEAM_1:1:95565390 Server: Military RP Custom Job Name: 108th Commando Squad Color of Job: #0404B4 Job Description: This is a classified Squad put together by the United States Government they are a team of 4 that are the best of the best in the United States Military. This squad can complete any mission you put them through and the end results will always be good. they will not fail and never give up. Model: models/player/ghillieplayer.mdl Guns : ma85_wf_ar03 cw_p99 Gun I want added : ma85_wf_sr04 Note : I bought a custom payment and never used it so this is what I am using it for
  4. May I ask who you are anyway ?
  5. +Support -good soldier -Listens to orders -Over all fit for role
  6. Bug Problem : So they have recently added something new to the server and it messed up everything our tac's are gone and donation weapons are gone as well and multiple other things wrong with the server at the moment I hope this gets fixed soon Things I've tried : Re-logging Restarting Garry's mod I hope this gets fixed soon ~MAJ Jack
  7. -Support -Snapping onto people -Clearly your cheating -Looking were people are through walls
  8. I agree with the flag problem especially the one in tali town because it gets in the way of the roof causing a giant flag to be in the way and most people cant see where they are getting shot from causing the player to die. all I can say to this is make the flags smaller at least because the flags do help but they are to big and they get in the way of everything.
  9. Name: SZ KGB LCPL Jack Rank: LCPL Are you apart of SOC, if so what rank: Im not in a soc Concerns: nope Note : I am a MAJ in US so I rarely get on Ru but I am sometimes seen on RU my US name is USMC MARSOC MAJ PVTMP DI Jack ask me in game if you have questions